The Stro sent this in:

News: NWA-MSW, Jake Roberts, and more

Friday April 3rd
Bluefield, WV
Bluefield City Auditorium
Belltime: 7:30 pm est.


NWA-MSW heavyweight championship
Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” (champion)
Former NWA National tag team champion
Drake Tungsten (challenger)

NWA-MSW tag team champions
Kris King and Ricky Shane
Ritchie Acevedo and Jason “The Gift” Kincaid

Frank Parker
Scotty Rocker

Plus: Bandit, Derik Billing, Bryan Kyle, Daiblo Jr. , Karl, and more

TV Taping
Saturday April 4th
Hinton, WV
Summers Co. Memorial Building
Belltime: 7:30 pm est.


Rematch for the NWA-MSW heavyweight championship
Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” (champion)
Jason “The Gift” Kincaid (former champion)

Bandit, “Gypsy Joe” Gene Madrid, Ritchie Acevedo, Scotty Rocker, Frank Parker, Karl, Kris King, Ricky Shane,and more!

For more information, go to the NWA-MSW official website at:

Watch NWA-MSW every Sunday at 11 pm est. on WVNS DT TV

Jake “The Snake” Roberts accepting bookings

Wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts is now accepting bookings. To book Jake, call 352-466-0370, email at, or go to his website at


The video teaser for the upcoming film “12-24” starriing Tiffany Shepis, Devanny Pinn, and the Stro is up online now. You can go view it at:


Lady Amazon accepting bookings

Female wrestling legend Lady Amazon, the only female trained by wrestling great the late Tojo Yamamoto is now accepting bookings. To book Lady Amazon, go to her website at


News from:

Stro’s official website

Derik Billings, Bryan Kyle, Diablo Jr.

Shannon Rose sent this in:

Saturday, March 28, 2009
National Guard Armory
8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL 34429
Doors open at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8 pm
Tickets are $20 Ringside, $15 GA & Kids 13 and under $10 GA
Advance tickets – $12 GA & Kids 13 and under $8 GA
To purchase advance tickets call (352) 422-4582 or visit

Already Signed:

FIP Tag Team Championship Match

Erick Stevens/Roderick Strong vs. The YRR (Sal Rinauro/Chasyn Rance) w/MSL

FIP Florida Heritage Championship Match

Chris Jones vs. ?Addicted to Love? Rhett Titus w/Heartbreak Enterprises

Special Challenge match

TJ Perkins vs. Davey Richards w/Heartbreak Enterprises

Just Signed First Time ever matchup

?Wildcat? Chris Harris vs. ?That Young Knockout Kid? Chris Hero

Also Appearing:

ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness

The Dark City Fight Club of Jon Davis and Kory Chavis

Damien Wayne w/Heartbreak Enterprises

2 Fast 2 Furious of Nooie Lee and Jerrelle Clark

Brad Attitude

Francisco Ciatso

The British Lions of Christopher Gray and Tommy Taylor

The Bad Seed Shawn Osborne

And more?

Tyler Black out of this month’s event

While being interviewed backstage by Dave Prazak after an ROH event in Indianapolis, IN this weekend, FIP World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black was attacked once again by Davey Richards of Heartbreak Enterprises. This interview was being filmed for the Full Impact Pro website, and the entire episode was captured on tape. Exclusive footage of this second vicious attack on Black by Richards is now available at

As a result of this second attack, Black was unable to gain the medical clearance needed to compete in FIP March 28th, and is now out of action indefinitely as a result of the further damage done to his already injured left shoulder.

Richards has been fined an undisclosed amount for his actions, but Larry Zbyszko, Executive Director of the FIP Championship Committee has informed us that it is the largest fine ever levied in FIP history.

TJ Perkins issues a challenge!

Newcomer to FIP, TJ Perkins has already begun to make waves here in Full Impact Pro. Immediately upon seeing the attack perpetrated on Tyler Black by Davey Richards, Perkins called the FIP offices and asked for a match with Davey Richards. ?This type of thing can not be allowed to go on. Davey Richards needs to be taught a lesson about right and wrong and I intend to do just that. There are ways to go about getting ahead in this business, and taking cheap shots and stealing title belts isn?t the right way of doing things. Everyone knows Tyler Black is the real World Champion, and Davey can parade around with Tyler’s belt all he wants, nothing is going to change the fact that he hasn?t beaten Tyler Black for that belt, so on March 28th, I?m going to beat Davey Richards, take the belt from him and give it back to its rightful owner, the FIP World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black and Tyler, when I do, I expect to get the next shot at that belt when you?re healthy enough to defend it against me.?

Sean Davis responded to Perkins request for a match with Richards by saying, ?Are you kidding me? TJ Perkins thinks he is going to walk in off the streets wearing a shiny new pair of Pumas and get himself a shot at the UNDISPUTED FIP World Heavyweight Champion Davey Richards? Well tell you what , bring TJ Perkins, TJ Hooker or Heather Locklear in here it makes no difference to us, Davey Richards and the most unbeatable hold in wrestling, his Kimura are more than ready to send another person to the hospital any time they want to try us on for size.?

More new talent to debut in FIP on March 28th!!

FIP continues to be the place athletes looking to make a name for themselves want to be, as former ECW superstar, Shawn Spears has signed to appear on March 28th in Crystal River. ?Everywhere I go, I hear about the incredible talent on display in Full Impact Pro, and an athlete the caliber of Shawn Spears belongs in any conversation involving great wrestling talent. So I am coming to FIP on March 28th, and I expect to be tested, but more importantly I expect to pass that test with flying colors, and show the fans in FIP exactly why there’s everyone else?and then there’s Shawn Spears.?

And just before our deadline FIP officials received a call from Super-agent Larry Sweeney. Sweeney informed the FIP office that he, ?read all about that WWE washout Chris Harris boo-hooing his way into FIP, and quite frankly it makes me sick to my stomach. Now my good friend Sean Davis is busy with the Undisputed FIP World Heavyweight Champion Davey Richards, but he agrees something needs to be done about this Chris Harris guy thinking he’s going to just walk into FIP and pretend that the last year of his career didn?t exist. So to that end I have decided to send my ?Young Knockout Kid? Chris Hero down into FIP to take out this piece of Tennessee trash once and for all. Hero is going to show the folks down in FIP that he concusses with his kicks and he K-O’s with his elbows?

Ain?t no doubt about it?AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA?