Indy Update #1: C4, Hybrid, PWF, ACW

Indy News Update #1 for May 3, 2010
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C4 Wrestling sent this in:

C*4 Presents “Stand Alone 2010”
May 1st, 2010
Knights of Columbus – Ottawa, Ontario
Announcer: Tony
Ref’s: Bakais, Alex Headfield, and Trent
Attendance: 185+

Dark Match: Seth Seifer and Zack Storm defeated Chaz Lovely & Crimson X

1 – Sexxxy Eddy & Addy Starr defeated The Incredible Hunks – Deeno & Cheeky. Addy Starr suffered a very bloody nose in the process.

2 – Xtremo pinned Jae Rukin – ending Rukin’s C*4 winning streak, one day short of a year. They now hold a win each over each other.

3 – Player Uno overcame the debuting “Speedball” Mike Bailey in an exciting contest. Following the win, Player Uno challenged the winner of Kevin Steen and Tyson Dux later in the night, for a C*4 Championship match. This challenge brought out Tyson Dux, who accepted Uno’s challenge. This display of confidence by Dux, brought out C*4 Champion, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen. Steen told Uno he would consider Uno for a future shot – and then told Dux he’d defend against him right there and then.

4 – C*4 Champion, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen overcame the challenge of Tyson Dux, in what many felt was match of the night. Both men took each other to the limit, and Tyson almost had Steen defeated following a brain-buster on the edge of the commentators stage. However, Steen rallied back, locking Dux in a sharpshooter at one point, and finally got the pinfall with a cradle moments later. Steen will now head into “Crossing the Line 3” as C*4 Champion.

5 – The Flatliners, Asylum and Matt Burns, dismantled Rahim Ali and Rush. Ali was clearly frustrated in the locker room following the loss. We are waiting to hear more from him.

6 – Manabu Soya shocked many in attendance, cleanly beat “MVP” Michael Von Payton. MVP now goes into C*4’s Crossing the Line 3, with a winless season. Von Payton told management backstage that he would be making a major announcement on June 18th. We are waiting to hear more from him. In the process of the win, Soya seems to have won the support of many fans.

7 – The Wolfmun, Twiggy and Beef Wellington, once again, defeated The Warriors, Josh Alexander & “Psycho” Mike Rollins. Following the loss, Alexander and Rollins, shook hands and hugged, momentarily squashing the thoughts of a break-up between the two. Only moments later, Alexander attacked Rollins, and brutally beat him, and a referee.

8 – “Player Dos” Stupefied pinned El Generico, following a massive Frog-Splash, nearly the length of the ring. A major singles victory for Stupefied in an action packed match-up, which saw a clinic in technical wrestling, as well as high flying action.

C*4 returns to action on Friday Night, June 18th, 2010, when we close out the season with “Crossing the Line III”. Stay tuned for details!

J House sent this in:

CZW Fist Fight Live on PPS this Saturday 7:30 est. and HYBRIDENT.TV have announced the confirmation of pricing for CZW’s live debut ‘PAY-PER-STREAM’ event, which will take place on May 8th as CZW presents ‘FIST FIGHT’, live over the internet for a very reasonable price of $11.99. For more information, head to, or HybridEnt.TV today!

Already signed for May 8th’s “Fist Fight!”:

The Icon vs. The Terminator

The War Continues

Ultraviolent Grudge Match

Notorious Inc. Collides!

Unfinished Business

Singles Showcase

Tag Team Showcase

– And don’t forget…starting with CZW’s May 8th “FIST FIGHT” event, you will now be available to view CZW events LIVE as they happen online. Thanks to a new offering from HYBRIDENT.TV, you can now view CZW’s May, and each subsequent month’s events on Hybrid’s PAY-PER-STREAM technology. No longer do you have to sit home on a Saturday wishing you had made the trip, and no longer will you have to wait for the DVD. This is your chance to see the event LIVE from the comfort of your own home AS IT HAPPENS, and it’s available for the bargain rate of just $11.99! For more information on this special offering, check out, and HybridEnt.TV today!

New Chikara Releases:

Chikara DVD March 21, 2010 “Dead Men Don’t Laugh” – Fairfield, CT
1. 3.0 vs. Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple
2. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Equinox
3. STIGMA vs. Dasher Hatfield
4. Tim Donst, Daizee Haze & Sara Del Ray vs. The Colony
5. Vin Gerard vs. Jigsaw
6. Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Frankie Arion
7. F.I.S.T. vs. Osirian Portal
8. Lince Dorado vs. Eddie Kingston
9. Ares, Claudio Castagnoli & Tursas vs. Incoherence & Mike Quackenbush

Chikara DVD March 20, 2010 “Wit, Verve & A Bit O’Nerve” – Easton, PA
1. Louden Sings
2. Sara Del Ray & Daizee Haze vs. Los Ice Creams
3. Tursas vs. Green Ant
4. The UnStable vs. Osirian Portal
5. Lince Dorado vs. Equinox
6. 2.0 vs. The Badd Boyz
7. Tm Donst vs. Dasher Hatfield
8. F.I.S.T, Crossbones & UltraMantis Black vs. Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush & Incoherence
9. Ares & Claudio Castagnoli vs. The Colony

Chikara DVD February 28, 2010 “A World Of Comforting Illusion” – Pottsville, PA
1. The Unstable vs. The Throwbacks
2. Brodie Lee vs. Green Ant
3. Daizee Haze & Sara Del Ray vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare
4. Claudio Castagnoli & Ares vs. The Badd Boyz vs. Osirian Portal vs. Super Smash Bros.
5. Gran Akuma vs. Eddie Kingston
6. Tursas, Tim Donst, Lince Dorado & Pink Ant vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Helios & Equinox
7. Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple vs. The Colony

Chris Sokol sent this in:

Power Wrestling Federation News Update – May 3, 2010

Following a successful debut event on April 10, the Power Wrestling Federation returns to Bridgeport, C.T. on Saturday night, June 5 for PROVING GROUND! On this night, Former TNA Superstar, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels will make his PWF debut in the Main Event: Proving Ground Match.

The rules to this match are simple:

1) 6 competitors will do battles, 2 in the ring, 4 on the corners. Elimination style match.

2) Tags must be made in order for a competitor to become legal. In the event of an elimination, the first competitor to enter the ring following the elimination will be deemed legal.

3) Eliminations can occur via: Pinfall, Submission, Count Out or Disqualification.

4) The last man standing will be declared the winner and will earn the #1 seed spot in the upcoming PWF Championship Tournament.

While Daniels has automatically been granted a spot in the main event based on his accomplishments, the other 5 spots will be up for grabs in Proving Ground Qualifying matches that will take place over the course of the night. PWF Management is currently in the process of selecting competitors for these matches and announcements regarding the tournament will be made on as they are reported.

Three qualifying matches have already been announced and they include:

– Qualifying Match #1: Judas Young vs. J-Freddie –
A veteran of the independent wrestling scene, Judas Young made an immediate splash in PWF by defeating Former WWE & ECW Superstar: “Reborn Again” Matt Borne at Start a War. While the victory itself was a major accomplishment, the fact that Young was able to walk away from the ring under his own power was even more impressive, as the punk rocker absorbed a brutal post-match beat down courtesy of Borne. The beating, which resulted in Borne’s indefinite suspension from PWF competition, goes to show you just how tough Young is. Fully healed and ready for action, Young looks to build on his momentum and defeat rising star, J-Freddie en route to earning his spot in the Proving Ground match and ultimately the PWF Championship Tournament.

– Qualifying Match #2: “The Fabulous One” Flames vs. Isys Ephex –
While both Flames and Ephex lost their respective matches at Start a War, each competitor showed that they deserve another chance to shine. In his match with TNA Superstar: Amazing Red, “The Fabulous One” came close to pulling off the huge upset victory on several occasions. However, that win wasn’t in the cards. Later in the evening, Ephex put up a hard fought fight against the much bigger, “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack. Ephex went the distance, but eventually tapped to Mack’s armbar submission. Now these two stars with everything to prove will meet at Proving Ground, with an opportunity to face Christopher Daniels and enter the PWF Championship Tournament looming in the horizon. Which competitor will rise and who will continue to falter?

– Qualifying Match #3: “Your Hero” Mike Magnum vs. EJ Risk –
Of all the PWF competitors, its safe to say Mike Magnum had the roughest night at Start a War. His losing effort in the Monster’s Ball match against TNA Superstar: Abyss will be memorable for many reasons, one of which being the chokeslam he took through a thumbtack covered table. Days after the brutal encounter, Magnum was back at the PWF Training Facility preparing for Proving Ground, when he was approached by up-and-coming star, EJ Risk. Their altercation was caught on tape by and can be viewed now on the PWF Youtube Channel at the following link:

As a result of this altercation and the nature of this situation, PWF Management is in full agreement that these two competitors should meet with Proving Ground implications on the line. Will “Your Hero” be able to back up his brash actions, or will Risk make good on his promise to teach Magnum a lesson in respect?

Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match to take place at Proving Ground
Oliver Oaks & Live and Loud (Van Leamer Live & Damien Darling) vs. Kelly O’ Shelly & The Funky Fresh Boyz
At Start a War, the Funky Fresh Boyz saw what happens when you fall behind the numbers game. A 3-on-2 gang mugging by the arrogant trio of Live & Loud, left the Funky Fresh duo down, but not out. Instead of packing up and heading back to New York City with the heads hung in shame, K-Funk & K-Fresh reached out for some help to even the odds, before issuing a Six Man Tag Team challenge (which can be viewed here:

Ironically enough, their partner for the evening, Kelly O’ Shelly battled with Live & Loud’s Oliver Oaks earlier in the night during the Battle Royal for a spot in the PWF Championship Tournament. The battle royal actually came down to O’ Shelly and Oaks, with the Irishman sending the big mouth behemoth to the floor to advance to the tournament. Will O’ Shelly have the same success in helping The Funky Fresh Boyz gain a measure of revenge against Live & Loud at Proving Ground, or will the pop trio continue their obnoxious onslaught on PWF?

Women’s Match
The PWF Debut of TAELER HENDRIX vs. Sammie Lane w/ “The Great Bambino” CJ Antonino
After coming up on the losing end in her match against TNA’s “Dark Knockout” Daffney, Sammie Lane found herself the target of CJ Antonino’s affections. Their first meeting (which can be viewed here: generated some sparks and now the couple is inseparable. So much so that Antonino himself is protesting this match, claiming that he doesn’t want Lane being put in harms way. As of press time, the match stands and Sammie Lane will compete. Her opposition is the debuting, Taeler Hendrix who has been making some waves as of late on the northeast wrestling scene. This is sure to be a very interesting encounter and a prime example of some of the finest women’s wrestling in the area!

Former ECW Superstar: “Dastardly” Danny Doring & Smith James to team up at Proving Ground
PWF Management was recently notified by Danny Doring and Smith James that the two competitors will be putting their differences aside and teaming up at Proving Ground on June 5. If you recall, Doring and James engaged in a heated battle at Start a War. A battle that saw Doring come out on top, but at the same time, show respect to his opponent. Details are still unfolding as it pertains this new agreement between the two combatants and PWF Management is anxious to see how this all plays out. What do Doring and James have up their sleeves? Who will their opponents be? Find out at Proving Ground!

Rising Sensation, TOMMASO CIAMPA makes his PWF DEBUT at Proving Ground!
PWF Management is pleased to announce the addition of rising sensation, Tommaso Ciampa to the PWF Roster effective at Proving Ground! Ciampa who has spent time in Ohio Valley Wrestling and competed in the prestigious Super 8 Tournament will be a welcome addition to the PWF locker room and is sure to add an interesting dynamic to PWF live events. Ciampa’s first order of business will be addressing the stars of PWF at Proving Ground and making his intentions clear. What does Ciampa have in mind? Who will be his first target? The answers to these questions will unfold June 5 in Bridgeport, CT!

ALSO IN ACTION AT PROVING GROUND: “The Punisher” Don Vega, “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack and many more!

Tickets are available now at: and will be available at the door the day of the event.

Here is a quick overview with all the show information:

PWF: Proving Ground
Saturday, June 5, 2010 @ Cardinal Shehan Center – 1494 Main Street – Bridgeport, CT 06604
Doors Open – 7:00 pm ::: Bell Time – 8:00 pm ::: Tickets are $10.00 (General Admission)

Visit: or email: for more information!

Dennis Wright sent this in:

Atomic Championship Wrestling celebrates its Fourth Anniversary Show on Saturday night, May 22, 2010 at the Stevens Fire Hall in Stevens, Pennsylvania.

We want to thank all of our fans for coming out for “Bomb Threat 3” and we promise more exciting pro wrestling action iat our huge Anniversary Show!

Stevens Fire Hall is located at 91 Stevens Rd, Stevens, PA 17578
Doors open at 6 pm with a belltime of 7 pm
Ticket are $20 each and kids 5 and under are free
This show will be taped for a potential TV deal, so make sure you come out and support ACW Wrestling and you may see yourself on TV!!!!

Anniversary Show features two HUGE tag team matches!

ACW Heavyweight Champion Twisted Tate & former ECW superstar Big Vito vs former WWE superstar Sal Sincere & Joey Mansoni

Survivor Series Rules Match – Cult Of Personality vs Old School
Rockin Rebel, ACW Tri-State Champion Kitt, GRaver & Heavy D vs ACW Tag Champions Ed House & High Voltage, Louis G. Rich & Serious Business Andy Header

ACW Welterweight Championship Match
(c) Pretty Fly vs Billy Ray

Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match
Hayne w/Rabid Rizzo vs Joe Etell vs Fabulous Fred Flash vs CM Serenyi w/Hailey Dezire

Eddie Valentine & Shatter vs. Kras Van Tassel & Rick Ryder

Family Of Freaks vs The Hardcore Hillbillies – Six Man Tag Action
John Dahmer, Boyboy & Magus vs. Moonshine Frank, Bubba Lucky & the returning Dusty Loads

Doink vs Ray Alexander w/Lu Luv

“The American Bulldog” James Dylan vs Super Parka

Greg Excellent vs TBA

More matches to be scheduled


Get your Tickets at TATTOOS BY MASTLE & Co., 10A South 7th Street, Akron PA 17501 – 717-859-2182 – or Splatter Hill Paint Rt 272 Denver in Mantas Park (Formerly Zinns Park)

Check out ACW’S Website or

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