Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday January 30 2010

DMW – Distinctive Modern Wrestling (Debut show)
“Modern Warrior Tournament”
Hamilton, Ontario

16 McKinstry Street
Bell Time 7pm
Ring Announcer: Eric Duquette
Referees: Jon Turnip, Vander Cruz
Results credit: L.A. Prince
Show started with Eric welcoming everyone to DMW. Microphone cuts out and out comes Ethan Page accompanied by Joey Kings and Mr. Melo. Anxious to get to the wrestling, He calls out his first opponent.

Tournament Round 1
“The Motion Picture” Ethan Page w/ Mr Melo & Joey Kings def. Aveiro
After an exciting match, filled with high-flying moves, Aveiro took a risk, utilizing the buildings main support beam. The risk didn’t pay off and Ethan Page is victorious after hitting a clusterbomb.

Tournament Round 1
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def Johnny Wave
After a fast-paced, non-stop match, Scotty O’Shea pulled out a victory after a series of counters.

Tournament Round 1
Alessandro Del Bruno def “Awesome” Adam Reed
Making his professional Debut, Alessandro Del Bruno pulled out a victory after landing his finisher. (Pele)

Tournament Round 1
Justin Sane def The Kumatai Champion “Kung Fu” Logan Savage.
Justin Sane advanced the the next round after a TKO.

Non-Tournament Match
Lithium def. Phun Fer
Lithium took the win via submission after a failed moonsault by Phun-Fer.

Womens Match
Sabrina Kyle w/ Josh Rogen def “The Work of Art” Jodi Di Milo
Sabrina Kyle cheated her way to the win after feigning an ankle injury outside the ring. While referee was distracted with helping her, Rogen slid into the ring and hit Di Milo with a spear. Recovering, Kyle slid in and covered her for the win.

Hardcore Match
Jesse “.ing” Amato def Warhed
After some hilarious, (yes, hilarious) hardcore action, Warhed tapped out to a cobra clutch while tangled up in the ropes.

Tournament Semi-Final
“The Motion Picture Ethan Page” w/ Mr Melo def “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea
Hacker hit the Ctrl-alt-del, and pinned page for what everyone assumed would be a three count. Mr. Melo, however, placed Page’s foot on the ropes and the referee called for rope break. Hacker, in a suprising show of anger, grabbed Mr. Melo who was on the apron, by the hair. While the referee was distracted by Page, Mr. Melo hung Hacker up on the ropes. Page hit the Facial Reconstruction and got the 3-count.

Tournament Semi-Final
Justin Sane def Alessandro Del Bruno
After Del Bruno missed his finisher, Sane hit the TKO for the win.

Non-Tournament Matchup
Josh Rogen w/ Sabrina Kyle def Steve Brown
Josh Rogen defeats Steve Brown due to Kyle passing a small chain to Rogen who knocked Brown out with it while Kyle distracted the referee.

Tournament Final
Justin Sane def “The Motion Picture” Ethan Page w/ Mr Melo
After a hard fought fight, Justin Sane hits the TKO, and does an amazing high risk splash from the top rope to win and become DMW’s Modern Warrior!