Jerry Lynn Seminar to be held 5/23

WORLD-1 Fighting Athletes is pleased to announce that we will hold a special seminar on Sunday evening, May 23rd featuring the former ECW World heavyweight champion JERRY LYNN!

We invite all pro-wrestlers and pro-wrestling trainees to attend this two hour seminar from one of the best pro-wrestlers on the planet in the last 18 years! There should be no excuse not learn under this man.

Cost of the seminar is only $40 prepaid via PayPal for info please email

WORLD-1 Tag Team titles to be defended in Japan!

It was announced yesterday on that the WORLD-1 Tag Team titles will be defended in Tokyo, Japan at the famous Korakuen Hall.

The father/son team of Steve and Colby Corino will defend the titles on May 5th at “ZERO1 WRESTLER´S 11 ~ GW SPECIAL against the team of Masato Tanaka & Kenta Kakinuma.

Check out and WWW.WORLD1ONLINE.COM for all the latest updates!

WORLD-1 presents DEAD END
Live in Jackson NJ, May 23rd at the Knights of Columbus (401 Bartley Road). 2pm bell time!!

Signed so far:

North American #1 contenders Gauntlet
VSK vs. Alex Anthony vs. Ryan Sawyer vs. Adam Cole vs. Sam Shields Vs Super Sweet
Former North American champion Alex Anthony had a shot at Reyes this past weekend and came so very close to recapturing the gold. Adam Cole and Sam Shields are two young hungry guys fairly new to the WORLD-1 landscape, VSK took Reyes to the limit back in February. Super Sweet, the most lovable person on the WORLD-1 roster is also a former North American champion. Ryan Sawyer is the 2009 Shinya Hashimoto Tournament winner and a former partner of Ricky Reyes. Everyone wants a shot at the champion, but will Reyes even be the champion when it comes time for the defense?

President Mike Kehner last month with several of the top contenders VIDEO:

WORLD-1 tag team titles
The Corino’s (c) vs. Funky Fresh Boyz
The Funky Fresh Boys earned their contract in WORLD-1 back at VAST ENERGY and have been on a path to the top ever since. Last show, the duo defeated the two most popular athletes in the history of WORLD-1 when they defeated Super Sweet and GPS. Steve and Colby Corino hope to still have the Tag Team titles when they come to Jackson NJ on May 23rd, after having a title defense scheduled in Tokyo, Japan just a few weeks earlier.

Grudge Match
Reiko DMF vs. Kid America
Kid America has been annoyed by Team Symbol for the last several months, particularly by Reiko DMF and his manager Richard P Guille. Kid America has promised to win this one and wave Old Glory high and make everyone proud. Reiko has promised his leader, Chris Rockwell that this will be a night for Team Symbol.

WORLD-1 Women’s title
Roxie Cotton (c) w/Super Sweet vs. Tina San Antonio
Can anyone stop Roxie Cotton? One lady claims she can, Tina San Antonio. Tina has been carving her own niche out on the east coast circuit the last several months and wants nothing more than to be the one who derails the Women’s champion, Roxie Cotton. Cotton has victories over Alison Danger, Rob Dimension and Annie Social.

Loser Leaves Town, Street Fight
Tommy Thunda w/Richard Guille vs. GPS
GPS has not been able to shake off Team Symbol. He has been attacked and jumped from Reiko DMF in the past and most recently by Tommy Thunda. Both men have finally stated that enough is enough and the challenge has been layed down. On May 23rd these two will might one last time in a Street Fight match, and if that is not big enough…the loser of this match is GONE from WORLD-1!

North American title
Ricky Reyes (c) vs. Damian Dragon
Damian Dragon came to WORLD-1 with a blaze of energy but things seemed to stall when Reiko DMF attacked his wife. After finally getting revenge, Damian resumed his winning ways and his quest to take on the North American champion. After much heated deliberation, President Mike Kehner made the call to give Dragon this North American title shot based on his past performances. Reyes has promised that Damian will never forget the night he stepped in the ring with the North American champion.

WORLD-1 title
Chris Rockwell (c) w/Richard Guille vs. Jerry Lynn
What can be said about Jerry Lynn that hasn’t already been said? Jerry Lynn elevates everyone he steps in the ring with, and win or lose, his opponent comes out a better athlete for having been in the ring with him. Does Chris Rockwell see this is a huge learning experience, or a huge stepping stone? Rockwell may pretend to joke around but make no mistake about it, when it comes to the WORLD-1 title, Chris Rockwell is all business, and Jerry Lynn is what this business is all about.

Chris Rockwell discusses his match with Jerry Lynn :


WORLD-1 news in brief:
Rumors have been flying as the date grows nearer to the 2010 Shinya Hashimoto tournament, as to whom will enter into the tournament this year. Several big names have been tossed around and President Mike Kehner is expected to start announcing men for the 8 man tournament soon….Revival of the ZERO-1 United States title? Another word flying around the WORLD-1 locker room is that ZERO-1 may be interested in bringing back the ZERO-1 United States to be defended both in WORLD-1 and ZERO-1. The last recognized champion was Mr Wrestling 3 back in 2008…Rob Dimension hosted an online poll regarding whether or not to continue his mustache attempt, but WORLD-1 officials were forced to ask him to shave it off when receiving many emails stating he looked like Hitler….Damian Dragon and Ricky Reyes have been training extra hard for their upcoming North American title match on May 23rd, and both men have requested several dvds of the other in recent weeks….Colby Corino is said to be extremely stressed out about his loyalty to his father and his loyalty to his trainer and friend Kid America. With a huge WORLD-1 Tag Team title match in Japan on May 5th, is it too much for Colby?….Richard P Guille purchased some new elbow pads for May 23rd. That is not important but he emailed WORLD-1 several times and asked it to be included in the press release….