Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday, January 30 2010

RE/BTPW – Rage Entertainment and Big Time Pro Wrestling
“New Beginnings”
Ottawa, Ontario

Rideau Carleton Entertainment Center
Attendance – 287
Ring Announcers – Super Sam Dube, Mr. Hollywood
Referees – Alex Hetfield, Scotty Myers
Results credit: Peter Bisson
(Graduated Students match) Cecil Nix vs Derek Hamilton ended in a draw.

Razz Monsour beat Jae Rukn by pinfall (with his feet on the ropes)

Crusher Kline squashed Aliah Bowers.

Frank The Beast Bradley beat Reggie Marley with a spear.

Roys Stevens beat Drake Styles with a kick to the groin followed by a chokeslam.

Koko Monsour beat The Real JJB with a roll-up (and pulling the tights)

Dave Titan beat Tray hugh Mongous by DQ when Thunder hit Titan with a briefcase.

Proff. Adib Monsour (wearing a mask) beat Maximus Primal when a wrestler wearing a similar mask and outfit interfered – this wrestler turned out to be Drake Styles.