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JCW Results/Referee-Cap
May 31st Denver Colorado
Fillmore Auditorium
By Senior Official Kevin Gill

It was a red hot sold out crowd at the Filmore to see the big match between Madman Pondo and Corporal Robinson, but first let’s get to the undercard. Tampa’s own T Bolt was trained by Steve Kern and was eager to show the crowd what he had to offer, but his arrogance turned off the juggles in attendance. He was ripped and so was Weedman, but in totally different ways. Ring announcer Legs Diamond announced that The Weedman would be led to the ring by KottonMouth King, Johnny Richter and the response was so loud that it blew the roof off the legendary Fillmore in Denver. Thankfully it was later found in Colorado Springs! The Weedman and Richter made their way to ringside smoking and greeting their fans, and they took the time to climb the ropes and soak in the adulation of this beyond capacity crowd. T-bolt used his power to give Weedman a run for his money but the lightning fast Weedman, infused with THC and backed 100% by the crowd kicked some humility into T-bolt! In the end, Richter provided the assist with a Smoke Bomb of his own which allowed Weedman to roll up his opponent for the resin stained victory!!
Exclusive Referee-Cam Photo by Kevin Gill here [IMG][/IMG]

Recently renamed JCW Tag Team Champions The Haters AKA The Thomaselli Brothers vs. Derrick Stone and The Prodigy
The Haters talk a lot of smack, but they back it up in the ring, and the juggalos hate them for it. If you thought these guys were stiff before, they have been enraged since being given Haters gimmick by Juggalo Championship Wrestling co-founders Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope and were out to make an example of these two young competitors representing the 303. Total Squash match as Pauly hit the Mcgillicutty as well as a 450 splash and The Haters hit the Double Van Terminator for this one sided victory.

After weeks of hype, trash talking, speculation, and serious beat downs the day has finally arrived. Corporal Robinson got his rematch for the JCW title and juggalos lined up hours in advance to get close to ringside the witness the tearing of flesh and the bruising of skin. The champion entered first and the ninjas in attendance voiced their disproval, and the anticipation built to the boiling point as Corporal Robinson and his Manager, Violent JJ were introduced and the foundation of the Fillmore was cracked and decimated. Stunning ovation for the former champ and the youngest manager in the business as the referee set up the implements of destruction including a bed of nails, a barbed wire bat, thumbtacks, chairs wrapped in barbed wire, and hedge-clippers to name a few! The match got kicked off to a violent start with Corp releasing his pent up rage on the current champion. Violent JJ ordered Corporal to hold up the champion, so he could try as hard as he could to smack the stupid look off Pondo’s face. Then JJ ascended the ropes and dropped a double knee into the ample midsection of Madman Pondo! The referee ordered Violent JJ banned from ringside which brought out Sugar Slam from the back who slapped the ref across the face for throwing out her special little guy, and then Corp Destroyed the ref with a chair shot that bloodied the official and left him out of action. With no Referee present, Corp went on to destroy Pondo hitting a suplex on the bed of nails, pieced Pondo’s balls with the Hedge clippers, and even hit a super kick! Pondo fought back splitting Robinsons head with a swing of a garbage can, but it was all for nothing as Corp hit the top rope Frankensteiner and finally hit the boot camp finishing maneuver onto a barbed wire chair to regain the JCW heavyweight championship. The belt is back home, your winner and 3 time JCW champion is Corporal Robinson. Corp celebrated with the crowd and threw his blood stained wrestling jersey into the appreciative audience.
Link to exclusive photo from match

JCW Results
May 31st Denver Colorado
Fillmore Auditorium

3 Way Dance with the winner being booked to wrestle at the Gathering Of The Juggalos
Wardog Defeated FFX and Kam Burnquist in a 3-way dance.

Weedman Defeated T-Bolt

JCW Tag Team Championship:
The Haters Defeated Derrick Stone and The Prodigy


Corporal Robinson W/Violent JJ defeated Madman Pondo to REGAIN the JCW heavyweight championship in a 4 corners of pain match.

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Interview with Madman Pondo
JCW Heavyweight Champion Madman Pondo Vs Horace The Psychopath from Minneapolis, Mn
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Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Tuesday June 1st
Salt Lake City, Utah
@The Great Salt Air

The Utah Juggalos were in full effect and lined up early to make sure they didn’t miss a moment of JCW ACTION. The energy level was high and the faces were painted as our first competitor was introduced. Direct from Argentina and showing no signs of jet lag, the masked El Gato Verde sauntered into ring with his colorful ring garb of a very feminine pussycat and awaited his opponent. A cloud of smoke and the stench of skunk accompanied Weedman to the ring and he came prepared for battle! Weedman absorbed the early offense of El Gato Verde with a stoned smile and with the rabid crowd firmly in his corner The Weedman made short work of this colorful competitor dominating him with the Kief Kick, the smoke screen, and the stunning Packing The Bowl finishing move… But he did take the time out to crotch his opponent on the guardrail and beat him around the ringside area before it was all said and done.

Former JCW heavyweight champion Madman Pondo squared off with local favorite Kahn Khussion. Kahn turned heads last year when he took Sabu’s place on the XPW Reunion Pay Per View and is known as a competitor who isn’t afraid to get violent, bloody, or hardcore to win a match. Pondo is on the comeback trail after being brutally destroyed by Corporal Robinson for the JCW title and needs a win here to stay in the JCW rankings. Back and forth match with Kahn hitting some high flying moves but whenever this popular youngster would get some offense going, Pondo would resort to eye gouging, mouth tearing, and illegal use of the ropes to turn the tide his way. In the end Kahn fell victim to the Cinderblock Smash on the genitals and the stop sign to the dome, and the fans may not like it, but Madman Pondo is your winner.

Up Next, JCW Champions The Thomaselli Brothers, AKA The Haters came to the ring with their new gimmicks and based on how unhappy they are to be wearing them, I feel sorry for their opponents: Braddock and Matagi. I hope these young competitors like getting kicked in the face and head region, as Vito and Pauly treated this as a Texas Tornado match and hit their devastating Yakuza Kicks, as well as a set of double running kicks to the face. They then chopped the front and backs of their opponents in tandem before Vito hit Grand Theft Modest which set up the Double Van Terminators, and finally the 450 Hatorade Splash by Pauly for the dominant victory over this young team.

Next Up was the man everyone wanted to see… Recently crowned JCW heavyweight champion Corporal Robinson made his entrance with his electrifying 5 year old manager Violent JJ. They posed on the ropes and basked in the warm welcome they received. Mach tried to pear harbor Corp but his offense had no effect. Corp opened a can of whip ass hitting lottery punches, a running knee to the face, and a devastating Brain buster followed by a top rope corkscrew elbow drop. Violent JJ entered the ring and unleashed a beating on Martinez before leaping from the ropes and crushing him with a double knee. Post match saw Champ and Manager exchange daps, pounds, and hugs with their biggest supporters at ringside and exit the building looking forward to their next match.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Tuesday June 1st
Salt Lake City, Utah
@The Great Salt Air

Weedman defeated Gato Verde
Pondo defeated Kahn Kussion!
JCW Tag Team Title Match
The Haters (Thomaselli Brothers) Defeated Braddock And Matagi

JCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Corporal Robinson Defeated Mach Martinez