Indy Update #2: Smart Mark Video, ACW, CWE

Indy News Update #2 for April 9, 2010
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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for April 7, 2010

April’s promotion of the month will be Anarchy Championship Wrestling. As promotion of the month, all ACW products are reduced by 25% for the entire month. ACW’s top selling DVD’s include: June 21, 2009 “American Joshi – Queen of Queens”, December 16, 2007 “The 2007 Lone Star Classic” and March 29, 2008 “Delusions OF Grandeur” the are over 30 releases to choose from. For more information about ACW please check out their website at:

ACW’s Upcoming Events:
April 18, 2010 “Peace, Love & Anarchy” – Austin, TX

JC Bailey DVD “BAM!: The JC Bailey Story” $20.00
This 3 disc DVD release features a 60+ minute sit down interview and over 25 of JC Bailey’s best matches.
1. Interview
2. JC Bailey vs. Chris Hero – IWA-MS 1/25/03
3. Circus Death Match: JC Bailey vs. Mad Man Pondo – IWA-MS 2/22/03
4. JC Bailey vs. Michael Todd Stranton – IWA-MS 5/24/03
5. No Rope Barbed Wire, Four Corners Of Pain: JC Bailey vs. Corporal Robinson – MAW 5/25/03
6. JC Bailey vs. Jimmy Jacobs – IWA-MS 7/4/03
7. Ladders & Light Tubes: JC Bailey vs. Nick Mondo – CZW 7/26/03
8. Electrified Light Tubes & Babred Wire Tables: Jc Bailey vs. 2 Tuff Tony – IWA-MS 8/1/03
9. Ladder Match: JC Bailey vs. Sonjay Dutt – CZW 8/9/03
10. Fans Bring The Weapons: JC Bailey vs. Necro Butcher – CZW 8/23/03
11. Anything Goes: JC Bailey vs. Ian Rotten – IWA-MS 10/24/03
12. JC Bailey vs. B-Boy – IWA-MS 11/7/03
13. JC Bailey vs. Matt Sydal – IWA-MS 1/17/04
14. Ladders & Light Tubes: JC Bailey vs. Chri$ Ca$h – CZW 7/24/03
15. JC Bailey vs. Chris Hero – NWA No Limits 8/20/04
16. Ladder Match: JC Bailey vs. Chir$ Ca$h vs. Nate Webb – CZW 9/11/04
17. JC Bailey vs. Ryuji Ito – IWA-MS 10/7/04
18. Anything Goes: JC Bailey & 2 Tuff Tony vs. New Jack & Corporal Robinson – IWA-MS 1/15/05
19. TLC Match: JC Bailey vs. Nate Webb – CZW 6/11/05
20. No Rope Barbed Wire: JC Bailey vs. Mad Man Pondo – IWA-EC 7/13/05
21. No Rope Barbed Wire: JC Bailey vs. Necro Butcher – CZW 7/13/05
22. Junkyard Death Death: JC Bailey vs. Zandig vs. Nick Gage
23. Barbed Wire Ropes, Barbed Wire Canvas: JC Bailey vs. Dysfunction – IWA-MS 11/19/05
24. Bare Foot Thumbtack Death Match: JC Bailey vs. Drake Younger – IWA-MS 6/3/06
25. Light Tubes, Ladders & Lemons: JC Bailey vs. Drake Younger vs. DJ Hyde vs. Danny Havoc – CZW 7/29/06
26. Fans Bring The Weapons: JC Bailey vs. 2 Tuff Tony – IWA-EC 9/16/06
27. JC Bailey vs. Jamie Dundee – XCW Midwest 9/11/07

CZW DVD March 27, 2010 “Dragon Night” – Lafayette, IN $20.00
1. Nick Gage’s Hardcore Open Challenge
2. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Azrieal
3. Joseph Schwartz vs. Greg Excellent
4. Zero Gravity vs. A.R. Fox & Chip Day
5. Notorious, Inc. vs. Adam Cole & Tyler Veritas
6. Sabian vs. Ruckus
7. MASADA vs. Drake Younger
8. LIght Tube Death Match: JC Bailey & Brain Damage vs. Scotty Vortekz & Danny Havoc

IWA-MS DVD March 21, 2010 “Spring Heat 2010” – Litchfield, IL $20.00
1. Markus Crane vs. AR Fox vs. Krotch vs. Ashton Vuitton
2. Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling vs. Bill The Butcher & Dan The Man
3. Mike Sydal vs. Sir Bradley Charles
4. Tyler Black vs. Jonathan Gresham
5. Dixieland Destroyer vs. Sal Thomaselli
6. Matt Cage vs. Neil Diamond Cutter
7. The Hooligans vs. Victorious Secret
8. Ryan Phoenix vs. Bucky Collins

Chikara DVD March 21, 2010 “Dead Men Don’t Laugh” – Fairfield, CT $20.00
1. 3.0 vs. Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple
2. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Equinox
3. STIGMA vs. Dasher Hatfield
4. Tim Donst, Daizee Haze & Sara Del Ray vs. The Colony
5. Vin Gerard vs. Jigsaw
6. Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Frankie Arion
7. F.I.S.T. vs. Osirian Portal
8. Lince Dorado vs. Eddie Kingston
9. Ares, Claudio Castagnoli & Tursas vs. Incoherence & Mike Quackenbush
10. Bonus Material: Podcast Episodes 193-196

Chikara DVD March 20, 2010 “Wit, Verve & A Bit O’Nerve” – Easton, PA $20.00
1. Louden Sings
2. Sara Del Ray & Daizee Haze vs. Los Ice Creams
3. Tursas vs. Green Ant
4. The UnStable vs. Osirian Portal
5. Lince Dorado vs. Equinox
6. 2.0 vs. The Badd Boyz
7. Tm Donst vs. Dasher Hatfield
8. F.I.S.T, Crossbones & UltraMantis Black vs. Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush & Incoherence
9. Ares & Claudio Castagnoli vs. The Colony
10. Bonus Material: Podcast Episodes 189-192

IWA East Coast DVD March 17, 2010 “St. Patrick’s Day Massacre” – Nitro, WV $20.00
1. Zac Vincent vs. Frightmare
2. Elkview Adam vs. Bull Pain
3. Osirian Portal vs. Trik Nasty & TJ Phillips
4. Jon Moxley vs. Eric Darkstorm vs. Chris Hero
5. Aaron Draven vs. Jason Kincaid
6. Sami Callihan vs. Thumbtack Jack
7. Barbed Wire Match: JC Bailey vs. Madman Pondo
8. Necro Butcher vs. Kevin Sullivan

wXw DVD March 13, 2010 “The Vision” – Philadelphia, PA $20.00
1. TJP vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
2. Big Van Walter vs. Eddie Kingston
3. Karsten Beck vs. Nick Gage
4. American Wolves vs. Switchblade Conspiracy
5. Tommy End vs. Claudio Castagnoli
6. Steve Douglas vs. Bad Bones
7. Chris Hero vs. Alex Shelley
8. Pain In The Glass Death Match: Drake Younger vs. Thumbtack Jack

CZW April 10 – Philadelphia, PA
IWA Mid South April 23 – Bellevue, IL
Chikara April 23-25 – Philadelphia, PA


Dennis Wright sent this in:

We are two weeks away from Atomic Championship Wrestling presenting “Bomb Threat 3” on Saturday night, April 24, 2010 at the Stevens Fire Hall in Stevens, Pennsylvania.

We want to thank all of our fans for coming out for “March Mayhem” and we promise more exciting pro wrestling action in April to set up things for our huge Anniversary Show in May!.

Stevens Fire Hall is located at 91 Stevens Rd, Stevens, PA 17578
Doors open at 6 pm with a belltime of 7 pm
Ticket are $15 each and kids 5 and under are free
This show will be taped for a potential TV deal, so make sure you come out and support ACW Wrestling and you may see yourself on TV!!!!

ACW Heavyweight Championship – First Blood Match – whoever makes their opponent bleed first wins
(c) Twisted Tate w/Rabid Rizzo vs Old School’s Simply Sexy Scotty Jeffreys

ACW Welterweight Championship – Three-Way Dance
(c) Old School’s Pretty Fly vs James Justice vs G-Raver

ACW Tag Team Championship – Rematch
(c) Old School’s Ed House & High Voltage vs The New Franchise Kras Van Tassel & Rick Ryder

ACW Tri-State Championship
(c) Kitt vs Serious Business Andy Header

Last Man Standing Match – if Mac Robo wins, he gets to join Old School
Rockin Rebel vs Mac Robo

Pride Pro Championship
(c) Eddie Valentine vs Jason Havok

Chase Helms vs Heavy D

Ray Alexander w/Lou Luv vs CM Serenyi w/Hailey Dezire

Fabulous Fred Flash vs Hayne w/Rabid Rizzo

Ox Hogg vs “The American Bulldog” James Dylan

Dark Match – Tastykakes On A Pole Match
Moonshine Frank & Bubba Lucky issue an open challenge to anyone in the ACW locker room

More matches to be scheduled

Get your Tickets at TATTOOS BY MASTLE & Co., 10A South 7th Street, Akron PA 17501 – 717-859-2182 – or Splatter Hill Paint Rt 272 Denver in Mantas Park (Formerly Zinns Park)

Check out ACW’S Website or

Danny Duggan sent this in:

4/8- Round 3 Scheduled for April 23rd!

“Beautiful” Bobby Jay vs. “Canadian Wrestling Legend” Chi Chi Cruz

Winnipeg wrestling fans get ready for CRUZ/JAY 3! These two veterans most recently had two unforgettable contests you would only see out of Bobby Jay and Chi Chi Cruz and they are set to do it all over again!

Bobby Jay defeated the ever popular Cruz 2 matches in a row with the second time throwing Cruz over the edge mentally. After losing two matches back to back to Jay in such cliche fashion Cheech looked like he was ready to call it quits and settle back into retirement. Ring announcer and Winnipeg wrestling icon Wayne Stanton had an inspirational talk with Cruz that seemed to light a fire under the legend. The words “the old Chi Chi Cruz” seemed to turn on a switch in Cruz’s brain. Much like his opponents Cheech adapted a “win at all costs” mentality, one he is quite familiar with from his 25 years in the wrestling business and he hasn’t looked back since.

Since the inspirational talk Cheech has been undefeated in CWE has been taking the Canadian wrestling scene by storm capturing heavyweight titles across the province. Cheech now has the chance to avenge the losses that set him over the edge, a task easier said then done.

Just like Cheech, veteran Bobby Jay seemed to rejuvenate himself since his return to CWE last August and minus one loss to former TNA X Division champion Petey Williams, Jay has yet to to be pinned by any other man. Bobby Jay proved he knows the tricks of the trade better than anyone when at Point to Prove he defeated 40 plus year veteran and WWE legend, Bushwhacker Luke.

On April 23rd at Lay it on the Line this personal rivalry comes to a head once more!

For more information regarding the event visit

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