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PCW Results – Ottawa, Mar 14
Saturday, Mar 14 2009

Provincial Championship Wrestling – PCW
Ottawa, Ontario
Jim Durrell Recreational Centre
Results credit: Nwo4LiFe

Here are the results in no particular order..

1: The Serpent Beat El Sombra #2

2: Angry Amish Beat Charming Chaz Lovely

3: Cheeky Beat Jean Guy St Louis

4: Charles Dread Beat The Wanted Man Ryan Denim

5: The Entertainer Beat Some Guy who’s name I can’t remember

6: Josh Beat Anthony Fiasco

7: Roy Stevens And Caster Mcfear Beat Max Alexander And The Hickster

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Saturday, Mar 07 2009

Capital City Championship Combat – C*4
“Domination 2K9”

Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus Hall
Attendance: 150+
Refferees: Brett Lauderdale, Bakais, and Alex Hetfield
Commentary: Mike Rotch, Shanna Banana, and company…
Results credit: C*4

The show started with Kevin Steen coming to the ring, explaining that Frankie the Mobster had let him down, and would not be there to team with him. He called out his ROH World Tag Team Champion-partner, El Generico to the ring. He asked Generico, as his friend and partner, to please team with him, and join him in battle against the Super Smash Brothers, and Xtremo. Generico was hesitant to do that, and potentially turn his back on his fans… The SSB made there way to ringside, and told Generico not to listen to Steen. As this went on, Sabian made his way to the ring and jumped the SSB, and proceeded to, along with Steen, put the boots to the fallen. Generico stood by confused, and held back, despite Steen urging him on. Xtremo ran out with a chair, and cleared the ring, saving the SSB.

1) 2.0 over Jae Rennals and Black Serpent- after Rennals turned on Serpent causing 2.0 to finish him off with a Double Impaler.

At this point, “Superstar” Shayne Hawke called out his new “employee”, Stinky the homeless Guy, and told him that if he wanted to continue living the goodlife at Hawke’s expense, he needed a change in attitude, and name… Rechirstening Stinky as Bash Bison.

2) “Superstar” Shayne Hawke pinned Joe “The Chainsaw” Gacy after following a low-blow.

3) Vin Gerard pinned Josh Alexander with a reversal of a small package. A great return for the hated Gerard, and a impressive debut from Alexander. A great back and forth contest.

4) Rush overcame a debuting Sebastian Suave and Chaz Lovely in a three-way dance. Following the match, Bash Bison, lead by Hawke, powerbomed all three men into oblivion, leaving behind him a pile of broken bodies.

5) In arguably the most exciting match-up in C*4 history (well until the main event anyways), “MVP” Michael Von Payton, once again used underhanded tactics to defeat Twiggy. Following the match, Twiggy challenged MVP to one more match, on May 2nd. He asked for the Von Payton to put up a shot in the C*4 title tourny. MVP agreed, but also told Twiggy if he beat him one more time, Twiggy would have to sit out all of Season Three (2009-2010).

6) In a Bounty Match, “The Last Persian Warrior” Rahim Ali overcame Gran Akuma, in a very hard hitting contest. Ali took the mike after the match and called out Eddie Osbourne who did not show up at Domination, and has only said that he does not feel safe in the same venue as Ali – and does not feel obligated to appear in he is potentially in danger. More on this as it develops.

7) In a Trios Match, The Super Smash Brothers and Xtremo, defeated “Mr.Wrestling” Kevin Steen, El Generico and “BLK Jesus” Sabian, when Xtremo pinned Steen, using his variation of the Yoshi Tonic. Following a strong MOTYC, the SSB & Xtremo, now join Rahim Ali, as the first four men in the C*4 Championship Tournament on June 6th, 2009.

ACW sent this in:

Tuesday 3/17/09
Bourbon Street Night Club (Pasco County’s home for Pro Wrestling)
4331 US HWY 19
New Port Richey, FL
cover $7
$1 Drafts
$2 Wells
Belltime 9PM

Matches announced:

Bam Bam Moreau vs. Nooie Lee

Luca Rusconi vs. Big Rob

Slyck Sleazy w/Swiss Cheesy vs. Irish Jack Hurley

Kennedy Kendrick vs. Eddie Taurus

Joey ?Boom Boom? Mayo and ?Dropkick? Mosca vs. Eric Cooper and Sideshow
ACW Combat Title Match
Marc Mandrake V. David ?MuskOx? Mercury
Grudge Match
Ben Dejo w/Marty Con (formally Tiano) vs. The American Marvel
Main event Battle of the Giants
Lou Cypher vs. Bishop Cross

Come and Check out the hottest wrestling show in Florida
Also catch up on previous shows at part of the family