Indy News #1: February 7

PWU News sent this in:


For the rock bottom price of only $15 wrestlers and wrestling students alike can learn from one of the Mid-Atlantic’s and wrestling’s

in general true legends, Reckless Youth aka Tom Carter. Toms over a

decade and a half of experience truly speaks for itself after watching literally a few minutes of one of his masterpiece-like matches unfold.

Having trained in WWE’s old OVW farm-league system, and having made his name in NWA New Jersey receiving international media attenion and praise, Tom Carter left the pro wrestling business for a time to enjoy the wonders of being a first time father. Tom is credited with helping to train former PWU Champion Trent Acid, as well as helping with Nick Berk, Kashmir, and many other notable wrestlers. Now YOU too can learn from Tom, simply email today and reserve your spot for April 25th, 4pm. (Please arrive up to one half hour early for proper warm-ups)


Head over to the website now to view the brand new blog by Kashmir where he discusses the evolution of “smart fans”. Also a brand new poll just went live, please cast your vote immediately to help us decide which PWU star to feature next on the site. All this plus a ton of youtube video content and plenty more on the way as the road schedule and live event schedule get underway!

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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for February 6

*New Releases*

Chikara DVD January 25, 2009 “Revelation X” – Philadelphia, PA
1. F.I.S.T. vs. Lince Dorado & Helios
2. Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare
3. Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Ray
4. Order Of The Neo Solar Temple vs. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush
5. The UnStable vs. Cheech Hernandez & KC “Cloudy” Day
6. Los Ice Creams vs. Fabulous Two
7. Eddie Kingston vs. Delirious
8. The Colony vs. Osirian Portal
9. Ladder Match: Equinox vs. Vin Gerard
10. Bonus Material: Podcast Episodes 139-140
Price: $20.00

IWA-MS DVD January 23, 2009 “Cold Wave” – Bellevue, IL
1. Trik Davis vs. Shane Hollister
2. The Hooligans vs. Ryan Phoenix & Stephen Saint
3. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Juice Robinson
4. Devon Moore vs. Tyler Black
5. Mickie Knuckles vs. Rain
6. Necro Butcher vs. Ricochet
7. Trik Davis vs. Yellow Dog
8. Dingo vs. Jimmy Jacobs
Price: $20.00

IWA-MS DVD January 17, 2009 “TV Taping Demo” – Joliet, IL
This DVD features all of the matches in there entirety.
1. Devon Moore vs. Prince Mustafa Ali
2. Ian Rotten & Mickie Knuckles vs. Dave Allen & The Masked Masked Man
3. Bill the Butcher vs. Troy Walters
4. The Hooligans vs. The Soul Touchaz
5. Michael Elgin vs. Jeff Brooks
6. “Quick” Carter Grey vs. Ricochet
7. Juice Robinson vs. Jason Dukes
8. Michael Elgin vs. Jason Hades
9. Zach Gowen vs. Kris Chambers
10. Ricochet vs. Devon Moore
11. Trik Davis vs. Egotistico Fantastico
12. Dingo vs. “Quick” Carter Grey
13. Ricochet vs. Prince Mustafa Ali vs. T.D. vs. Sal Thomaselli vs. Devon Moore vs. Troy Walters
Price: $20.00

IPW DVD January 3, 2009 “Animosity” – Indianapolis, IN
1. Dave Crist vs. Louis Lyndon
2. Dave Davidson & Dave Allen vs. Aaron Scot & Flip Kendrik
3. Sassy Stephanie vs. kimberly Kash vs. Nevaeh
4. CJ Otis vs. Carlton Kaz
5. “Quick” Carter Grey vs. Aaron Williams
6. Jake Crist vs. Dustin Rayz
7. Faith In Nothing vs. Osyris & Jedd
8. Billy Roc’s Final Match: Davey Richards vs. Billy Roc
9. Dog Collar Match: Jon Moxley vs.Drake Younger
Price: $15.00

AAW DVD November 24, 2008 “Windy City Classic IV” – Berwyn, IL
1. Shane Hollister vs. Mason Beck
2. Josh Raymond vs. Phil Atlas
3. Team Daniels vs. Team Esparza
4. Hunter Matthews & Knight Wagner vs. The Hybrids
5. Ryan Boz vs. Jimmy Jacobs
6. Arik Cannon vs. M-Dogg 20
7. Tyler Black vs. Silas Young
8. TLC MATCH: The Phoenix Twins vs. The Northstar Express
Price: $15.00

2/6 IWA-MS – Bellevue, IL
2/7 IWA-MS – Joliet, IL
2/14 CZW – Philadelphia, PA
2/20 VPW – Philadelphia, PA
2/20 Chikara – Reading, PA
2/21 Chikara – Easton, PA

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CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: C.Red leads Chicago’s “Da Soul Touchaz” into King of Trios 2009!

At last year’s King of Trios tournament, no group won over the Philly faithful with such surprising ease as Da Soul Touchaz – led by their manager, C.Red. With one of the team sidelined by injury (Acid Jaz,) it will be up to the other three Soul Touchaz – Willie Richardson, Trauma and Marshe Rockett – to make their home promotion of Elite Pro proud at the biggest pro-wrestling tournament of the year!
Starting on Friday, March 27th, CHIKARA will host the largest pro-wrestling tournament of the year – King of Trios – at the (ECW) Arena! 48 wrestlers from around the world will converge on South Philadelphia for this annual tradition, and it promises to be the wrestling smorgasbord you simply can’t do without! Teams have been announced over the last month, with new ones joining the field as each coveted spot is gobbled up!

As of today, these 8 teams are confirmed for the tournament:
The F1rst Family: Arik Cannon & North Star Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz)
The Death Match Kings: Necro Butcher & Toby Klein & Brain Damage
The Future is Now: Equinox & Lince Dorado & Helios
Da Soul Touchaz: Willie ‘Da Bomb’ Richardson & Trauma & Marshe Rockett
The Masters of a Thousand Holds: Mike Quackenbush & Jorge Rivera & Johnny Saint
Incoherence: Hallowicked & Frightmare & Delirious
Team PWG: El Generico & the Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
The Osirian Portal: Amasis & Escorpion Egipcio & Ophidian

…and 2 more join the field next week!

Last week, we confirmed the 2nd annual Fan Conclave, to take place on Saturday afternoon, March 28th, as part of King of Trios 2009 weekend! Read up on it here:

Advance tickets for our February events are on sale right now! Tickets for King of Trios 2009 can be purchased here: , but be advised that front row seating has already SOLD OUT!

“If the Airplane is Snowed in, Put your Bloody Skis on and Get Going!”
2.20.2009 – Friday Evening
Live @ The Riverside Beneficial Assoc.!
1742 Pear St.
in Reading, PA!
The action begins at 7:30 pm!

“Motive, Means, Opportunity”
2.21.2009 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Community Center!
4100 Green Pond Rd.
in Easton, PA!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

King of Trios 2009
3.27.2009 – 3.29.2009 – Friday Evening through Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner St.
in scenic South Philly, PA!

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Shannon Rose sent this in:

World Wrestling Network presents:
Pro Wrestling Riot
February 14, 2009 – Bell Time 8:00 PM
The New Lakes in Regency Park Civic Center
8330 Civic Drive – Port Richey, FL 34668
Tickets at the door:
Adults $10 and Kids 13 and under $5
Tickets in advance:
Adults $8 and Kids 13 and under $4

For more info call 813-960-8412

Pro Wrestling Riot Title Tournament
Second Round Matches

“The Marquee” Bruce Santee vs. 911, Inc’s Shawn Osborne w/ Ron Niemi

911, Inc’s Francisco Ciatso w/ Ron Niemi vs. Chris Jones

“Classic” Scott Davis vs. Jaison Moore

“The 8th Deadly Sin” Sideshow vs. Chasyn Rance

Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team Title Tournament
Second Round Matches

911, Inc’s Dark City Fight Club w/ Ron Niemi vs. The British Lions

The Heartbreak Express w/ Amy Vitale vs. Bumz R’ Us

Plus much more to be announced!

Riot Act

This edition of the Riot Act will take a look at the second round matches that will take place in the Heavyweight Title Tournament as well as the semi-final matches in the Tag Title Tournament in the Road to Gold. Phase Three of the Road to Gold will take place on Saturday, February 14, 2008 at The New Lakes in Regency Park Civic Center in Port Richey, Florida.

Second Round Matches in the Heavyweight Title Tournament

Jaison Moore versus Scott Davis

How they advanced to the second round: Jaison Moore defeated Craig Classic; Scott Davis defeated Jerrelle Clark

Jaison Moore has been with Pro Wrestling Riot since day one and was involved in a short term feud with Kenny King that saw Moore get two victories over King. Moore was a participant in the 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup after qualifying in a time limit draw with Nooie Lee that had the officials with the Peterson Cup so impressed that both men were entered into the tournament. Moore advanced to the second round before losing to Brad Attitude.

Scott Davis has been with Pro Wrestling Riot since last January and he has worked both in singles and tag team action. Davis wrestles an old school style that focuses on wearing down his opponent instead of trying to overwhelm his opponents with high flying maneuvers. Over the last few shows, Scott has shown a mean streak that led to a post-match attack on Jerrelle Clark with a steel chair. Davis was confronted by his opponent on the 14th, Jaison Moore before he left the ring because he had done the damage to Clark. Will Davis hold any animosity towards Moore for not letting him finish off Clark or will it distract Davis when he meets Moore.

Chasyn Rance versus Sideshow

How they advanced to the second round: Chasyn Rance defeated C.J. O?Doyle; Sideshow defeated Damballah

Sideshow has been dealing with 911 Incorporated since day one, and then when he thought he had the alliance to help him with 911, the problems came from within his circle of friends. Sideshow thought that his sister was getting too close to Sedrick Strong and this ended their friendship. While Sideshow tried to help Sedrick, Sedrick would not believe Sideshow. Instead of the scheduled in ring confrontation, Sideshow decided not to show up. Now that he has a chance to win the Pro Wrestling Riot Heavyweight Title, will the fact that Sedrick Strong is no longer in the tournament going to be motivation for him to advance to the semi-finals?

Chasyn Rance is one of the members of Team Vision and he is one of the top wrestlers in the state and showed that it does not matter the size of his opponent as he defeated C.J. O?Doyle in the first round. Will Rance be able to stop Sideshow without any other members of Team Vision in the building? Since Rance’s first round opponent is friends with Sideshow, will Rance need to change his strategy for Sideshow? Will Rance resort to questionable tactics to distract Sideshow to move on to the semi-finals?

Chris Jones versus Francisco Ciatso

How they advanced to the second round: Chris Jones defeated Austin Amadeus; Francisco Ciatso defeated Nooie Lee

Chris Jones is one of the fastest rising stars in the state of Florida and he hopes to build on the success that he has experienced in other parts of the state by becoming the first Pro Wrestling Riot Champion. Jones made his Pro Wrestling Riot debut during the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and had one of the top matches of the first round against Erick Stevens. While he did not win the match, Jones established a strong base of fans and he has built on that since his debut. Jones will try to frustrate larger opponents with his frenetic pace and high flying style.

Francisco Ciatso has been a thorn in the side of many people in Pro Wrestling Riot since day one when he joined in the attack against Bruce Santee when Santee refused to remain a part of 911 Incorporated. Ciatso has been a major factor with the problems that Sideshow has had because of his attempts to get rid of Sideshow’s sister. Ciatso was a part of the War Games match during the second night of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. Ciatso is a veteran who prefers to destroy his opponent and overpower them with his size advantage. He will have that chance on the 14th when he faces Chris Jones.

Bruce Santee versus Shawn Osborne

How they advanced to the second round: Bruce Santee defeated Roderick Strong; Shawn Osborne defeated Sedrick Strong

Bruce Santee was in the first main event for Pro Wrestling Riot and at the conclusion of that match, Santee started his feud with 911 Incorporated when he would not join forces with Ron Niemi. Santee has been trying his hardest to eliminate 911 Incorporated from Pro Wrestling Riot and was a part of the team that defeated 911 Incorporated in the War Games Match during Night Two of the Peterson Cup. In the opening round, Santee was able to show that he is among the top wrestlers in Florida by defeating Roderick Strong to advance to his match against Shawn Osborne. Santee will get another chance to take care of a member of 911 Incorporated.

Shawn Osborne made his debut with Pro Wrestling Riot in July 2008 when he joined 911 Incorporated. While he lost to Erick Stevens, Osborne had a solid performance and made a good complement to the group. Osborne has already faced Bruce Santee in a Pro Wrestling Riot ring, but this will be the first time they meet in a one-on-one situation. They were part of the handicap tag team match during Night One of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. Osborne had some assistance to advance to the second round thanks to fellow 911 Incorporated member Rod Steel. Osborne has high expectations to win the Pro Wrestling Riot Heavyweight Title and if he can get past Santee, will he face his fellow 911 Incorporated member Francisco Ciatso in the semi-finals?

Semi-Final Matches in the Tag Title Tournament

Bumz R Us (Ray Beez and Milo Beasley) versus The Heartbreak Express (Sean and Phil Davis with Amy Vitale)

How they advanced to the semi-finals: Bumz R Us defeated the Dynamic Duo; Heartbreak Express defeated The Loggers

Ray Beez and Milo Beasley have become cult favorites in Pro Wrestling Riot and they have been taking advantage of their eccentric lifestyle. They were recruited to take care of some people in the company, but once they got Amy Vitale’s money, they were changed men. While the Bums lost the briefcase, they continue to have the money. The House of Vitale has tried to finish off Beasley and Beez, but the Bums stay one step ahead of Vitale. On the 14th, that lucky streak might end when they have to face Amy Vitale’s team of the Heartbreak Express. The Bums have absorbed a lot of punishment during their time in Pro Wrestling Riot but it will be worth it if they can get the Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team Titles.

The Heartbreak Express are one of the top tag teams in the state of Florida and they have a very long list of accolades, but they are looking forward to adding the Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Titles. Sean and Phil Davis are dangerous enough on their own, but with the addition of Amy Vitale to the mix only makes them stronger because they are trying to impress Amy. Sean and Phil bring an old school style of wrestling and they do a great job of incorporating double team maneuvers and really showcase the art of tag team wrestling. The Heartbreak Express were a part of the Tag Team Gauntlet during Night Two of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and they want to show that their loss was a fluke.

Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis with Ron Niemi) versus The British Lions (Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray)

How they advanced to the semi-finals: Dark City Fight Club defeated The Lifeguards; British Lions defeated The House of Vitale

The Dark City Fight Club are one of the most dangerous tag teams in the state of Florida and their presence in 911 Incorporated only makes them more dangerous. Since their entry in Pro Wrestling Riot, Kory Chavis and Jon Davis have shown no mercy to their opponents. Their first round opponents were no exception and they made easy work of the Lifeguards to advance in the tournament.

The British Lions have made a quick impact in Pro Wrestling Riot after making their debuts during the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. After failing to get out of the first round, Taylor and Gray showed what they can do as a tag team by winning the tag team gauntlet during Night Two. Taylor and Gray used that performance to build momentum for their first round match against Lou The Fixer and Snow.

Full Impact Pro, Pro Wrestling Riot Join up with I Believe in Wrestling for a wrestling training center

Full Impact Pro, I BELIEVE IN WRESTLING, and Pro Wrestling Riot are proud to announce that the I BELIEVE IN WRESTLING training center will now be run as a joint partnership of the three companies.

“The FIP/BELIEVE/RIOT gym is the best place new and rising wrestlers can train to earn their way on to these rosters,” said Sal Hamaoui, owner of the World Wrestling Network (parent company of FIP and RIOT). “There’s nobody I trust more than Chasyn Rance, Sean Davis, Larry Zbyszko, and Mister Saint Laurent to develop the future stars of FIP and Pro Wrestling Riot.”

“It’s always been a pleasure to work with the World Wrestling Network and I’m very excited for the athletes,” said Mister Saint Laurent, I BELIEVE IN WRESTLING matchmaker. “This is a tremendous opportunity for anybody who loves this sport and wants to be a part of it.”

Current and aspiring wrestlers interested in training at the FIP/BELIEVE/RIOT facility are encouraged to contact for more information.