Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

Pure Wrestling Association
Full Speed
April 19th/09
Hamilton, Ontario

1. Damien Styles def. Eddie Osbourne

2. Anthony Kingdom James def. Ethan Page

– After the match AKJ had his eye injured by Page.

3. Hacker Scotty O’Shea def. Zakk Atticus

4. Michael Elgin def. Ice

5. Super Kamikaze def. Ash to retain the Internet Championship

6. Swoosh/Birdman Edwards def. Nelson Cordero/Moondog Buddy

7. Geza Kalman def. Ebony Rider to become the NEW Pure Wrestling Champion

PWA returns to Hamilton on May 24th

Pure Wrestling Association
Golden Opportunities
Kitchener, Ontario

1. Ethan Page def. Ice

2. Geza Kalman def. Damien Styles when Juan Ortiz distracted Styles and Kalman took advantage.

3. Rahim Ali and Michael Von Payton def. The Rush and Rip Impact

4. Warhed def. Eddie Osbourne in a Light Tube Match

5. Super Kamikaze def. “EZE” Eric Cairnie to retain the Internet Championship

6. “Wildthing” Juan Ortiz def. Reggie Marley with help from Geza Kalman to become the NEW Pure Wrestling Champion.

7. Ebony Rider won the Golden Ticket Rumble.

8. Ebony Rider def. Juan Ortiz to become the NEW Pure Wrestling Champion.

AWE Vindication Results
Wednesday, Apr 15 2009

Action Wrestling Experience
Winnipeg, MB
Blush Ultra Club

“Red Hot” Ryan Wood defeated Mattias Wylde.

JJ “Bruiser” Sanchez beat Bobby Fox.

The Fabulous Fairlane Twins defeated The Hooded Workers.

“Disrespectful” Don Douglas pinned “Beautiful” Bobby Jay.

“The Mecca” Shane Madison beat “First Nations Sensation” Wavell Starr.

Hardcore Holly beat “Hotshot” Danny Duggan.

JC Derkson pinned Brian Rich.

Mentallo defeated “Red Hot” Ryan Wood.

Kevin Chevy & AJ Sanchez defeated Kip & BG James.

Next event is May 20th, details TBA