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Sunday January 31 2010

CMW “Live Pro Wrestling”
Waterford, Ontario

@ The Old Waterford Town Hall
Attendance: 100-120 (Packed)
Matinee Show – 2:30PM start
Ring Announcer: Chris Crucifix
Referees: Pistol Pete, Ronnie J
Results credit: Gordo for
1) “Impact” Eddie Osbourne def “Norfolk County’s Own” James Masterson [6 min]
Osbourne spent the first 2 minutes riling fans and ridiculing his opponent before finally locking up. Masterson was outclassed in this match up, enjoying only a brief moment of offense as Osbourne alternated chopping him fire engine red and tossing him around the ring. When he was done toying with the local boy he forced a quick submission with an armbar.

2) 6 Man Elimination Match:
Justin Sane was the sole survivor in a match that included his partners “The Hacker” Scotty O’Shea & “High Risk Hero” Rip Impact VS “The Pearl of the Orient” Logan Savage, “Wonderboy” Zakk Atticus & “Your Savior” Sebastian Suave [18 min]
Order of Elimination:
6:00 – Rip Impact pinned by Sebastian Suave
11:00 – Logan Savage pinned by Scotty O’Shea
11:00:30 – Scotty O’Shea pinned by Zakk Atticus
15:00 – Zakk Atticus pinned by Justin Sane
18:00 – Sebastian Suave loses by Count-Out to Justin Sane after Josh Alexander came to the ring and told him it wasn’t worth it to continue with the match.
This was a VERY entertaining match with far too many cool moments to list here.

– “Midnight Special” RJ City interrupted Crucifix’s intro of the next match and told fans that he saw no reason his main event bout with “Dynamite” George Terzis should be a Grudge Match as advertised since he held no grudge because he was a “nice guy”. RJ said he wasn’t afraid of Terzis and was certainly capable of defeating the mixed martail artist. Terzis showed up and RJ fled the ring but stayed in the venue to hear what George had to say. Terzis said that since RJ wasn’t afraid there was no reason to wait until the main event and invited him into the ring to fight right then. RJ entered the ring but when George threw a roundhouse kick at him the “Midnight Special” bailed and high-tailed it out of the venue.

3) Josh Alexander def Super Kamikaze after interference by Sebastian Suave [13 min]
Alexander targeted Kamikaze’s legs throughout the match in an effort to ground the aerial specialist but Super K was still able to launch and hit many of his signature flying moves. Alexander controlled much of the match but when it appeared Kamikaze had rallied and was set to launch a move off the top buckles Josh distracted the official as Sebastian Suave ran out and crotched Super K on the top buckle support making him easy pickings for Alexander to get the pinfall victory.

4) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang [11 min]
The first ever encounter between these Ontario stars was every bit as hard hitting and brutal as one might expect from these behemoths. Both men unloaded with heavy strikes and basically clubbered each other into hamburger. The advantage shifted back and forth thoughout the clean fought bout but fans were definitely behind “Crazyhorse”. Kwan hit Elgin with a vicious sitout slam for a near fall and then a brutal kick to the head for another. Incensed that he couldn’t pin Elgin with either of those maneuvers the “Asian Nightmare” tossed Ref Ronnie J to one side and grabbed his kendo stick. Elgin ducked the swing and trapped Kwan in a backslide to score the win. Great match!

– “The King of Canada”… “The Sport”… the man with too many descriptive nicknames to list here… Jessy Jones came out to the ring to host a special celebration of Sportopia (His kingdom / way of life / religion etc) Clad in the most hideous ring outfit seen anywhere in the modern world, Jones told the people of Waterford that they should be cheering him for ridding the area of Rico Montanna by blinding him at the last show saying “I got rid of an immigrant to give you people a better chance at finding a job”. Jones went on to say that 2010 was the beginning of his “White is Right” movement and then introduced his first guest… himself. Jones continued to bash immigrants and the town of Waterford before bringing out his 2nd guest, “My Wonderboy… Zakk Atticus!”. Zakk came out to the ring and told people he was happy to be there for “Jessy Jones appreciation day”. Atticus then went on to say “This country would never have won World War 2 if it wasn’t for Jessy Jones fighting off all the evil people! The reason we survived Hurricane Katrina was because of Sportopia… The reason we survived Mad Cow Disease is because Jessy Jones ate all that tainted meat!” At this point Jones got a little upset at “Wonderbread” and took the mic to introduce his 3rd guest but Primo Scordino came out to stop the party. Primo took exception to Jones comments about immigrants, saying he was one himself and the people of Waterford didn’t want to hear Jessy’s crap either because many of their grandparents came to Canada as immigrants and worked hard to build the houses that Jones lived in. Jessy said that was all Primo and other immigrants were good for… “hired help”. Primo had heard enough and challenged Jones to a match but Jessy said he would “treat you like all immigrants should be treated. We’ll shun you” then he and Atticus turned their backs to the popular Italian born star. Primo attacked them and the match was on…

5) “The King of Canada” Jessy Jones w/ “Wonderboy” Zakk Atticus def Primo Scordino [7 min]
Scordino tried to enact revenge on the rotund Jones but constant interference by Zakk Atticus and Jones’s blatant cheating and underhanded tactics meant he never really had a chance. Jones got the pin by blocking a sunset flip and getting a helping hand from Atticus for the necessary leverage required to hold the enraged Scordino to the mat for the 3 count. After the bout Scordino said he was going to bring some “Italian backup… Mafioso style” to teach Jones & Atticus a lesson in a tag match on the next show. By the way, the Jessy Jones / Sportopia appreciation segment that led to this bout was 11 minutes longer than the match.

6) No DQ, No Countout, No Time Limit:
“Tenacious” Scotty Turner def “EZE” Eric Carnie [16 min]
The first two matches between these rookie standouts ended in draws – one by time limit, the other by double count-out hence the stipulations to this bout. EZE came into the bout with an injured shoulder that Turner attacked throughout. While neither man really took any cheap shots the match was very heated and for a couple of minutes raged out on the floor and among the audience with Turner even tossing Carnie down the venue’s large central staircase. Ref Ronnie J had fans and the wrestlers confused by his continually calling for rope breaks when the action got into the strands or too near the apron (It was a No DQ match, after all) This allowed Carnie to escape a couple of Turner’s crossface submission attempts that probably would have ended the match sooner. As it was, Turner avoided an EZE top rope frog splash and hit some kind of running bulldog / cutter move to pin Carnie and win the match. Both guys shook hands after the bout and were then suddenly attacked by Josh Alexander and Sebastian Suave who beat the holy hell out of both of them. Standing over their victims Alexander said he was tired of people saying how great Turner and Carnie were and that he and Sauve were the real stars among Ontario’s young wrestlers. Suave told fans that he and Alexander represented “Society’s Saviors” and that they would show everyone why they’re going to control Ontario indy wrestling. The two challenged EZE and Turner to a tag match at the next show. (Note: The previous night at the CWR event in Vaughan, Sauve and Alexander, along with “Psycho” Mike Rollins and Miss Danyah officially debuted as the Society’s Saviors faction. With this unscheduled beatdown and promo in Waterford it appears that Society’s Saviors mean to make good on their threats to take over the entire scene.)

7) Main Event Grudge Match:
“Dynamite” George Terzis def “Midnight Special” RJ City [18 min]
RJ spent the early minutes running from Terzis but took the advantage after raking George’s eyes. “Midnight Special” targeted George’s back for the remainder of the match forcing the former MMA star to fight from the defensive and severely limiting much of his offense. RJ got a little too cocky though and Dynamite was able to rally and pin the bad guy after a jumping enzuguri that almost took RJ’s head off.