Indy News #1: February 1

Callum Rule sent this in:

IPW New Years Bash: Knox Deals to Saint James; The One becomes #1 Contender!

New Years Bash kicked off IPW’s wrestling year with a huge victory for IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion ?The Deal? Dal Knox over PWE’s Brian Saint James in a non-title match up!

The cocky Brian Saint James seemed reluctant to make contact with the champ, scuttling around the ring. An attack from behind went wrong and Dal clocked him with a huge blow that sent him hurrying outside, followed by a plancha over the top rope onto Saint Chaos that put the huddling pair down.

The Deal took it back to the ring and went to work, delivering dropkicks, punches and kicks to the cowering Saint James. Knox missed a move to the corner as Brian evaded, but he slid outside and introduced Saint James? groin to the steel ring post instead!

Brian still had enough wits about him to quickly evade the Knox Out, and then as The Deal chased Saint James around the ring Curt Chaos came into play, attacking the champ from behind.
Saint James finally had the advantage and put it to good use, sending the Deal flying headfirst into the steel ring barricade, before taking it back to the ring. A hard Irish Whip to the corner sent Knox thumping to the mat, followed by a devastating backbreaker which lead to a draining stretch submission.

Knox fought his way out of the hold and then the cocky Saint James got caught by a leg lariat, but he came back with a clothesline on the champ to get a two count.

Knox started to fight his way back, but he then missed with adropkick from the top rope and Saint James remained in control. He went to the bottom rope and hit a Splash on the champ to earn himself another two count.

Saint James then turned it up a notch and went to the second rope and hit another Splash and got himself another two count. Increasingly frustrated Saint James gathered his courage and climbed to the top rope, but this time he missed the Splash.

Knox went to the top and hit the Surf Highway, then hauled Saint James to his shoulders. He was quick to wiggle his way free, but not quick enough to avoid the Fort Knox which The Deal managed to lock in, and unable to stand the pain, Brian Saint James tapped out!

Post-match Curt Chaos and then Brian Saint James were both on the receiving end of a Knox Out.

Full results for IPW New Years Bash 2009:

* Contendership Climb Match 1:
?The One? Vinny Dunn def. Double D Davey Deluxeo w/ Megan-Kate Deluxeo
Deluxeo focused his offence on the already injured elbow of Dunn, but The One came back with a huge plancha which took down the Deluxeo duo. A dropkick from the top earned Dunn a close two. DD countered Straight from the Coast and then followed up with a DDT off the second rope to then lock in a choke hold. Invincible then entered and distracted Deluxeo, and Dunn took advantage with a quick roll up for the win.

* Contendership Climb Match 2:
South Pacific Champion Jon E. King w/ Justin Lane def. ?Wrestling’s Most Wanted? Lil T
Lil T unleashed on King immediately and his momentum swung him from a dropkick to a hurricanrana, but he got caught going for a head scissors and King proceeded to dominate. Just as Lil T looked to be regaining his impetus Lane attempted to distract Lil T, who shook him off. The damage was done and Lil T missed off the ropes and King hit the Silence Superkick to take the victory.

* The Fire Ant def. Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff
Ant hit a dropkick off the top and while Ant recovered Mischa went for his vodka and took a swig. The ref confiscated it and while his back was turned Mischa spat it at Ant in a repetition of their last meeting. Ant scouted the move and ducked and the hit a fireman’s carry variation on the Russian followed by a Corkscrew Splash off the top that put Vladimir down for the three.

* Special Guest Referee ?Handsome? Danny Jacobs
The New Vogue starring Britenay and featuring Paul Starr & ?Handsome? Danny Jacobs def. Evie
Calling it straight to one side and totally biased HDJ did everything to ensure that Britenay remained firmly in control, blatantly cheating at every turn. Jacobs held back Evie leaving her vulnerable to Britenay’s attack, but Evie evaded and got in a slap on HDJ who claimed temporarily blindness. While Jacobs dealt with his eyes Evie finally got in some offense, but she made the mistake of attempting to get Jacobs? attention for the count and got punched in the face. Britenay then caught Evie in a Gory Bomb Facebuster to take the win.
Post-match Evie caught the posturing Jacobs with a low-blow.

* Flagboy & ?The Professional? Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis def. The Savage Beast & A-Class
Kinkade and Flagboy isolated Beast from his corner and unmercifully beat down on him. Kinkade locked in a Sleeper, but the Beast managed to work his way free and got the tag to A-Class. The rookie came in with a hiss and a roar but got caught on The Professional’s shoulders and a flying punch off the top rope by Flagboy followed by the pin gave them the victory.

* Double Disqualification ?The Ex-Patriot? Alfred Valentine vs. ?The Samoan Silverback? Alexander
Alexander seemed savvy to Valentine’s back of tricks and came out on top time and time again with a devastating array of comebacks to Valentines every move. Valentine, pushed to heightened levels of aggression came back at the Samoan Silverback by snapping his head throat first into the ropes followed by a brutal backbreaker. Alexander fought back with hard-hitting suplexes to earn himself a two count, but Valentine scouted the Piledriver and escaped to go up top, but then missed with his 450 Splash. A high knee by Valentine to the head of Alexander stopped the Samoan in his tracks and as they climbed to their feet the pair traded closed-fist punches despite the ref’s admonishments. The ref then called for a double disqualification.
Post-match the pair continued to brawl with the ref caught between them!

* Triple Threat match
Curt Chaos w/ Brian Saint James def. Link van Haggard w/ Kid Liger & Pirate Burns w/ Ninja Fury
Burns followed Chaos outside, which ended in a brawl broken by a plancha by van Haggard onto everyone except Chaos, who climbed back into the ring in control of the match. But with Burns and Link more inclined to beat on Chaos than each other the tide eventually turned on the PWE representative. An Electric Chair in the corner laid out all three competitors, but it was Pirate Burns who regained his feet first, and he earned a two count off Chaos which was broken by a huge leap off the top by van Haggard. All hell broke loose in the ring, but a ring bell shot to the head of Burns by Brian Saint James ended the match with Curt Chaos the victor!
Post-match Link van Haggard, Kid Liger and Ninja Fury took turns laying the smackdown on Chaos.

* Final Contendership Climb match
?The One? Vinny Dunn def. South Pacific Champion Jon E. King w/ Justin Lane
Jon E. King wasted no time in attacking the injured arm of Dunn, beating it against the steel ring post and the ring barricade before the bell had even sounded. So the match started with King firmly in control, delivering a deliberate dissection of Dunn’s defences.
Dunn fought his way back, but Justin Lane interjected himself in the match, but Dunn had clearly expected this move and he called for a little back up and Daddy Kool made his return, stalking Lane from the ring area.
In the ring Dunn evaded the Silencer Superkick and caught King on the ropes and turned it into a Musclebuster to take the win and to become the new Number One Contender to face ?The Deal? Dal Knox at IPW Collision on February 28th in Whangarei!

* Non-Title match
?The Deal? Dal Knox def. Brian Saint James
Knox locked in the Fort Knox to force Saint James to tap!

Steven Ashe sent this in:

WWE Legend Honky Tonk Man to Shake, Rattle & Roll into Ontario

Oshawa, ON – (Press Release) January 27, 2009

Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW) is excited to present WWE Legend THE HONKY TONK MAN in Port Perry, Oshawa and Lindsay for three live wrestling events on February 19, 20 and 21, 2009. Joining the Honky Tonk Man will be former WWE and ECW superstar SHAWN ‘Gavin’ SPEARS, and women’s champion LUFISTO.

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Scugog Community Recreation Centre ? 1655 Reach Street
Port Perry, Ontario

Friday, February 20, 2009
Royal Canadian Legion ? 471 Simcoe Street, South
Oshawa, Ontario

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Victoria Park Armory ? 210 Kent Street
Lindsay, Ontario

The Honky Tonk Man has over 30 years in the wrestling business and is famous for his run in World Wrestling Entertainment in the 1980s and early 90s; guitar-smashing feuds with Jake the Snake Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Hulk Hogan. This is a rare opportunity to meet and interact with the WWE legend as he steps into the ring to grapple with Canada’s top wrestling talent for his GCW debut.

The company is proud to have SHAWN ‘Gavin’ SPEARS returning home to Ontario and Great Canadian Wrestling, following his time in ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), working for World Wrestling Entertainment. Plus, LUFISTO, the ALF (Association de Lutte F?minine) women’s champion travels from Montreal, Quebec to compete in the GCW ring.

Also appearing will be GCW National Champion Otis Idol, Cody Deaner, Crazzy Steve, Sexxxy Eddy, Sebastian Suave and International superstars Hornet and Rico Montana. Over 20 GCW superstars are scheduled to be in action at each live event.

Tickets for the events are only $15 in advance and are available on and at GCW ticket outlets in Oshawa, Port Perry, Lindsay, and Peterborough.

Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW) is an Oshawa-based independent wrestling company offering a unique platform to showcase the top wrestling talent that Canada has to offer. Since its inauguration in 2005, GCW has expanded to promote events in cities across Ontario, hosting 28 shows in 2008 alone. As a strong supporter of Sick Kids, Great Canadian Wrestling truly believes in giving back to the community. GCW live events offer fun and excitement suitable for the entire family; the focus is to entertain. The company is proud to present fans of all ages with a regional source for wrestling entertainment as an alternative to the mainstream companies.

For more event information:

Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling sent this in:

The card has been announced for MCPW Chainsaw Cup 2009, taking place Saturday. March 14th in Roscommon, MI. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW FOR ONLY $8 on

Here is the info:

The 2008 Michigan Promotion of the Year
Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling presents…


Saturday. March 14th, 2009
Roscommon CRAF Center
((606 Lake Street. Roscommon, MI.))

CRAF Center: 1-(989)-275-4975
J&M’s Country Corners: 1-(231)-587-8115
MCPW Line: 1-(231)-384-2865
or Purchase on:





Visit for more info!

Also, check out the new blogs on for news on MICK FOLEY coming to MCPW!!!

Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling & Concerts
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