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For the nihth consecutive year, National Wrestling Superstars made an April trek to beautiful Tower City, Pennsylvania to support a local charity and show the fans that up-close and personal great family sports entertainment in the form of pro wrestling does exist in the form of NWS wrestling and the crowd that packed the Williams Valley High School was on the edge of their seats from the opening bell til the final 3 count, cheering their heroes and booing the bad buys.

Match #1
The Illegal Out Of Space Alien vs Serious Business vs Manny More
This match was supposed to be for the NWS cruiserweight title, but after the champion, Mikey Pacifica took such a serious beating the previous night in Edison, NJ against the debuting Nigerian Nightmares, promoters thought better of him making the 200+ mile trek so they brought in someone from farther away, the wrestler known as the Illegal Out of Space Alien to tookon newcomer Serious Business and the resident Luchador of NWS, Manny More. The bout started out with Serious Business and the Alien trying to double-team More, but the miscommunication between the two only lead to discention and the two brawled around the ring while More sat and watched. After 5 minutes, Moore pinned Serious Business while the Alien was caught up in the ropes. This lead to another 5 minutes of the Alien and More brawling in and out of the ring before the Illegal Out Of Space Alien used a foreign object on More for the win.

Match #2
Patriot vs King Nagumbo (with King I Do Stink)
Nagumbo and the King attcked the Patriot before the opening bell and it looked like the two kings would score a victory over America’s hero in quick fashion, but once the referee gained control and got order restored, The Patriot not only got the win put the beat down on Nagumbo, but the other King as well, dragging both into the corner post spread eagled, much to the delight of the crowd. Nagumbo was not about to go away without a fight and reversed the Patriot into the referee, who was down and not out. The Patriot won the match with a full nelson slam on Nagumbo, who more then held his own against the former WWE star. The same could not be said about, King I Do Stink who was left holding his hands and other parts of his anatomy. The highlight came when The Patriot gave the entire Tower City crowd a full moon pulling down the King’s massive pants and smacking him time and time again.

Match #3
Cory Havoc. Soul Assassin #1 & Lumberjack Monroe with King I Do Stink & Snitsky vs from the land of Oz Neko The Monkey Boy, Busy Bee and the NWS debut of KongGRilla. NWS Commissioner Gino Moore told the King that Snitsky had not completed his paperwork with the front office to be a body guard, manager, escort or anything else other than a wrestler and if he didn’t leave the ring, he would forfeit his match and pay later on in the evening. Snitski, irate over being told what to do, charged at Moore before referee Kenny Edwards got in between and security escorted the former WWE star to the locker room. Once the match got started, the teams, which were matched up quiet evenly against each other took turns with the upper hand until Busy Bee tried to overpower the 300+ pund Lumberjack and then there was a lot of triple teaming. As Kong and Neko were on opposite top ropes to try to save the Busy Bee out from the back came Snitsky who not only beat Neko and Kong, but threw Busy Bee from one side of the ring to the otehr before The Patriot and Balls Mahoney ran in for the save. Snitsky, still upset from his loss to Mahoney the night before in Edison, NJ, told Mahoney that he got lucky once and that it would never happen again.


Match #4
J.D. Smooth vs Jumpin Joey Janela
This match was originally signed for an NWS cruiserweight title match, but when Smooth lost the belt to Pacifica at a March event in Long Branch, it became a match for the #1 contender. Janela,who has come a long way in the past year tried to prove that he was worthy of the title shot more than Smooth, and tried his best, but at the end, it wsa Smooth who caught Janela in a sit down pile-driver for the win.

Match #5
Nicky Oceans & Devon Moore vs Aaron Arbo and Unbreakable Andy
This was announced as a J-Cup Preview match because all four wrestlers involved would be in the 2009 Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Tournament in Manville on May 16th, so while there were no belts on the line, all four wrestlers wanted to score the win to have the momentum going into the J-Cup. Arbo and Andy have teamed many times in events in Pennsylvania, however this was the first time that Oceans and Moore teamed and many wondered if their egos would get in the way. From waht everybody saw, during the first half of the show, they definately checked their egos at the door because they worked like a well-oiled machine, tagging in=2 0and out and keeping the high flyers away from tagging each other. After nearly 8 minutes, that came apart as both Oceans and Moore missed spots and instead of hitting their opponents, wound up hitting themselves.  After 8 to 10 minutes Oceans & Moore start to miss spots and end up hitting each other as a result of their mistakes. Animosity started to grow and at the 12 mark Oceans & Moore start to battle each other. Arbo and Andy took advantage of this as they waited for them to turn around. When they did, Arbo and Andy superkick Oceans and Moore who were stunned then Arbo and Andy traded places and superkicked Oceans and Moore for a second time. When Oceans and Moore fall to the mat, Arbo and Andy finished them off with a double roll up for the win. Afterwards, Oceans and Moore are totally stunned and blamed each other battle all the way back to the locker room while Arbo and Andy celebrated the win.

Match #6 Main Event
Snitsky vs Balls Mahoney
Just like the night before, this was an easy match for the referee who was told to let it all go and stay out of the way. His instructions were to raise the hand of the wrestler who didn’t go through the door.=2 0This wasn’t easy because the two battled all over the building, battling and throwing each other into the stands, chairs, tables, etc. At one point, Snitsky spotted Mahoney’s wife and went after her while Balls was down and threatened to choke slam her through a table. Mahoney, who cut his head the hard way on the bleachers, went to his wife’s aid and the referee, who saw Snitsky going towards Mrs. Mahoney, ran from the ring and with the help of security, managed to get both participants back into the ring where they continued to try to destroy each other. Snitsky put the table into the corner and tried to whip Balls into itl, but Balls put on the breaks and the two avoided the table all together. Finally after nearly 20 minutes of non-stop action, Snitsky put the table on top of two chairs and drive Balls through it for the win.

Next NWS event this Saturday, April 25th in Atco NJ with Snitsky and more. For info visit

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