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On 2/21/09 NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was in Cheraw, S.C. at Cheraw High School. In front of another sold out crowd of 1700+ paid fans “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair returned with Rock Star status once again.

1. MACW Hardcore Champion High Flying Chris Hamrick defeated Donnie Dollar$.

2. Team Blondage Krissy Vaine & Amber O’Neal defeated Daffney & NWA World Womens Champion MsChif.

3.Cheraw’s very on Brice Anthony defeated Jeff Justice.

4. Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeated The Barbarian.

5. Daivd Flair & Ricky Morton w/Ric Flair in there corner defeated Rikki Nelson & Buff Bagwell. Ricky Morton replaced Reid Flair. Reid Flair is out with a injury.

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In a very intense match, WSU Champion Angel Orsini was able to defeat WSU Tag Champion Miss April via the Flatliner, on 2/21 at an NWS show in Bloomfield, NJ. This title defense was seen by more people live than any other WSU title defense as nearly 700 people witnessed this historic champion vs champion match.

Miss April, who was accompanied to the ring by manager Gorgeous George, put up a valiant effort, scoring several near falls. Within the first minute of the match, April was able to put the champion on her back for the count of two on several different occasions.

Orsini, who may have been focusing too much on March 7th, when she defends the championship in a HAIR VS TITLE match against Mercedes Martinez, almost lost her championship. However, Orsini was able to regain her composure and took it to the rookie and current 1/2 of the WSU Tag Team Champions, Miss April.

Orsini started dominating the match around the 4-5 minute mark. Surprisingly, April was able to fight back and hit 2 huge huranacaranas, stunning the WSU Champion. However, at around the 10 minute mark, out of nowhere, Orsini was able to hit April with her Flatliner, a move no one in WSU has been able to kick out of. With April becoming another victim of Orsini’s Flatliner, it was simple mathematics, as the ref counted the 1-2-3, and Orsini, the toughest & best champion ever in WSU history, retained one of the most sought out prizes in womens wrestling – the WSU Championship.

Despite the loss, if we learned anything in this match, expect big things by Miss April. Despite being a rookie, Miss April has shown great leaps and bounds in WSU and held her own against the champion. WSU has a very exciting crop of new talent and if Miss April has her way, she will be paving the way for the next generation of women wrestling stars.

Orsini continues to be the most dominating champion ever in WSU. Perhaps her grueling schedule is catching up to her, as she’s looked vulnerable in her last several matches. Orsini, while not exactly being a fan favorite, has been a fighting champion, defending the belt against whomever and where ever. However, Orsini has cemented her Flatliner finisher as a saving grace for her championship, as whenever she hits that move, you know the match is over. If Mercedes Martinez becomes a victim of the Flatliner on 3/7, we may very well see a bald Mercedes Martinez on 3/7.

WSU will have highlights of this match, in addition to several new promos, when we present our next WSU Online TV show, which should be available sometime next week.

WSU is proud to announce that we will be teaming up with perhaps the largest drawing promotion in NJ, the NWS for two huge shows in April. NWS in 2009 have been drawing crowds of 500+ consistently for the last 8 weekends. On 4/10, NWS & WSU team up to present the 3rd annual Womens J-Cup tournament. Previous winners of this tournament are Alexa Thatcher & Mercedes Martinez. Then on 4/11, WSU & NWS team up to present the 4th Annual Womens King & Queen Tournament. Previous winners of that tournament include Kara Slice & Julio Dinero, Danny Demanto & Melissa Stripes, & Nikki Roxx & Rhett Titus.

The first four teams have been announced for the King & Queen Tournament. Previous winners of this tournament have been able to use this win to catapult their careers to new levels. Who will become the new King & Queen of Wrestling? All four of these teams (with four teams to be announced later) are looking for their place on wrestling’s throne:

TNA Superstar Jay Lethal & WSU Tag Team Champion Miss April
NWS Heavyweight Champion Vicious Vinny & WSU Tag Team Champion Brooke Carter
Former Winner Of This Tournament & Former NWS Champion Danny Demanto & Jana
Former WXW Champion & Last Year Finalist Bison Bravado & Former 2x WSU Tag Champion Annie Social

We will announce the last 4 teams shortly and all information pertaining to this event.

Due to the injuries sustained by a mysterious attacker on 2/7/09 (the aftermath which was seen on the WSU Online TV Show), Annie Social has pulled herself off of the 3/7 event, as she will be unable to compete. The advertised Rick Cataldo vs Annie Social “LOSER LEAVES THE BEATDOWN BETTIES” will not be taking place as originally advertised. WSU will present this match at a later date when Annie Social is 100% healthy.

Cataldo, who is rumored to be the one behind the attack, stated “Annie is just ducking me because she knows it’s inevitable before she’s kicked out of the greatest stable in womens wrestling history- “The Beatdown Betties”. Annie is the weak link which is why she lost my WSU Tag Team Championship and it’s the reason why she can’t even make it to the anniversary show. I pull my muscles every night when I’m with Hanson and I’ll be there!”

Cataldo will be cornering Roxxie Cotton in her match against Mickie Knuckles on 3/7.

Annie Social is currently resting and recovering after her injuries. Annie stated that once she is 100% she will be back to kick ass in WSU like never before. Annie has stated that she should be 100% cleared for the 4/10 & 4/11 WSU/NWS doubleshot, as she’s thrown her name into both the Women’s J-Cup Tournament and the King & Queen of the Ring Tournament.

We will have more soon.

We will have much more news soon, and make sure to check out the updated WSUWrestling.com. This week we will also be running a special DVD sale and will have our latest episode of WSU Online TV.