Update on HDNet and ROH TV deal

To follow up the announcement this past Monday regarding Ring of Honor signing a television deal with HDNet, both parties had been in discussions for months and HDNet sent out a proposal on January 7 for a weekly one hour show that would most likely air on Saturday night. HDNet would not be paying ROH any rights fees for the show, but would be paying for all production costs which means they would be using HDNet cameras and would be drastically upgrading their look.

HDNet and ROH have yet to announce an official start date or timeslot. Saturday was originally discussed, but it doesn’t mean it is a lock. Details regarding the show are also not known as it pertains to the show providing new content every week or taped events. One rumor is they would hold one TV taping a month, but nothing is a lock right now.

ROH is also reportedly approaching its top stars about contract extensions, but only top guys right now. They are also hoping to cut down on the roster and give more independent workers tryouts for roster spots as well. There is a feeling internally that they keep coming to the same cities over and over again with the same wrestlers and that new names are needed.

As noted earlier, nothing has been confirmed about the first TV taping for HDNet. One source is indicating they are leaning towards holding the first taping in Philadelphia, which was the birth place of the company back in 2002.

Sources: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter & PWInsider.com