Indy News #1: PWF, Price of Glory, BTW TV recaps

Indy News Update #1 for June 6, 2010
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Chris Sokol sent this in:

PWF: Proving Ground – QUICK RESULTS
Saturday, June 5, 2010 @ The Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport, CT

Ring Announcer: Rob Calvert
Referees:Zach Carter & Jim Joyce

Match 1: The East Varsity Battlerats (Danny “Do It All” Doring & Smith “Big Game” James) defeated Danny Inferno & Blitz Butler
– Danny Inferno turned on Butler during the match, leading to the Battlerats getting the win. After the match, Doring & James showed their respect for Butler and invited him to the back with them.

– Tommaso Ciampa made his way to the ring and announced that due to his impressive resume, PWF Management agreed to give him an automatic bye to the Proving Ground Match with Christopher Daniels.

Match 2: Proving Ground Qualifying Match – Judas Young defeated J-Freddie

Match 3: Proving Ground Qualifying Match – “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack defeated Scotty Priest

Match 4: Proving Ground Qualifying Match – “The Fabulous One” Flames defeated Isys Ephex

– “Your Hero” Mike Magnum made his way to the ring on crutches, claiming that the injuries he sustained at Start a War were still giving him trouble and he was demanding an automatic bye to the PWF Championship Tournament. EJ Risk came out and questioned Magnum’s injuries, eventually kicking the crutches out from underneath Magnum to reveal that Magnum was in fact healthy and prepared to compete. Magnum caught Risk with a clothesline and the match was on.

Match 5: Proving Ground Qualifying Match – EJ Risk defeated “Your Hero” Mike Magnum

Match 6: Live & Loud (Oliver Oaks & “D List” Damien Darling) defeated K-Fresh & Keanu
– After the match, Keanu turned on Fresh and hit him with a Samoan Drop.

Match 7: Nick Saint w/ Sabrina & “The Paparazzi Prince” TJ Marconi went to a No Contest
– The East Varsity Battlerats, now with Blitz Butler, came in and attacked both competitors during the match and left with Sabrina.

– “The Great Bambino” CJ Antonino came out with Sammie Lane and announced that PWF Management accepted his request and that Lane’s match would now be a Mixed Tag.

Match 8: Mixed Tag Team Match – “The Punisher” Don Vega & Taeler Hendrix defeated “The Great Bambino” CJ Antonino & Sammie Lane
– Hendrix got the pin on Antonino following a kick to his head and Sky High from Vega.

Match 9: “The Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto defeated VSK

Match 10: Proving Ground Elimination Match to Determine the #1 Seed Spot in the Upcoming PWF Championship Torunament – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Tommaso Ciampa, “The Fabulous One” Flames, EJ Risk, Judas Young & “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack
– “The Fabulous One” Flames was eliminated first (by Tommy Mack)
– EJ Risk was eliminated second (by Christopher Daniels)
– Judas Young was eliminated third (by Tommaso Ciampa)
– Tommy Mack was eliminated fourth (by Tommaso Ciampa)
– Tommaso Ciampa was eliminated fifth (by Christopher Daniels)

PWF Returns on Saturday, July 10 @ The Laconia High School in Laconia, NH w/ “The Monster” Abyss, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Kazarian, Traci Brooks, Danny “Do It All” Doring & The East Varsity Battlerats, Julio Dinero & Many More!

Visit: for more information!

Price of Glory sent this in:

6th Year Anniversary Show
Sunday, June 6th 2010
Doors open @ 5pm – Show starts @ 6pm
General Admission (AT THE DOOR)
Kids 10 & Under are $2.00

Michigan Sports Camps
315 N. Fiske Rd. – Coldwater, MI – 49091

Triple Threat
Jamie Eternal vs. $Dollar$ vs.
Champion, “The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin

Chaotic Tourney
Noah Lott – Keith Creme – Mr. Nifty
“Chill” Jack Verville – Jonny Lawless

Christin Able & Josh Raymond vs.
“Believers” Russ Jones & Mike Musso

Joseph Schwartz & Sean Tyler VS. Champions, Idol Heinze & Osyris

THE SI interviews Mick Veasy & Mild Mannered Matt

Hardcore Harry vs. Hardcore Harley

Ryan Epic vs. Adam Bueller


Bradley Grover sent this in:

Another catch-up post

These Big Time Wrestling TV episodes consisted of footage recorded at past BTW events and aired on WZMY-TV(MyTV New England) with hosts Steve Sparta and A.J. Mitrano and announcers Major Devereaux and A.J. Mitrano and referees Sal Gilliberto, Joe B. and Holyoke Joe.(It’s late at night when I’m sending this, so the recaps will be short and to the point.)

March 5, 2010 episode dealt with recent history in BTW between ECW alumni Justin Credible and his March 20 opponent at the Webster, MA Town Hall, BTW Heavyweight champion Spike Dudley.including footage of Spike’s win over Rick Fuller in October 2009, “Slyck” Wagner Brown in November 2009 and “Hurricane” John Walters in January 2010 to become the champion. We also see footage of Justin attacking Spike.

March 12, 2010 episode focused on the March 20 match between “Diamondback” Jack Maverick includ the night in March when Malice lost to Rick Fuller, forcing him out of BTW, his return as Lonestar and his wins over Benny Juxx, Walters, Maverick and Antoine Roy in the heavyweight title tournament before being unmasked and losing in the semifinals to Walters on a reverse decision. Then we see the confrontation Maverick had with Malice’s mother.

March 19, 2010 episode focused on the entire card for the March 20, 2010 show in Webster. We see Jim Duggan’s DQ win over Roy from January and agreeing to be Rush’s tag partner. Plus we saw highlights of Fuller including him firing manager Johnny Fabulous. We also saw footage of Justin Credible turning against Spike Dudley.

March 25, 2010:Total Eclipse over The DelFonzo Brothers(Tonyt “The Fonz” and Eddie “Bam Bam”), BTW heavyweight champion Spike Dudley over Mr. T.A. in a hardcore match

April 2, 2010:Flex Armstrong and Rush over Scott Reed and “The Biggest of them All” Benny Juxx(Reed and Juxx turned against each other after the match), “Diamondback” Jack Maverick over U-Gene

April 9, 2010:If I remember right, this was a re-edit of the Jan. 1/2 episode with newer ads.

April 16, 2010:”The Distance” Danny Miles(formerly “Malice” and “Lonestar”) over “Diamondback” Jack Maverick by reverse decision DQ to get reinstated to BTW action, The Patriot over Brain Surgeon #1 in a Mask vs Mask Match(Brain Surgeon was revealed to be Mr. T.A.)

April 23, 2010:The DelFonzo Brothers over Total Eclipse to win the BTW Tag Team Title. Afterward, TE blindstded and bloodied the new champs, spread peanut butter all over their faces and TE said they are now BTW(“Black Talent’d Wrestlerz”)

April 30, 2010:Rick Fuller over A.J. Mitrano, Antoine Roy over “The Distance” Danny Miles

Starting with the May, 7, 2010 broadcast, BTW TV is now taped exclusively at the studios of WZMY-TV in Derry, NH

May 7, 2010:Rick Fuller over Sage, Mr. T.A. over Chris Chaos, BTW Tag Team champions DelFonzo Brothers over Bronx Bombers, Justin Credible over Chris Battle

May 14, 2010:”Diamondback” Jack Maverick over Lukas Sharp(DJM hanged Sharp over the ropes, getting him reprimanded by commissioner Richard Byrne, who DJM attacked[causing DJM’s announced suspension the following week), Bobby Ocean and “Black Talent’d Wrestlerz”(with Big Business) over Sage, Chris Chaos and Chi Chi Cruz, BTW heavyweight champion Spike Dudley over Biff Busick

May 21, 2010:Rick Fuller over Brain Surgeons, “Black Talent’d Wrestlerz” over The DelFonzo Brothers to win the BTW Tag Team Title. Mid-show, Commissioner Byrne announced DJM has been suspended for attacking him.

May 28, 2010:”Sweet” Scott Ashworth over Benny Blanco, “Rising Star” Scott Reed over Zack Morris, “The Biggest of Them All” Benny Juxx over Sage, “The Distance” Danny Miles over Anthony Michaels, Flex Armstrong and Rush over Antoine Roy and A.J. Mitrano

June 4. 2010:Scott Reed, Flex Armstrong and Rush over Chi Chi Cruz, Anthony Michaels and Sage, DelFonzo Brothers over Bobby Ocean and Big Business by disqualificaltion(Mr. T.A. was scheduled but BTW TV ran out of time before his match could be aired)

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