CZW returned last night to the ECW Arena for its tenth anniversary show before a larger than expected crowd.

Dark matches

  • Drew Gulak defeated Little Mondo.
  • Sami Callahan defeated John Dahmer – This match made no sense until later in the night. The match was originally your basic “Dahmer tests the ropes and drops a student on his head” match (which I actually like because he keeps finding new ways to suplex people) with Dahmer vs EMO. For some strange reason, they decided they’d make it an undercard “money in the bank” type thing…

    The crowd really scratched their heads, but then Sami Callahan jumped EMO and took his spot in the match. Suddenly things got a lot more interesting. It got even more interesting when John Moxley came out through the crowd which distracted Dahmer and let Callalhan take the pinfall. All this made sense later.

    Tenth anniversary show

  • Main show started with the tag team gauntlet match

    1) SAT defeated Izzy Kensington/LJ Cruz
    2) 2.0 defeated SAT
    3) Adam Cole/Tyler Veritas defeated 2.0 in seconds with a roll-up
    4) Adam Cole/Tyler Veritas defeated All Money is Legal
    5) Adam Cole/Tyler Veritas defeated Joe Gacy/Alex Colon

  • Sabian defeated Egotistico Fantastico. Really good match. Fantastico is over like crazy with this crowd already after a few shows.

    A chunk of the crowd had a fun time giving Robbie Mireno heat all night…they happily returned the favor this match with some funny, but VERY non-PG mike work that probably doesn’t make the DVD

  • Drew Blood defeated Pinkie Sanchez in a good match. I really liked the finish…they were trading punches, and Drew hits Pinkie with a really strong one that spins him around, which puts him in position for Drew to hit him with his jumping tombstone piledriver.
  • In a match that was a tip of the cap to CZW’s past, The Best Around and Diego (formerly El Sexsisto) defeated 2 Girls 1 Cup…and, from the old New Jersey days, Lord Everett Devore. The finish saw Diego pinned Devore. Post match, Lord Everett Devore announced his retirement. He seemed genuinely touched by those of us in the crowd from the Mantua and Sewell, NJ days.
  • Devon Moore defeated Ruckus. This was the one disappointing match of the night, as B-Boy was there but was sick enough that he had no business being in the ring. Derek Frazier apparently no-showed his retirement match.

    Pretty terrible match. Frazier didn’t show up for his retirement match, and B-Boy was sick so he couldn’t compete, leaving a one-on-one match between Devon and Ruckus. They start off intentionally boring the fans with headlocks and stuff for several minutes. They pick up the pace, but never manage to bring the fans back in. Eventually B-Boy runs out in street clothes, attacks Ruckus, and Devon rolls him up. Since he was originally booked for the match, the pinfall counts.

  • Ryan McBride defeated Carter Grey to retain the Junior title. Crowd was still down after the last match, only getting a huge reaction when Grey’s manager interfered, got caught up in the ropes, and ate a sick unprotected chairshot while hanging upside down in the ropes. McBride then pins Grey.
  • In the Fans Bring The Weapons match, H8 Club defeated Violent Display of Power. Late match saw Deranged injured when Gage stabbed him with his own sword. H8 Club then superplexed Brain Damage through a barbed wire board which was propped up on two chairs. Various toys, included at least 20 objects with thumb tacks, a VCR, a potty chair… were used.

    After all this… post match, the dark match early in the show suddenly made sense…as Sami Callahan defeated Brain Damage in seconds to win the Ironman title when he cashes in his money in the bank.

    After an intermission while we waited for the barbed wire to go up, we went to the main event.

  • Drake Younger defeated Eddie Kingston in a No Rope Barbed Wire Deathmatch to retain the CZW Heavyweight title. This was a great match, especially the false finishes in the last few minutes. Even though part of the heel BLK OUT, Kingston got a big heartfelt pop before, during, and after the match. Kingston is a great heel, but in Philadelphia at least he could slaughter, barbecue and eat a puppy live at the Arena and people would still pop for him. Kingston and Younger are smart enough and good enough to just work it man vs. man instead of heel vs. face.

    Post-match, with cameras off, Kingston thanked Zandig for bring him back and Drake Younger for the match.

    NOTES: Crowd had to be way more than the building or CZW expected given it being Valentine’s Day. Food was entirely sold out…except for one woeful bag of Cheetos, a few cans of Diet Coke, and of course, beer.

    Gail Shister from the Philadelphia Inquirer was there with her family to write a story, as were three other papers following up on interest from “The Wrestler”.

    CZW returns for its March ECW Arena event on March 14 with “Total Havoc” featuring Danny Havoc vs Thumbtack Jack.