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PTW 27.03.10 Results & Round Up, Corby, Northamptonshire


PTW British Champion Mason Storm bt Jem Brown, Snare bt Joey Starr, Blond Jovi bt International Saviors of Professional Wrestling, Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby bt Dragonian w/Tiffany Wantsmore, Dan Edge bt Petey Staniforth by submission, Scumboy Dani Graves & Tommy Lust (standing in for Prodigy), retained the PTW World Tag Team Titles defeating The Stevens Brothers (Tommy and Danny) w/Oliver Davenport the Third.


The start of the show saw Petey Staniforth, Luton FC shirt and all, complaining how he’d had to miss a Luton game to bring the show to Corby that afternoon. Little did he know quite how those words would haunt him later on. Dan Edge & Drew Hawthorne came out, verbal threats ensued, and Hawthorne made point of bringing Petey’s children, Drewy and Woo, to the ring; and proceeded to let them tell the fans how even THEY hate their daddy’s attitude and disgust for the fans. Woo then slapped her father, and Drewy hit him rather below the belt; as Petey threw a fit about people trying to even turn his children against him, and warned Dan Edge of what was going to happen to him later on.

Mason Storm defended and retained the PTW British Title against Jem Brown. Many are still talking about this hard and heavy hitting match up.

In a PTW:Opportunity Knocks match, Snare defeated Joey Starr. Both made a very good impression, and are expected back in PTW for more competition.

Blond Jovi (Ben Rage & JD Sassoon) defeated International Saviours of Professional Wrestling (Chris Brookes & Evan Sarven), to make it one win each in their rivalry so far. This was certainly considered one of the best matches of the afternoon.

In a no disqualification match, Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby defeated Dragonian w/Tiffany Wantsmore. This wild affair saw the popular Sean Midnight take a good measure of revenge in their feud.

In a 5 Minute Time Limit Match, Dan Edge made Petey Staniforth submit and tap out/pass out. By far the craziest match on the card, this saw Petey tell Dan that he had to survive 5 minutes with someone of his choice before he got to fight him. Petey then referred to ‘sinking to depths that even made him feel sick’, made further reference to having signed to PTW, ‘from a dump called Milton Keynes, they were the only wrestlers worth mentioning from that promotion that thinks it’s our rivals’, and with an evil grin, introduced Shane, Wolf, and The Criminal, to PTW. With a twisted laugh, he welcomed them to the PTW Family, and clearly, to his dark side. Edge was then forced to survive – barely – five minutes with Shane, who is simply around 400lbs of intense pain for an opponent. Petey got in, to ‘pick the bones’, and began hitting, kicking, and even rubbing Dan Edge’s face in the mat. But help was at hand in the numbers game for Edge, as Mason Storm (with a kendo stick), Sean Dymond (with a chair), and Adrenaline came out; as all hell quite literally broke loose in and out of the ring. In the midst of this, a clearly flustered Petey was caught in the ring, and was caught straight with a superkick from Sean Dymond, and as he wobbled, Dan Edge caught Petey in a Tazmission submission hold, and Petey tapped…and tapped….and passed out, to the fans approval. When he came around, he went to stand up, and PTW’s ring announcer Justin decided he’d give the fans a present and hit Petey in the head with the microphone. This blow caused Petey to have a cut and bruised forehead, and we would find out later, another concussion; making it now a worrying three in two months for the arrogant Luton FC fan.

In the Main Event, Scumboy Dani Graves was at first left alone, due to his regular partner and fellow PTW Tag Team Champion Prodigy unable to attend. A barely conscious Petey Staniforth was called to ringside by Scumboy, and Petey simply didn’t care, giving him a ten count to find a partner or defend alone. On five, the 80’s rock superstar Tommy Lust came out, and immediately decked Petey to the floor. Graves and Lust defended the tag titles against The Stevens Brothers, Tommy and Danny, with manager Olivier Davenport The Third, and came out victorious despite the odds against them. The aftermath saw Olivier Davenport attacked by the popular Graves and Lust, for his interference during the match. A still clearly concussed Petey Staniforth came out to defend his friend Davenport, and to gloat on the microphone that his beloved Luton FC had won no less than 8-0; but Scumboy showed what he and the PTW fans in Corby thought of that, and knocked Petey out cold with a shot to the head with his PTW World Tag Team Title belt. After celebrating the win, the duo went to return backstage whilst clapping hands, just as Petey awoke once more, but this didnt last long; as a superkick from Tommy Lust capped off what was simply an afternoon where the good mainly prevailed, where right defeated wrong, and where Petey Staniforth was simply kicked from pillar to post and given exactly what PTW’s fan favourite wrestlers and the PTW audiences feel he deserves.

Next Up : PTW 10th April 2010, Deaf Cultural Centre, Birmingham!

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