SPOILERS: 4/9 ROH HDNet TV tapings

ROH on HDNet TV Tapings – 4/9/09
Location: Philadelphia, PA (The Arena)

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:


a) 6 man with “all jobbers I don’t know”.

b) Bobby Dempsey over a Ninja.

c) Japan Ninja defeats “some blonde guy”.

***Attendance is estimated at 350.***

Main Show

Ric Flair was introduced as the new Ambassador for ROH. He brought out ROH champ Jerry Lynn and praised him. They talked about wrestling in 1985. Austin Aries came out and said he was the man and was the former champ and would prove tonight he was at the top of the ROH pecking order.

1. Chris Hero defeats Kenny Omega with a roaring loaded elbow. Nice short match.

2. Necro Butcher defeats Brodie Lee via some kind of roll up.

3. Erick Stevens defeats Sal Rinauro. Sounded like a squash to me.

4. Austin Aries defeats Roderick Strong with a brainbuster. Sweet match as expected. Aries goes for a handshake but Roddy chops him instead.

***Short intermission between episodes***

Second taping. Half the crowd went home. Sucks.

Colt Cabana out for a promo. Prince Nana interrupts. Colt punches Ernie Osiris and runs them off.

5. Delirious and Daizee Haze defeat Jimmy Jacobs and MsChif when Daizee Haze pins MsChif with the Mindtrick.

Nigel cuts a promo. Says he’s going to heal up and return to take his title back. He also said that being ROH champion is like being with a pornstar. Everyone is jealous but you don’t know how long you will last.

6. American Wolves destroy two enhancement performers. They did an in-ring promo promising to take out El Generico and Kevin Steen.

7. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black. Double count out. Tyler attempts Phoenix Splash, Dragon pushes him off. CRUSHES A FAN IN THE FRONT ROW. Then Dragon flies at him, they keep preventing one another from getting back in the ring. Stupid fan throws a chair in. ARIES COMES FUMING OUT. I rat him out. Zack takes care of him.

8. Claudio Castagnoli defeats Brent Albright after a distraction by Ernie Osiris and Prince Nana led to a lowblow. Claudio goes to attack Albright with a chair stomp to the head but Colt saves him.

9. The Dark City Fight Club defeated Grizzly Redwood and Alex Sugarfoor Payne.

Ric Flair announced the first ROH title bout on HD Net will be Jerry Lynn vs. Austin Aries vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black.

Flair then cut an awesome promo putting over Philadelphia, mentioning ECW and spouting all the classic Flair-isms. Closes with “Woo, the Ric Flair definitive collection is softcore porn for ladies.”

10. Jay Briscoe defeats Sami Callihan.

11. Kevin Steen and El Generico defeat Kenny King and Rhett Titus. Good match. After the match the Wolves came out and beat down the champs. Generico takes a Doomsday cutter through a table.

Ric Flair and KENTA are announced for the return in May (29th and 30th). End of show.

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