Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

–Border City Wrestling on Friday night in Niagara Falls, ONT before 150 fans: Masayuki Kono b Christian Abel, Conrad Kennedy III b Brian Youngblood, Phil Atlas & Brad Martin b Mike Alias & Kenneth Crises, Derek Wylde b Kiyoshi, Josh Abercrombie b Xtremo, Jamie D b Haley Rogers, Highlanders b Tyson Dux & Joe Doering

–Border City Wrestling on Saturday night in Windsor, ONT before 500 fans: Brad Martin b Christian Abel, Haley Rogers b Danyah, Masayuki Kono b Gutter, Derek Wylde b Josh Raymond, Highlanders b Mike Alias & Kenneth Crises, Xtremo b John Bravo, Sombro and Angel de Guerrera, Tyson Dux b Petey Williams due to Joe Doering interfering in a Gauntlet to win the vacant Border City title

–Border City Wrestling from Sunday in Woodstock, ONT before 450 fans: Tyler Tirva b Reggie Marley, Masayuki Kono b Crazzy Steve, Kiyoshi b Xtremo, Phil Atlas & Brad Martin b Josh Abercrombie & Christian Abel, Joe Doering b Cody Deaner, Haley Rogers b Danyah, Tyson Dux b Derek Wylde, Highlanders b Johnny Devine & Conrad Kennedy III

ECCW (Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling) from Saturday night in Abbotsford, BC: MR2 b Scott Steel and Callos in a three-way, Divine Prophet b Todd Quality, Tony Baroni b Danni Deeds, Lumberjack Bubba & Junior b Azeem the Dream & Ray Brooks, Jamie Diaz b Volt Vegas, Memphis b Artemis Spencer-DQ, Mikey D b Red Money, Kenny Lush & Nicole Matthews b Scotty Mac & Veronika Vice. Next show is 4/4 in Vancouver. They are also doing a 72 hour wrestling marathon from 4/2 to 4/5 in Port Coquitlam, BC (thanks to Mike Sweetser)