Matt W. sent this in:

Today I was lucky enough to get Verizon Fios. It’s been an upgrade I should have had over a year ago, but it didn?t for some reason.

Tonight I was rewarded with not only getting to see RAW in HD, but more importantly Ring of Honor in HD. I?ve been reading the spoilers on Wrestleview, but I will now stop, because I want to see the show each week.

I want to stress that these are my impressions of the product after seeing it for the first time ever. I?ve read about Ring of Honor, so that I know about some of the stars that grace the ring for the promotion.

It’s very hard to describe the product, but here it goes. Take all the production you see in the WWE right now and strip it down to its core. Now take the wrestling from TNA in its purest form, and throw out the stupid storylines.

What you have is wrestling that is up close and personal. It’s the easiest way to describe the product. The camera production is top notch in all regards. You seem to be inside the ring during the match, because you?ll see everything when it happens.

It reminds me a lot of the NWA when it was on TBS: The Superstation. It’s that intimate with fans very close to the ring. The ring itself seems very small, but I think that also has to do with the camera angles they?re using.

They don?t have storylines, and I have to tell you it’s refreshing that you can just start watching, and not get confused about what family member Austin Aries kicked in the head last week.

I highly suggest that anyone interested in wrestling in the purest sense of the form to watch it. It’s a great new product. I?m very happy they started it, and I hope they give it time to grow.

-Matt W.