Jeremy Samples sent this report in:

The 2nd show put on by Highspots featuring Reid & David Flair in tag-team action, and Richie Steamboat wrestling took place last night at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC. There were around 100 people in attendance. Very low for a show that is featuring Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat with their sons wrestling.

1. Daffney v. Steffy??

This match was advertised as Daffney v. Krissy Vaine, but I guess Krissy decided she didn’t want to wrestle anymore again…kind of disappointing not seeing Krissy there….Daffney put on a good match. I got Steffy from hearing Daffney yell that during the match. Before the show, talking to Daffney she seemed thrilled to finally get the Governor character behind her. She had 8×10’s for free from her Governor angle, that she was giving out as a fun souvenir. Daffney won with a nice finisher that was a kind of DDT Combination.

Winner: Daffney

2. Charlie Dreamer v. Barbarian

Not a very good match. Barbarian always had Charlie in some type of submission or overpowering move, where Dreamer wouldn’t move until everyone was clapping. This got very annoying after awhile. Finish of the match came with one of the police officers that put this together (all proceeds went to some type of police thing), hitting Barbarian with a chair, which didn’t come off well at all…as the police guy didn’t know how to work it.

Winner: Charlie Dreamer

3. Team Macktion v. Caleb Konley & Joey Silvia

Another not very good match. There were a lot of “Highspots” in this match, but nothing that really meant anything. They worked toward near falls throughout the whole match, as well…which really brought the ending of the match down. The highspots that they did pull off were nice, it was at least better than the last match. Ended with a superkick.

Winner: Caleb Konley & Joey Silvia

–Piper’s Pit featuring Reid, David, & Ric Flair

During Piper’s Pit, more stories were told than throughout the length of the whole WWE Hall of Fame last weekend. Roddy told one story about Wahoo McDaniel making him get naked and laying in the trunk of a car. When he opened the trunk later, he was looking right at the Masked Superstar. David & Reid were wrestling Masked Superstar & Mr. Florida on the card later in the night. He also talked about many of the different memories he had had in the building they were in. He brought David & Reid out. Roddy then talked about memories from Reid & David’s childhood. Then, asked each of them to cut a promo about their match later. David cut his, and Reid refused. He said that his dad and Piper weren’t booking the territory anymore. Reid also made a joke about Roddy’s age, after Piper asking him how old he was. Piper then brought Ric Flair out. Ric mentioned that he really appreciated Piper coming out to work the show to help out his boys for free(just as Hogan did last December, even though, no Hogan mention). He also told the story to Piper how Reid had said the same thing to him, about him and BlackJack not running the territory anymore. Roddy then put over David, Reid & Ric to end the Pit.


–Tommy Young is refereeing the last two matches. Which was such a blessing, because the referee for the first three was awful.

4. Richie Steamboat v. “The Man Scout” Jake Manning

Ricky Steamboat was in attendance at the show. I thought this was great, as he had to miss last December’s show due to a booking commitment with WWE. Ricky & his wife watched Richie’s match from near the back. Richie showed much improvement from his match last December. Unfortunately, Richie took a hard hit into the turnbuckle post during the middle of the match, which caused his arm to break open. He had to be taken to the hospital after the show to get it healed up. From what I heard, Ricky & his wife thought that it may have been internal bleeding. However, Richie thought that it would just need a few stitches. Amazingly, Richie was able to finish the match without showing any signs of the injury. Great sign for a future professional in this business. Richie won with his dad’s move. Which was a great touch, as Ricky was there.

5. Reid & David Flair with Ric Flair v. Mr. Florida & Masked Superstar

Interesting match. I was sitting right beside of the Flair family at ringside, who had all came out again to watch Reid’s second match in Charlotte. They’re some great people. Reid looked to show a little improvement. He seems to still be more grounded in the amateur style of wrestling, but you can see a little more of the form coming into his style to work a match. Which should be no surprise, with his dad scouting all of his matches for him. They utilized the tag team work much better than the last Charlotte show. Ric got into it with Tommy Young after Mr. Florida & Masked Superstar were causing interference with throwing his jacket over to Beth. Reid won the match with a roll-up.

Nice show…great to see the Steamboat’s and Flair’s out. Made for a really intimate experience. Ric said that he was disappointed with the turnout, however, he thought it was his fault…as he had been to involved with other things lately, to promote it correctly. He said that next year the building would be full, though…

Jeremy Samples