Indy News Update #3 for April 16, 2010
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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for April 15, 2009


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Anarchy Championship Wrestling has over 30 events for sale.

ACW’s Upcoming Event:
Peace, Love & Anarchy – April 18 – Austin, TX
For more information about ACW please check out their website at:

IWA-MS DVD February 19 & March 26, 2010 “Rise of Phoenix” & “Extreme Intentions 2010” – Bellevue, IL $20.00
This DVD release features 2 completes shows from IWA-MS.
IWA-MS DVD February 19, 2010 “Rise Of Phoenix” – Bellevue, IL
1. Matt Cage vs. Neil Diamond Cutter
2. xOMGx vs. David Clark
3. The Hooligans vs. Donny Peppercricket & Dan The Man
4. Ian Rotten vs. The Dixieland Destroyer
5. Drake Younger vs. Prince Mustafa Ali
6. Ryan Phoenix vs. Kyle Rich vs. Jaysin Strife vs. Markus Crane vs. Ashton Vuitton vs. Sal Thomaselli vs. Nick Brubaker
7. The Hooligans vs Jon Moxley & Neil Diamond Cutter
8. Ryan Phoenix pinned Jason Hades

IWA-MS DVD March 26, 2010 “Extreme Intentions 2010” – Bellevue, IL
1. The Hooligans vs. Andy Roberts & Josh Powers
2. Jaysin Strife vs. Sal Thomaselli
3. Santana G. vs. Jessika Haze
4. Unlucky 13 Staple Gun Death Match: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Matt Cage
5. Nick Gage vs. Dixieland Destroyer
6. Lumberjack Strap Match: Markus Crane vs. Ryan Phoenix
7. Dan The Man & Bucky Collins vs. David Clark & Donny Peppercricket
8. Devon Moore vs. Kahagas
9. Sabu vs. Prince Ali
10. Ryan Phoenix vs. Jaysin Strife

Insane Championship Wrestling DVD Jan. 29 & Feb. 26, 2010 – Milwaukee, WI $15.00
This DVD release features two complete shows from ICW. Both shows are shot with 1 camera.
Insane Championship Wrestling January 29, 2010 “JCW Live!!!” – Milwaukee, WI
1. Dr.X vs. Ninja Bill
2. Insane Battle Royal
3. Matt Winchester vs. Steve Stone
4. The Thomaselli Brothers vs. Ego Trip
5. Corporal Robinson vs. Trevor Gibbson
6. Chase McCoy vs. Justin Dredd
7. Mickey McCoy vs. Troy Walters vs. Prince Mustafa Ali
8. Dysfunction & Corporal Robinson vs. The Entourage

Insane Championship Wrestling Feb. 26, 2010 “Destiny IV” – Milwaukee, WI
1. Perfection vs. Steve Stone & Carter Dunn
2. Kody Rice & TW3 vs. Dr.X & Rocky Kisses
3. Tyler Baggins vs. Ninja Bill
4. Dysfuntion vs. Mickey McCoy
5. Chris Black vs. Ashton Vuitton
6. Bobby V vs. Justin Dredd
7. Ego Trip vs. The New Canadian Foundation
8. Chase McCoy vs. Troy Walters

AIW DVD February 19, 2010 “Gauntlet For The Gold 5” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
1. Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins Promo
2. Tag Team Gauntlet
3. Johnny Cockstrong vs. Jonny Mangue
4. Tommy Mercer vs. Jack Verville
5. Sterling James Keenan vs. Johnny Gargano
6. Chris Dickinson vs. Facade
7. Gauntlet For The Gold 5 For Absolute Title

AIW DVD January 21, 2010 “Bring The Ruckus” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
1. Bobby Beverly vs. Hobo Joe
2. Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. Lights Out
3. Marion Fontaine vs. Facade
4. Alpha Beta Duke vs. Simply Dynamite
5. Luis Diamante vs. Lince Dorado
6. Hailey Hatred vs. Jefferson Saint
7. Aeroform vs. Jack Of Love
8. Eric Alverado vs. Johnny Gargano
9. Chris Dickinson vs. Gran Akuma
10. Faith In Nothing vs. Hallowicked & Jigsaw

IWA-MS – 4/23/10 – Bellevue, IN
Chikara – 4/23/10 – Philadelphia, PA
Chikara – 4/24/10 – Philadelphia, PA
Chikara – 4/25/10 – Philadelphia, PA
CZW – 5/8/10 – Philadelphia, PA
Ohio Hatchet – 5/21/10 – Logan, OH


Ground Xero Wrestling sent this in:

GXW Meet & Greet

Ladies and Gentlemen, on Saturday, April 17th Ground Xero Wrestling presents GXW No Respect, live from the Hopewell Community Center. After the live excitement of GXW takes off, you will have the chance to meet all of your favorite GXW superstars. Just be at the Bojangles in Hopewell at 9:00pm to meet all of the men and women of GXW! Don’t forget to join us at 5 pm at the Hopewell Community center for No Respect! Saturday, April 17th is a day you most certainly won’t want to miss, be there!

3519 Oaklawn Blvd
Hopewell, VA
(804) 452-5090

Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

X Match for the WWC Cruserweight Championship. In action Tommy Diablo, Rikochet, Niche, Lynx, Cuervo and Angel

Eric Escobar faces Abbad

Black Pain battles against Chicano chained by the neck