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Pro Wrestling Revolution presents…MELEE ON DPA
April 18, 2009 at The Upper Room – 722 Deer Park Road – Dix Hills, NY 11707
Bell Time is 7:30 pm ::: Tickets are $20 (First Row), $15 (Ringside) and $10 (General Admission)

On this night a brand new PWR Heavyweight Champion will be crowned as the winner’s from the two Semi-Final matches face off for the title!

PWR Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
Johnny Ova vs. Mike Magnum

PWR Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
“Luscious” Joe Sloan vs. “Supernatural” Samir Ahmed II

PWR International Championship Match
El Sandwich (Representing Deli’s Across The World) (C) vs. Super Zeta (Representing Spain)

Grudge Match
Chris “Pain” Forza vs. “The German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt

Dan Barry vs. “The Fabulous One” Flames

Pound 4 Pound (Busta Uppa and Will Wagner) will defend the PWR Tag Team Championships!

PLUS: Donnie Bon Jovi will perform LIVE in Concert and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Visit for more information!

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance sent this in:

“K.S.W.A. 2nd Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament”
7:30 Saturday, March 28, 2009
Lawrenceville Moose
120 51st Street
Pittsburgh, PA. 15201
For Tickets & Show Information Call
All Tickets only $5.00
All Bottle Beer $2.00

All Fans will get a Joe Abby/Demolition Ax Collector Cup
K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Championship
K.S.W.A. Champion – Anthony Alexander
“The Future” Shane Starr with Frank Durso WWE Legend Demolition Ax
“The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard with Frank Durso 2nd Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Matches
“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin with Frank Durso
Justin Sane
Alex Arcadian
The Blood Beast
The winners of those two matches will move on to the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Finals later in the night
The Latin Assassin & Kris Kash
Ali Kaida & Mike Malachi with “Gentleman” Joe Perri “The King” Del Douglas, Biker Al & Vinnie Stone
“The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo, Great Toyota, Ric Rumskey
Thanks to Klingensmith Health Care & Rubinoff Company
for use of their parking lots during all K.S.W.A. Events
All fans can park in the parking lots across the street from the Lawrenceville Moose!!!!

Marty Lyons – K.S.W.A. Public Relations
Keystone State Wrestling Alliance

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Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for March 21

*New Releases*

IWA-MS DVD “Best of 2008”
1. I Quit Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer – 3/1/08
2. Eddie Kingston vs. Too Cold Scorpio – 3/1/08
3. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Dingo – 4/11/08
4. Jayson Quick vs. Egotistico Fantastico – 4/12/08
5. Sami Callihan vs. Dingo – 4/12/08
6. Too Cold Scorpio vs. Roderick Strong – 5/2/08
7. Barbed Wire Madness – Scotty Vortekz vs. Diehard Dustin Lee vs. Drake Younger – 6/20/08
8. Pyramids of Pain – Devon Moore vs. Nick Gage vs. Diehard Dustin Lee – 6/21/08
9. Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan – 7/6/08
10. 4 Corners of Pain: Tank vs. D.J. Hyde – 8/2/08
11. Michael Elgin vs. Bobby Fish – 8/16/08
12. Jason Hades vs. Troy Walters – 8/31/08
13. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Prince Mustafa Ali – 9/26/08
14. Loser Leaves IWA: Dingo vs. Jaysin Strife – 9/26/08
15. Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Kingston – 9/27/08
16. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sara Del Rey – 9/27/08
17. Michael Elgin vs. Prince Mustafa Ali – 10/4/08
18. Necro Butcher vs. Sami Callihan – 10/4/08
19. Fans Bring the Weapons: Bloody Brothers vs. Donnie Peppercricket & Stephen Saint – 10/18/08
20. Fans Bring the Weapons: Deranged & Brain Damage vs.Necro Butcher & Toby Klein – 10/18/08
21. Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin – 12/5/08
Price – $20.00

Thumbtack Jack DVD “He’s So Sick …”
This 3 disc compilation consists of some of the most brutal death match wrestling there ever is. Also, it shows Thumbtack Jacks career path from being a 15 year old to becoming the worldwide known death match wrestler he is today.
It is all in there, from beating the Sandman as a kid, having the insane TLC match with Sexxxy Eddy, competing in the only Church of Death there ever was, wrestling Violent Tom in a match that got wrestling legitimately banned from wXws original venue (Turock/Roxy in Essen), doing the infamous Saw Death Match with Drake Younger, having a shoot streetfight with Bad Bones, tearing his cross ligament in the boiler room ladder match, returning against Danny Havoc at 18+ to the excellent no ropes barbed wire match with Drake. For any fan of TJ or any fan of death match wrestling in general, this is a can’t miss!
1. Thumbtack Jack Introduction Speech
2. Scenes from 4 Way Hardcore Invitational: Thumbtack Jack vs. HATE vs. Mad Cow vs. Sandman – wXw Got Eggs?! – Day 2 – 19.04.03
2. Fans bring the Weapons Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. HATE – wXw Broken Rulz 3 – 30.08.03
3. 4 Way Elimination Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. B-Boy vs. Steve Douglas vs. X-dream – wXw …then we called 187 – 31.01.04
4. TLC Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Sexxxy Eddy – wXw Fight Club 2004 – 20.11.04
5. Church of Death Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Iceman vs. Hate vs. Mad Cow – wXw 4th Anniversary Show – 11.12.2004
6. Four Corners of Pain Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Violent Tom – wXw Fans Appreciation Night 2006 – 19.06.06
7. SAW Death Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Drake Younger – Westside Dojo: Stark wie’n Pferd – 11.03.07
8. Streetfight: Thumbtack Jack vs. Bad Bones – wXw Saturday Wrestling – 29.09.07
9. Boiler Room Ladder Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Steve Douglas – GSW “X-Limits 2” – 24.11.2007
10. Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Danny Havoc – wXw 18+ – 12.04.08
11. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Jay Briscoe – wXw/NOAH Dead End VIII – European Navigation – 22.06.08
12. No Ropes Barbed Wire Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Drake Younger – wXw 18+ Reloaded – 13.09.08
13. Anywhere Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Kenny Omega – wXw True Colors 2008 – 04.10.08
Price – $20.00

IPW DVD February 7, 2009 “Sacrifice 2009” – Indianapolis, IN
1. Louis Lyndon vs. Flip Kendrick
2. Hillbilly Jed vs. Cyanide
3. Dustin Rayz vs. Dave Crist
4. Chris Hall & Dave Davidson vs. Jesse Emerson & Justin Andrews
5. Jake Crist vs. Carlton Kaz
6. CJ Otis vs. Joey Owens
7. Faith In Nothing vs. Triple Xcel
8. Aaron Williams vs. Chuck Taylor
9. Fans Bring The Weapons: Jon Moxley vs. Drake Younger
Price – $15.00

IWA-TX / ACW October 12, 2008 “Evolution of The Revolution 2008” – San Antonio, TX
1. Skylar Skelly vs. Tony Morales
2. Alektra Blue vs. Shark Girl
3. The Garza Brothers vs. Troubled Youth (Drew Lucid & Problems)
4. Pierre Abernathy vs. Gary The Barn Owl
5. Berry Breeze vs. ?The Centerfold? Matthew Palmer
6. Michael Payne vs. Chad Thomas
7. Spiro vs. ?One Man? Mike Dell
8. Staple Gun Lumberjack Match: Shawn Vexx vs. Jacob Ladder
9. Sara Del Rey vs. ?Sara Del Rachel? Rachel Summerlyn
10. JT Lamotta vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. ?Mr. Showtime? Scot Summers
Price – $15.00

3/21 NEW – Torrington, CT
3/22 IWA-EC – Charleston, WV
3/27 – 3/29 Chikara – Philadelphia, PA
3/28 NEW – Bristol, CT
4/1 IWA-EC – Charleston, WV
4/4 IWA-MS – Joliet, IL
4/11 CZW – Philadelphia, PA

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