Indy News Update #2 for April 12, 2010
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday April 10 2010

Big Time Pro Wrestling & Rage Entertainment
Ottawa, Ont
Rideau Carleton Entertainment Center
Ring Announcer: Super Sam Dube
Event Host: Mr. Hollywood
Event Co-Host: Mr. Know-It-All
Referee: Alex Hatfield
Attendance: 175
Results credit: Peter Bisson

Quick Results:

Jaguar beat Jae Rukn with a flying dropkick.

The Bee Machine beat Frank The Beast Bradley with a sunset flip from the 2nd rope.

Tray Hugh Mongous beat The Rush with a corner slingshot splash.

Reggie Marley beat Razz Monsour with a roll-up.

Pierre Khourey beat EZE Eric Cairnie with a gut-wrench power bomb.

Koko Monsour vs The Real JJB was declared a no-contest.

Proff. Adib Monsour beat Crusher Kline with a DDT.

Maximus Primal beat Drake Styles by DQ

Steven Ashe sent these reports in:

Friday April 09 2010

MPW – Maximum Pro Wrestling
Windsor, Ontario
Results credit: Skidmark Jones

VIP match 1: Krimson def Tyler Tirva

VIP match 2: Bang Bang Pete & Buck Gunderson def Reza & Ali Ateesh

Main Show

1) Anthony Fiasco def Jake O’Reilly

2) Johnny Bravo & Boris Brehznev def Ashley Sixx & Michael Elgin

3) Brad Martin def JT Playa

4) Triple Crown champion Tyson Dux won Superstar of the Decade. He went on to defeat Highlander Robbie with help from Bolen. Larry Destiny returned to make the save.

5) Xtremo won High Flyer of the Decade then went on to defeat Sebastian Suave, Brent B and Crazzy Steve in a four way match

6) Phil Atlas won breakout star of the decade then lost to All Japan’s Manabu Soya

7) Tommy Dreamer was presented with the Most Shocking Moment of the Decade award for his surprise BCW Title Victory of Scott D’Amore & Rhino in 2001 then he defeated Jon Bolen

Saturday April 10 2010

MPW – Maximum Pro Wrestling
“Spring Loaded Tour”
Markham, Ontario
@ The Fairgrounds – Livestock Building
Ring Announcer: Dave Blezard
Bellringer: “Bloodthirsty” Bob Kapur
Referees: Harry D, Brandon Tolle
Special Guest Referee: Jimmy Korderas
Results credit: Gordo for

VIP Match: Mico Moutandi def Dolce [3 min]
Pre-show match seen only by VIP ticket holders. Fans solidly behind Italian star Moutandi who overcame Dolce’s size and weight advantage to take the win with a roll-up after avoiding a big stomp off the ropes.

Main Show:

1) “Irish Fighting Machine” Jake O’Reilly def Alex Vega [5 min]
Good showing from the rookie Alex Vega as his speedy aerial tactics had O’Reilly on the defensive for much of the match. Jake stole the win by using his feet on the ropes to cover Vega after blocking a monkey flip.

– A video played showing Anthony Fiasco trying to help Buck Gunderson develop a look and character to become successful in wrestling. Very funny stuff.

2) Bolen & Manabu Soya def Anthony Fiasco & “The Entertainer” Buck Gunderson [7 min]
Gunderson & Fiasco put up a good fight but were outsized, outweighed and out-muscled by Bolen & Soya. The bad guys won the match after Soya destroyed Gunderson with a brainbuster.

3) “Mr Right” Ken Wright def “Pyscho” Mike Rollins [9 min]
Wright was on the defensive (or a flat out run) for much of the match when he wasn’t cheating to gain an advantage. He scored the pin by using a handful of trunks for leverage

4) Fatal 4-Way:
RJ City def El Tornado, Brad “Freakin” Martin and Phil Atlas [13 min]
A fantastic 4-way match that saw the crowd favorite RJ City emerge victorious when he pinned Tornado after a fisherman’s suplex.

5) Xtremo def “Vanilla Killa” James Champagne [10 min]
Very solid back and forth match between these two guys who really don’t like each other. Lots of aerials from Xtremo and surprising, a top rope moonsault from the “Vanilla Killa” (that missed.) Xtremo pinned Champagne after a 450 splash from the top rope.

6) Mike Alias & “The Russian Bear” Boris Brezhnev def Crazzy Steve & Brent B [11 min]
Another great match that could have gone either way. Alias and Brezhnev worked well together and thanks to Alias breaking up a count by pulling the ref from the ring and then brawling with Brent B on the outside Boris was able to hit Crazzy Steve with a huge big boot and score the pin

7) Sebastian Suave def Josh ALexander [12 min]
Wow. Great match. Crowd was totally behind hometown hero Suave and that was a good thing as their support helped him rally to escape a TKO attempt and hit his pedigree to score the win

8) Max Pro Triple Crown Championship:
(Special Guest Referee: Jimmy Korderas)
“Textbook” Tyson Dux def “The Extreme Original” Tommy Dreamer to retain the title [17 min]
In the first couple of minutes Dreamer got tired of Dux pulling his hair and retaliated in kind. Dux complained to Korderas and he asked Dreamer if he’d pulled the hair and Tommy admitted he had. Dux immediately demanded Korderas disqualify Dreamer and award him the match. Dreamer said he didn’t come all the way to Ontario just to have Dux try and win by DQ over a hair pull and suggested Tyson try “Old school Dreamer… VINTAGE Dreamer” and make the bout “No rules – anything goes!” Dux agreed and Korderas said go for it if that’s what you guys want.

It was a wild and crazy bout that went over the barricades and into the stands and back. The ring bell, a steel chair and a ladder were all used as weapons during the fight. Late in the match Dreamer sent Blezard and Kapur scurrying for safer ground when he upended their announce table and brought it into the ring where he propped it up in the corner. Dreamer attempted to put Dux through the table with a DVD but Tyson slipped from his grasp and scored the pin with a roll-up and his feet against the table for leverage to retain the Triple Crown Championship.

After the match Dux called Dreamer “a legend – a hardcore legend” and praised him for always giving 100%. Dux said he wanted Dreamer to “shake the hand of the man who beat you at your own game.” Dreamer hesitated then he and Dux had some words face to face before they finally shook hands as the crowd cheered. Dux got back on the mic and said “Thank you Tommy for showing me you’re a chump, a wuss, an old man and a pansey-ass!” Tyson grabbed his title belts was was going to leave when Dreamer suddenly attacked him and drove him through the table with a DVD. Dreamer grabbed the titles and left the ring as fans chanted “Thank you Tommy”. Dux was helped from the ring and to the back by officials.

A full wizard of id review and Mrs Id’s action pics will be posted soon.
Maximum Pro Wrestling is in Woodstock TODAY (Sunday), next Friday in Timmins, Saturday in North Bay and Brampton next Sunday

Steven Ashe sent this in:

PORTIA PEREZ — Jet Setting Her Way to Whitby April 25!

Published Friday, 9th April 2010

He’s, arguably, the most charismatic star to ever step into an Apocalypse Wrestling Federation ring and she is, arguably, one of the most travelled women’s professional wrestling stars in the world — and on Sunday April 25 the “Club Studd” TONY MACK and the PORTIA “Freakin'” PEREZ return to the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation as part of AWF 2010 A Wrestling Odyssey at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, ON!

What will this charismatic tandem be up to on April 25 in Whitby? Well, has just found out that “The Club Studd” will be debuting his new AWF interview segment called “Talkin’ Smack with Tony Mack” and his inaugural guest will be none other then Ms. PORTIA PEREZ!

Since her last appearance in an AWF ring Ms. Perez has literally wrestled all over the world making stops in France, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania in addition to U.S. States like Ohio, New York, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as she battled a virtual who’s who in the world of women’s professional wrestling.

What brings PORTIA PEREZ back to the AWF on April 25? She’s not saying…YET! Perez has promised however that the reason for her return to the “hottest Indy on the Planet” will be made quite clear in Whitby.

Apparently Perez has a lot on her mind and the AWF can only speculate on what the world traveller has in store for the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation and it’s fans on Sunday April 25. Perhaps she’ll chat about the highly touted all girls SHIMMER promotion where she reigns as one half of the current tag team champions or, perhaps, the new women’s wrestling/comedy television series “Wrestlicious” that she competes in?

Whatever is on her mind she has promised to make the AWF and it’s fans sit up and take notice of one of the world’s premiere professional lady wrestlers on Sunday April 25 in Whitby.

What can AWF fans expect when PORTIA PEREZ meets “The Club Studd” TONY MACK for the first time at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby?

God only knows but, one thing is for certain, PEREZ has promised that on Sunday April 25 she will make her mark on the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation and professional wrestling in general when she returns to the AWF ring for AWF 2010: A Wrestling Odyssey at Class Act Dinner Theatre (104 Consumers Drive) in Whitby.

Wrestling fans in the Toronto, Ontario region (including all of Southern Ontario), Upstate New York and Quebec are urged to make their plans now to be in Whitby, ON on Sunday April 25 as the AWF presents 2010: A Wrestling Odyssey featuring the AWF Class Act 8 Man Invitational Tournament (where the winner of the round robin style elimination tournament will receive an immediate title shot that very afternoon against AWF champion DON PAYSAN), the return of the “Club Studd” TONY MACK and the sensational lady wrestling star PORTIA PEREZ!

Wrestlers signed to appear in the AWF Invitational Tournament on April 25 include former AWF champions ZAQUARY SPRINGATE III, JACKAL and ASYLUM, Lucha sensation LOCA VIDA makes his Canadian wrestling debut, JONNY PUMA, DANNY DYNAMIC, PEPPER PARKS and the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation debut of the unholy RYOT!!

All of the excitement will get under way promptly at 2 PM with the doors to the seating area of Class Act Dinner Theatre opening 45 minutes prior to bell time.

Advance tickets can be purchased online or by phone now. The AWF website at has all of the ticket info., show info. and directions to the venue.

Tickets will also be available for purchase, cash only, on the day of the show at Class Act Dinner Theatre.

Stay tuned to in the few remaining weeks and days ahead as the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation gets set to release yet another BLOCKBUSTER announcement concerning our April 25 show!!!

The Apocalypse Wrestling Federation is a pro-wrestling production that the entire family can enjoy! It is wrestling the way it use to be, perhaps the way it still should be and the way you like it!!

See you on Sunday April 25 @ 2 PM for an afternoon of action, thrills and excitement of the AWF!

*Please note that because of the nature of our live event programming card and/or wrestlers appearing are subject to change without notice.

KSWA sent this in:

It was a proud day as Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Owner Bobby O lead a group of Megastars to Pittsburgh City Council on Monday, March 29 to receive special recognition celebrating a decade as the city’s premier professional wrestling organization.

The owner, along with KSWA World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard, fellow VIP member Lou Martin, the legendary Lord Zoltan, new KSWA Hall of Famer Dominic DeNucci and Ring Announcer Trapper Tom, stepped to the forefront to thank City Councilman Bill Peduto, City Council, and the KSWA Krazies for the proclamation that denoted Saturday, March 27 as “KSWA Day in the City of Pittsburgh.”

The acknowledgment was well-earned, and a long way from when the group started with its first event in February, 2000. Since those humble beginnings, the KSWA has put on more events with each passing year, entertained more fans and hosted many fund raising events for local charities and individuals. The organization prides itself on the fact that has collected nearly 1,500 toys in its annual holiday toy drive; however, organizers are most proud that the KSWA provides a product that fans of all ages can enjoy.

Bobby O and Peduto pointed out DeNucci’s legacy and also promoted the annual Deaf Wrestlefest fund raiser for the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf that Lord Zoltan has piloted for so many years. This year’s Deaf Wrestlefest is set for Sunday, May 2, the day following the next KSWA event, Saturday, May 1 at the home of professional wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose.

Peduto told how “every Saturday meant wrestling” in his extended family. He spent many nights with his “5’7 or 5’8″” grandfather who “was 6’2″” whenever he watched DeNucci and the other Studio Wrestling stars on television. Peduto was also surprised to see the long-time fan favorite DeNucci in City Council chambers.”I’ve surprised people here (in city council), but I don’t think I’ve ever been surprised before,” added Peduto.

The event was so joyous that Blanchard and Martin were able to keep any acrimony with Bobby O to themselves. In addition, the lights were able to stay on when Lord Zoltan talked to the front of the room.

Trapper Tom briefly took the microphone just to say that the proclamation is “The Main Event” of the day in the KSWA.

Marty Lyons – K.S.W.A. Public Relations
Keystone State Wrestling Alliance