To follow up on our report yesterday regarding Bryan Danielson and his contract status with Ring of Honor, PWInsider is reporting that many ROH talent contracts are expiring next month along with Danielson and the company is currently in the process of signing people to new deals.

As for Danielson, he expressed to ROH owner Cary Silken last month that he intends to continue wrestling for the company, but was not planning to sign a new deal. Danielson reportedly is interesting in having the freedom to be able to work (or train) other places either domestically or overseas whenever he wants and not be subject to working specific dates unless he agrees to them.

While there hasn’t been any talk of him leaving for another wrestling organization, he did raise some eyebrows by attending the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony last Saturday in Houston, TX as a guest of William Regal’s. Danielson did have a tryout with WWE at one point last year in California (which was okayed by ROH) and had WWE extended an offer at that point ROH sources said they wouldn’t have blocked it.