Aaron Patton sent this in:

World Class Extreme Wrestling
and Harvest Ministries Presents…
“WinterSlam ’09”
Saturday Night, Feb 28th
@ The Harvest Ministries Outreach Center
Wadesboro North Carolina (1134 East Caswell St.)

WCEW would first like to thank the packed house that came out in the pouring rain to make this event a success….

* JackHammer Defeated the debuting Sweet Steven Stifler with a Frog Splash from the top rope… (After the match, Stephen B Esquire with Juang Lo and J Prep Esquire came out and offered JackHammer a spot in the Money Clip. JackHammer turned down the offer with a lil shove to the Money Clip’s Manager. Juang Lo and Prep went to attack JackHammer, but Esquire said not now and that this was far from over…)

* In A Special Grudge Tag Team Match, DZ Hyde and Zebro Kid Defeated Kid Evil and J Prep Esquire. Mid-way thru the match Tito Rains entered the building and after watching several minutes of action went to Zebro’s corner and told him he didn’t need “This Junk” and “Screw the man”. Zebro must have took the words to heart because he left the ringside area with Rains and left Hyde to fend for himself. THEN, in the closing moments of the Match Styxx and NEW Class Champion Bobby Wohlfert (Who had began fighting in the lockerroom) brawled into the ring. As Styxx was read to hit Wohlfert with his Mafia Kick, Wohlfert rolled out and retreated to the lockerroom. Kid Evil then went to attack Styxx who laid Evil out with a BaldoBomb allowing DZ to get the pinfall. Styxx wasn’t done and sent a message to Wohlfert by taking Kid Evil out with a Vicious Mafia Kick before returning to the back…)

* WCEW Thundergirls Champion Fantasia Defeated Persephone in an exciting 2/3 Falls Match, 2 Falls to 1 after nearly 30 Minutes of Non Stop action…(persephone took the 1st fall with a cradle, Fantasia took the 2nd with a leg submission and then the Final Fall with a Belly To Belly Suplex…)

* The Osaka Assassins with Stephen B Esquire defeated Shaq Knox and Toni Blaze (Substuting for Cory Duncum) to WIN The WCEW Tag Team Championships….

* Cade Sydal defeated The Debuting T Roy Jones in a great fast paced contest… (AFTER the match, Tito Rains and Zebro Kid entered the ring and Tito said he had a few things to say. He spoke of his WCEW Past and Team A.T. & T.. He said Under Ali Steele’s leadership the group never realized it’s potential. He said what you are seeing right now is the rebirth of Team A.T. & T. as it will now stand for Akeem Knox (as Zebro Kid unmasked and was announced to be Tyron Knox son, an original A.T. & T. member), T Roy Jones and Tito Rains. Tito then said Sydal was a talented star, but tonight he was their first victim as T Roy and Akeem attacked the young WCEW Star…)

* WCEW New Class Champion Bobby Wohlfert Defeated “The SuperStar” Johnny Atlas after hitting 2 Wolf’s Breath (Code BREAKER)…

* WCEW Heavyweight Champion “The One and The Only” Tracy Gilbert defeated Styxx to retain the Championship after interference from The Money Clip and Bobby Wohlfert… (After the match, Wohlfert, Gilbert and the Money Clip continued the Beat down on Styxx until sveral Fan Favorites rushed to clear the ring. Commissioner Knight then entered the ring and said Next Month he had a few suprises up his sleeves. First Stephen B Esquire would be defending the WCEW Extreme Title. Styxx would get one last New Class Title shot against Wohlfert in a match of Styxx’s choosen. And finally, WCEW Champion Tracy Gilbert would defend the title against Former WCEW Champion, The Returning “Dr Love” Daniel Messina….)

Other news: Return Date to HMOC is March 28th… Shaq Knox suffered a mild concussion after a nasty spill to the floor in the opening moments of the Tag Title defense… Fantasia and Kid Evil had to receive medical attention after their respected matches and more information will be released as we are informed… The DVD for this show will be available at the March 28th event….

For more information check out www.myspace.com/WCEWNews or by emailing WCEWBooking@yahoo.com…!

mitchtv sent this in:

Loco Wrestling & DWF Presents:

Loco Havoc
?You Owe Us?
(an internet tv taping event)

March 7th 2009 @ Devastation University
2301 Haddonfield Road Pennsauken NJ.
Bell Time 7:30….
Tickets only $12.00……
Just 2 weeks ago The Loco and DWF Tag Team Champions The Lost Boys were down one member and Yar was looking for someone to step up and help defend the belts against Two former Loco Champions who formed a new tag team. The Latin Connection’s D-Crazed stepped up and ?temporarily? teamed up with Yar as a lost boy. This did not sit well with the rest of the Latin Connection. Will the Latin Connection work together again? Will Wolf show up to help his partner This time?

Here’s a sneak preview:


Dark Karnival has just been added to the tag team list and Nitro returns to the hardcore ring challenging former Loco Hardcore champion Damian Pain. Latin Connection member and Loco Cruiser weight champion Victor will defend his title in a three way threat match. Jesse Logan returns to the ring for the first time for Loco Wrestling! And many more superstars will be present.

The answers are at the show!!
Children 4 and under Free !!
See you at the show, Go Loco & Get Devastated!!

SuperShowPass.com & TVByDemand.com

For Directions http://www.devastationwrestling.com/directions.asp

Dawayne Capshew sent this in:

Impact Zone Wrestling
February 28th 2009
Impact Arena

1)?Real Deal? Aaron Neil beat Max McGuirk by pinfall to retain the IZW Heavyweight Championship

2)Kyote Joe beat Blake Albright by pinfall

3)Impact Inc(John Zorthos/Bernie Donderwitz) beat Blk Out(Jermaine Johnson/Monteego Seeka) by pinfall to win the IZW Tag Team Championship for a 6th time

4)Lars Maderson beat ?Mr Money? Randy Price by pinfall

5)Dustin Heritage beat ?Sensational? Seth Allen by pinfall to retain the IZW Impact Division Championship