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NWS Results From Edison, NJ 4/17: A Night Of Firsts, As Former WWE Star Snitsky Debuts Against ECW Original Balls Mahoney In Their First “Loser Goes Through A Door” Match, The Nigerian Nightmares Debut & Live Up To Their Name, Danny Demanto Vs. Myke Quest In A Bunkhouse Brawl, Plus Lots More Stuff That Only NWS Can Deliver

National Wrestling Superstars made its annual return to one of its many popular Edison, NJ venues, the Herbert Hoover Middle School, on Friday night April 17th. A pleasant-sized Friday night crowd filled the school gym to see some unique matches and plenty of action from the northeast’s leading family-friendly promotion.

In the opening match, Jack Spade & Nate Mustang defeated Soul Assassin #1 & The Illegal Outer Space Alien. The match was punctuated by nonstop action on the mat and in the air, and a spear by Mustang on The Alien sealed the 1-2-3 and victory.

In their NWS debut, The Nigerian Nightmares (with manager Black She-Ra & “advisor” Danny Demanto) defeated NWS Cruiserweight Champion Mighty Mikey Pacifica & Jumping Joey Janella (with manager Brooke Carter). This pair of 300+ pounders, who have left a path of destruction all over the Northeast, drew gasps and looks of awe as the NWS fans saw them for the first time. Accomplished as they are in NWS’ Cruiserweight division, Pacifica & Janella were totally crushed by these two behemoths. As Pacifica was being worked over by the Nightmares, Janella tried to muster support for his partner, but in truth had no desire to be tagged back in, and conveniently missed Pacifica’s tag attempts. Demanto seized on this and kept trying to convince Janella to abandon his obviously-losing partner, and promised to help Janella win Pacifica’s Cruiserweight belt. That temptation was too much for Janella, who eventually left his corner as Pacifica fell victim to a Nigerian Roll, and was crushed by the Nightmare’s superplexing each other onto him, followed by a truly merciful three-count. As Pacifica was being carried to the back, he was attacked by Joey Janella, who made it clear that he is now gunning for Pacifica and his belt.

The Bunkhouse Brawl between “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto (with The Nigerian Nightmares) and NWS Jersey Shore Champion Myke “G.Q.” Quest was declared a no-contest after the interference of the Nightmares. The Nightmares came out to the ring with Demanto, but Commissioner Gino Moore ordered them back to the locker room. (The Nightmares spoke no English, but they seemed to understand the words “I’ll take away your pay” from Gino, and they left ringside.) Demanto and Quest commenced brawling all over the arena, using garbage cans, tennis racquets, jump ropes, and anything else that wasn’t nailed down (and probably a few things that had been previously nailed down). In their tribute to WWE finishers, Demanto hit a Five-Knuckle Shuffle on Quest, but was unable to pin him, and Quest hit a Stone Cold Stunner on Demanto followed by a Crippler Crossface submission hold. Demanto appeared to be on the verge of tapping out, when the Nigerian Nightmares returned to ringside and attacked Quest, causing the referee to ring the bell and throw out the match. Before they could cause too much damage, ECW original Balls Mahoney ran out from the back and chased The Nightmares away. As Balls was standing triumphantly in the ring, out came former WWE star Snitsky, who would be facing Balls later that evening in a “Loser Gets Put Through A Door” Match. Balls reminded Snitsky that he had broken his nose in their last encounter on ECW TV, and that Balls owed him one. Security separated the two before they could come to blows.

Nicky Oceans and Chikara Wrestling’s Fright-Mare fought to a ten-minute draw. Both men are slated to compete in the annual J-Cup Tournament next month in Manville, and the two of them showed the Edison fans exactly why, as they put on an exhibition of high-impact high-flying moves all over the ring, and outside it as well. After ten minutes, which saw countless near-falls from both competitors, Oceans seemed on the verge of winning after a thunderous German suplex, but the bell rang before the three-count, and the match was declared a draw.

In the Main Event, ECW original Balls Mahoney defeated former WWE star Snitsky in a “Loser Gets Put Through A Door” Match. This was the first of a series of “Door” matches that these two stars have signed for, and the fans were expecting a heavy-hitting brawl between these two giants and were not disappointed. After brawling for several minutes, Snitsky pulled the large wooden door out from under the ring and brought it into a corner of the ring. After both wrestlers failed to smash their opponent through it, Balls brough a couple of chairs into the ring and laid the door on top of them, and was eventually able to powerbomb Snitsky through it, getting the victory and sending the Edison fans home happy.

NWS returns to action Saturday night April 18th with their annual appearance in Tower City, PA, followed by a South Jersey appearance in Atco, NJ on Saturday night April 25th. NWS then returns to the tri-state area with a double-shot weekend on Friday night May 1st in Carteret, NJ and Saturday night May 2nd in Brick, NJ.

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