Indy Update #1: CHIKARA, JCW, IWF, DWF/Loco

Indy News Update #1 for May 18, 2010
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CHIKARA sent this in:

HIKARA: Tommy Dreamer headlines our May 23 card in Union City, NJ!

On Sunday afternoon, May 23rd, CHIKARA comes to the greater NYC-area with a loaded anniversary card like no other! Y’know these things usually last about 3 hours – so you’ll be home in plenty of time for the LOST finale (trust us on that one.)
On the 23rd of May, two titans of the squared circle will meet for the first…the Campeonatos de Parejas and the Young Lions Cup are on the line…and that’s just for starters! The complete card for Aniversario Elf:

~Yonkers Finest Collide!~
Tommy Dreamer vs. Eddie Kingston

~For the Young Lions Cup!~
Tim Donst (of the Bruderschaft) vs. Soldier Ant (of The Colony)

~Tag Team Title Bout!~
Hallowicked & Frightmare (Incoherence) vs. Ares & Claudio Castagnoli (Bruderschaft)

~One on One!~
Amasis (of The Osirian Portal) vs. Vin Gerard (of The UnStable)

~4-Corner Elimination Tag Match!~
Equinox/Helios vs. 3.0 vs. F.I.S.T. vs. Super Smash Bros.

~Singles Showdown!~
Fire Ant vs. Lince Dorado

~Relevos Atomicos!~
Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw/The Throwbacks
Sara Del Rey/Daizee Haze/Pink Ant/Tursas

Now on DVD from – all three nights of King of Trios 2010!

Season 9 is here:

Aniversario Zehn
5.22.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Tyngsboro Sports Complex!
18 Progress Avenue
in picturesque Tyngsboro, MA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

Aniversario Elf
5.23.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ACE Arena!
725 Sip Street
in convenient Union City, NJ!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

“We Must Eat Michigan’s Brain”
6.26.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Taylortown Trade Center!
22525 Ecorse Road
in nearby Taylor, MI!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

“Faded Scars and Lines”
6.27.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The West Park Party Center!
3556 W. 130th Street
in friendly Cleveland, OH!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

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Kevin sent this in:

Welcome Juggalos, Wrestleo’s, and Ninja’s Worldwide to KG’s Referee-Cap! Juggalo Championship Wrestling kicked off their first date on the Happy Daze tour with an explosive debut at Meadow Brook in Rochester Hills, Michiganin front of a rabid crowd.

The Stars of JCW put out an open challenge and the response has been tremendous, from all corners of the globe. Time will tell if the stars of tomorrow have what it takes to go head to head with JCW’s toughest.

The Weedman Vs Kid Hybrid

The show opened with Kid Hybrid taking on JCW’s Weedman, and the Weedman didn’t let the heavy visible prescence by Rochester Sheriff’s department deter him in anyway from partaking in his pre, post and during match pot smoking rituals. The charismatic weedman started the afternoons event off right and got the juggalos in attendance riled up for an afternoon of wrestling action. When the Weedman attempted to get one last hit before the match started, Kid Hybrid attacked him mid toke, knocking weedman’s stash and paraphenalia to the mat! Fortunately for everyone involved, the quick thinking referee picked up the stash to save the day.

As a reciept for this Weed Ettiquitee Violation, Weedman Atomic Dropped/Crotched him on the railing several times and went and went on to hit the Smoke Bomb, the Vaporizer, and finally drove him to the mat with the HOT BOX!!!! for the victory.

Madman Pondo Vs GQ

Pondo walked out clutching his signature stop sign to a warm welcome for this JCW veteran. The Madman got off to a strong start and was well on his but opponent showed savvy, hitting a hard with a Pele kick onto the scarred head of Pondo and following up with a big splash which only served to make the Mad Man MAD!!! Pondo followed up with a devastating “SEE YA” and finally absolutely Crushed GQ with a stop sign for the easy 1..2..3..!

JCW Tag Team Title Match:

The Thomaselli Brothers (JCW Tag Team Champions) Vs The Bump N’ Uglies Vs The Jobbers.

Up next was theJCW Tag Team Title Match featuring the most hated team in JCW history….The Tag Team Champions Vito and Pauly: The Thomaselli Brothers. These two hold the JCW tag team titles much to the dismay of the Juggalos, and today their belts were on the line in a 3 way tag team battle vs The Bumpin’ Uglies (Bubba and Josh Mackenzie) and The Jobbers (Jobber #1 and Jobber #2). The Thomaselli’s were pissed off that they were in a situation where they could lose their belts without being pinned, but after a fast paced match that saw the Bump N Uglies hit their assisted bulldog finisher on the Jobbers for a certain pinfall and Title change, but Vito and Pauly shitcanned the uglies and stole the pinfall on the battered Jobber #2.

JCW Heavyweight Title Match:

Corporal Robinson Vs Justice Jones

Jones may have gotten more than he bargained for when he answered the open challenge and got in the ring with JCW Champion Corporal Robinson. “Corp” schooled this poor kid from the word go, and hit him with everything he had. They say the best defense is a good offense, and if thats true, Justice Justice had neither as Corporal Robibnson easily destroyed the young challenger. Mr Jones got in no offense against the champ and Corp delivered his Boot Camp Finisher with such force that he lifted his openent several feet into the air before smashing his opponent to the mat for the 1..2…3…

That’s it for today Juggalos! We’ll see you in Columbus Ohio tomorrow for JCW ACTION.

-Kevin Gill

JCW Senior Official

KG’s Referee-Cap is live from the Happy Daze Tour and rolling with the stars of JCW to bring you all the action and results from in and around the ring!

Juggalo Championship Wrestling rolled into Columbus, Ohio @ The Lifestyles Community Pavilion on the Happy Daze tour with a show that featured a controversial finish, and a brutal “Anything Goes” match that we’ll get into more details on that in a moment.

Well over a thousand Juggalos and Juggalettes surrounded the ring and were primed for action, and JCW did not disappoint!

JCW Ring Announcer Legz Diamond walked out to the ring to a thunderous ovation, and introduced our first match:

Weedman Vs Zack Vincent.

Weedman was accompanied to the ring by a freshly rolled blunt, and the blunt encouraged Weedman to take his time and enjoy an extensive ring entrance for several minutes turning the ringside area into the world’s largest cipher. When he finally entered the ring the capacity crowd demanded that the Ref also hit the blunt, and much to Zack’s dismay the referee finally gave into the chants of “HIT THAT SHIT” and quickly altered his reality. Weedman battled his opponent around ringside and hit the Smoke Bomb and the Vaporizer to put away Zack Vincent.

Madman Pondo Vs Chris Miles

Pondo must have had a bad night, or perhaps caught a glimpse of his face in the mirror this morning, because he was PISSED OFF.. and after being greeted warmly, he quickly went to work on destroying Chris Miles in record time… Pondo set him up for The Silencer but the chair broke before Pondo could silence the crowd with his unique athleticism, so Pondo wrapped the stop sign around his opponents head for the finish to this “blink and you missed it” match up.

JCW Tag Team Title Match

The Thomaselli Brothers (Vito and Pauly-Champions) Vs The Irish Airborne (Jake and Dave-Challengers)

After what many would say was a lucky victory yesterday in Michigan, the champs were facing some tough competition today in the Irish Airborne. These lads have graced rings for Ring of Honor and Dragons Gate USA to name a few, and are rising stars and viable threats to the Vito and Pauly’s coveted title belts, and the fact they they are rocking Juggalo Tattoo’s got them over with the crowd instantly. Before the match, the Members of the Irish Airborne told me that it is a lifelong dream of theirs to compete in JCW ring, and to have their challenge accepted for the JCW title was something they were having a hard time believing was real. Thomaselli’s jumped these youngsters before the bell, but these fighting irish turned it around quickly. Irish Airborne were in control hitting numerous unique and never before seen moves as a duo along with stunning highspots which confounded the Thomaselli’s and giving them their toughest compeition to date. The match broke down with all 4 men in the ring, and the Irish Airborne set up Pauly in a lungblower and Jake jumped off the top rope with a double knee to put away the Pauly thomaselli and WIN the JCW Tag Team Championship!!! Or so it would seem. As the Irish Airborne were presented the belts and ascended the turnbuckles in a display of Juggalo Pride, and JCW ring announcer Legz Diamond was announcing them as the NEW champions, Senior Official Kevin Gill ran to ringside and notified that Pauly Thomaselli was NOT the the legal man in the ring at the time the pinfall occurred! He ordered the match re-started, which drew an ovation of boo’s and choice language from the Juggalos in attendance. The wily Thomaselli’s quickly used the confusion to their advantage and quickly ganged up on Jake and pinned him with the double Van Terminator! Love em or Hate Em (And I Hate Them) the Thomaselli’s are experienced competitors and they know how to use every trick in the book to retain the precious gold, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Irish Airborne!

Main Event Time:

Corporal Robinson (Champion) Vs Viper (Challenger)

Corporal Robinson entered the ring to a thunderous ovation as his theme music “I Get Mad” blared through the massive soundsystem. Upon entering the ring he took the mic and said that something was missing from the ring.. WEAPONS! Robinson stated he wanted to turn this into an ANYTHING GOES match, and returned to the locker room and quickly emerged with Pizza Cutters, Thumbtack Bats, Multiple Chairs, a bag of broken glass, and thousands of thumbtacks. In this case, anything goes meant anything could and would happen to Viper as Corp made it look easy, with blood lubricating the machine and anger fueling it. Corporal Robinsons largely unanswered violent attacks on Viper saw Robinson open up Viper with the Thumbtack Bat and then take a stuffed animal from the audience and staple it to Viper’s face, before giving him a death valley driver onto broken glass. With momentum on his side, and the crowd behind him 100%, Corp soaked in the adulation of the crowd for a few more minutes before giving Viper the Boot Camp into a pile of broken glass and thumbtacks. Corporal Robinson retains the title, while Viper is tended to by paramedic’s in the dressing room.

Another Juggalo innovation is the Official Senior Official Referee-Cam! Peep out some quick highlights filmed in the ring by Kevin Gill of Corporal Robinson dishing out a trademark beating!

(Can these be embedded?)

Corporal Robinson Gives Viper a Death Valley Driver on Broken Glass JCW Columbus, Ohio

Corporal Robinson Staples a Stuffed Animal to Vipers Face, JCW Columbus Ohio

IWF sent this in:

May 15, 2010 IWF Premier Pro Wresting
Buffalo Rose Golden, CO
Results by: Tamera Halbeisen

Main Event Six Man Tag Team: IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Champion Adrian Grimm, Bronx, & The Miracle That Is Tony def. Hoodlum, Trajan Ender, & Chris Wrath, Semi Main Event: Derek Stone def. Ronin The Rock-N-Roll Vampire, Tag Team Championship Match: Tag Team Champions Arik Angel & Paul Stetich def. Capital Punishment Brandon Morris & Wayne Thomas, Rob Ryzin def. Jay Synn, Joey A. def. Tony Morales, Lucha Match: Vagabundo def. Fuersa Chicana, 1st Pin To Win Four Way Match: Bud Doobie def. Johnny Crash, IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Hardcore Champion Juntsu (Due to injury), War Dog Damien Payne, Prodigee def. Jeb Bunyan

IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Official Rankings
Adrian Grimm (Champion) 5’9″ 200lbs Devils Hole, NM
1. Hoodlum – 6’1 230lbs Long Beach, CA
2. Jay Synn – 6’3″ 255lbs Boston, MA
3. The Miracle that is Tony – 5’6″ 165lbs Huntington Beach, CA
4. Trajan Ender – 5’11” 187lbs Monster City, CO
5. Arik Angel (1/2 Tag Team Champion)- 5’9″ 175lbs Toronto Ontario Canada
6. Chris Wrath – 5’10” 180 lbs Dallas, TX
7. Rob Ryzin – 6’1″ 176lbs – Denver, CO
8. Prodigee – 5’10” 205lbs Mile High City
9. Bronx – 5’9″ 200lbs – Bronx, NY
10. Damien Payne – 5’6″ 159lbs Washington DC

Next IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Shows:
Saturday May 29, 2010
IWF Premier Pro-Wrestling / IWF Lucha Libre
Bennett Parks and Recreation District
455 South First St. Bennett CO 80102-0379
Phone: (303) 644-5040 6p Doors 6:30p Start

Sunday May 30, 2010
IWF Lucha Libre
Red & Jerry’s
1840 West Oxford Ave. Sheridan, CO
Doors 4:30p Show Time 5:30p
Visit For More Info and Tickets

Monday May 31, 2010
Red Rocks Morrison, CO

Sunday June 13, 2010
IWF Premier Pro-Wrestling
Buffalo Rose 1119 Washington Ave Golden, CO
5p Doors 6p Start time
$7 Pre-Sale $10 at the door

mitchtv sent this in:

Live Event Results:
Devastation Wrestling May 15th at 7:30pm in “Revenge”.

DWF/Loco Wargames/Revenge May 15th 2010

Ansert defeated Jesse Logan and Downtown Raphael 3 way dance

Dr. Ruthless defeated Hairy Sanchez to win NJ State title

Brothers Mcintyre defeated The Latin Revolution to become DWF Tag team champions

Camacho Defeated Marker Dillinger

Jamilia Craft defeated Jesse Belle and Skilled Death Artist #3 to become the first DWF/Loco Starlet champion.

Degenerates of Society defeated The Latin Connection after interference from Island Assault

Sheik Ali won the Trash Talking Radio Championship by winning a battle Royal.

The Southern Enforcer defeated Big Poppa Chill

Zito defeated Ty Reno to retain the Loco championship

Southern Justice Dalton James defeated Dewdust to retain the DWF championship.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for June 12th at Macveighs Playground Rec Center.

June 12th 2pm belltime!

Don’t miss the show of shows when DWF invades Philadelphia to bring the best of Independent Pro Wrestling to the fans. All of our superstars and champions will be defending their honor in the squared circle in Philadelphia. The DWF/Loco Experience – something you don’t want to miss!!

Sat. June 12th 2010 DWF/loco with PWF Presents “War Games – Phoenix Rising”
2:00pm Bell Time
McVeigh Playground/Rec Center
D & East Ontario Streets
Phila Pa.
For tickets
For information