BULLSMC sent this in:

WSU Covered on MYSN.TV

MYSN.TV reporter Rob Sternberg recently covered WSU on 11/29/08. Sternberg’s report for MYSN.TV is now online for free at http://www.mysn.tv/view_episode.php?id=2

WSU footage appears at the 9 minute mark. Wrestlers featured in this free video are Portia Perez, Roxxie Cotton, Mercedes Martinez, Annie Social, The Soul Sisters, Melissa Coates, Trixie Lynn, Reyna Fire, Brooke Carter & More.

WSU also returns on 4/10 & 4/11 with the annual “Womens J-Cup” & “King & Queen of the Ring” tournaments. For more info on those events which feature WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini, Rain, Brooke Carter, Annie Social, Jana, Roxxie Cotton, Missy Hyatt & all the other great female stars, check out WSUWrestling.com today.

Also recently released are WSU’s two newest DVDs, “The 2nd Anniversary Show” & “WSU’s Hall of Fame Class of 2009”. Many fans are calling the 2nd Anniversary show the best womens wrestling show all year and calling the HOF one of the classiest events to take place on the indies. Decide for yourself, by checking out the DVDs at DOIvideo.com.