Indy News Update #1 for June 19, 2010
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Chris Dunshee sent this in:

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UCW Superstar Jimmy Yang will throw out the first pitch at this
Saturday’s Rome Braves game against the Charleston RiverDogs. Yang,
Glacier, and other UCW Superstars will be signing autographs during
and after the game.

UCW presents ‘SuperBrawl II’ on 6/25 in Rome, GA at The Forum
featuring Scott Steiner, Paul London, Jimmy Yang, Glacier, Chris
Hamrick, and a special appearance by Lex Luger. Tickets are $45/20/12,
kids 6-12 are $5 and kids under 6 are free.

UCW presents ‘Clash of the Champions’ on 7/17 in Lenoir, NC at the
Mulberry Recreation Center featuring Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sinn
Bodhi (WWE’s Kizarny), Scott Norton, Team Macktion, and The Kat.
Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

UCW Newswire – June 17, 2010

1. Booker T Is Coming
2. Road Wild Roars Back To Life
3. Ron Simmons New UCW Boss
4. Full UCW Events Calendar

Universal Championship Wrestling’s roster continues to grow stronger
with the arrival of one of the most dynamic, athletic, and
entertaining Superstars of the past decade. Booker T, the six-time
former World champion, will make his UCW debut on July 17 at “Clash of
the Champions” in Lenoir, NC.

One of the most prolific champions in wrestling history, Booker T has
been a tag team champion on fifteen occasions, mostly with his brother
Stevie Ray. As one half of Harlem Heat, Booker T faced off against
(and defeated) teams like the Steiner Brothers, the Nasty Boys, and
The Public Enemy. Later, Booker T became an exemplary singles
competitor, facing top competition like Bret Hart, Rick Martel, and
former Universal Heavyweight Champion Perry Saturn.

However, Booker T’s career truly took off when he defeated Jeff
Jarrett for the WCW World Championship on July 9, 2000. From there,
Booker T cemented his status as one of the very best in professional
wrestling by defending his championship against such icons as Sting,
Goldberg, Kevin Nash, and Scott Steiner. In WWE, Booker T continued to
excel, headlining WrestleMania XIX and becoming the 2006 King of the

What will this explosive and iconic Superstar do once he sets foot in
a UCW ring? Only those lucky enough to buy tickets for ‘Clash of the
Champions’ will find out live and in person on July 17.

Universal Championship Wrestling is bringing back another wrestling
tradition for fans to enjoy. From 1996 to 1999, World Championship
Wrestling presented “Road Wild,” one of the most unique and
unconventional supercards in pro wrestling history. Instead of selling
out an arena in a major city, WCW brought wrestling action outdoors to
the wildest motorcycle event in the world – the Sturgis Rally and
Races in the heart of the Black Hills. Superstars as diverse as Hulk
Hogan, Jay Leno, Ric Flair, and Dennis Rodman were a part of this
summer tradition.

Now, UCW is bringing back “Road Wild” on Friday, August 13 at the
world-famous Full Throttle Saloon (featured in the truTV series of the
same name). Scott Steiner, Scott Norton, Al Snow, and the Barbarian
are just a few of the Superstars who will compete in front of
thousands of bikers at “Road Wild.” Keep checking for
more information on this summer supershow!

Damn! The UCW Executive Committee recently voted to name former WCW
World Champion Ron Simmons as the new UCW Commissioner, responsible
for all major matchmaking decisions.

Before becoming a wrestler, Simmons was a three-time All-American at
Florida State University, ultimately being inducted into the College
Football Hall of Fame and the Orange Bowl Hall of Fam. Along with his
tag team partner Butch Reed, Simmons was one-half of the very first
WCW World Tag Team Champions. However, Simmons’ greatest achievement
came on August 2, 1992 when he upset the massive Big Van Vader to
become the first African-American World Heavyweight champion.

It remains to be seen what sort of managerial approach Commissioner
Simmons will take when dealing with the complex politics of the
squared circle, but UCW fans and Superstars alike will learn in the
coming weeks.


Friday, June 25 – “SuperBrawl II” in Rome, GA at The Forum featuring
Scott Steiner, Jimmy Yang, Glacier, Chris Hamrick, and a special
appearance by Lex Luger. Tickets are $45/20/12, kids 6-12 are $5 and
kids under 6 are free.

Saturday, July 17 – “Clash of the Champions” in Lenoir, NC at the
Mulberry Recreation Center featuring Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sinn
Bodhi (WWE’s Kizarny), Scott Norton, Team Macktion, Jimmy Golden, and
The Kat. Tickets will go on sale June 18.

Saturday, July 24 – “SuperClash” in Carrollton, GA at the East
Carrollton Recreation Center. Tickets are $45/20/12, kids 6-12 are $5
and kids under 6 are free.

Saturday, July 31 – “Nitro” in Gainesville, GA at the Georgia
Mountains Center featuring Booker T. Tickets are $45/20/12, kids 6-12
are $5 and kids under 6 are free.

Friday, August 13 – “Road Wild” in Sturgis, SD at the Full Throttle
Saloon featuring Booker T, Scott Steiner, Al Snow, The Barbarian, and
Ron Simmons. Admission is free.

GXW sent this in:

GXW presents “Up Rising” June 19th!

Bradley Grover sent this in:

Big Time Wrestling TV
Taped April 18, 2010 at the WZMY-TV(MyTV New England) studios in Derry, NH
Aired June 18, 2010 on WZMY-TV(MyTV New England)
Hosts:Steve Sparta & A.J. Mitrano
Ring announcer:none
Announcers:Major Devereaux & A.J. Mitrano
Referees:Sal Gilliberto, Holyoke Joe

-In action tonight, Mr. TA vs “Sweet” Scott Ashworth. Plus Justin Credible and Rush are in action. Steve and A.J. are interrupted by Lord Wendell Weatherbee and Antoine Roy. Roy vs Zack Morris tonight(though Steve said Zack Static).
-MATCH 1:Justin Credible vs Lukas Sharp. Credible dominated the entire match until BTW Heavyweight champion Spike Dudley came out and distracted Credible enough for Sharp to roll Credible up for the pin. WINNER:Lukas Sharp
-Ads(BTW TV taping and BBQ at WZMY-TV[MyTV New England] studios[11 A Street] in Derry, NH on June 27, 2010[tickets are $7 each and only available at] with the BBQ at 12PM and bell time of 1PM, BTW fundraising, Pro Fitness Plus, Ticket Dugout)
-MATCH 2(Weapons match):Mr. TA vs “Sweet” Scott Ashworth. Ashworth came out with hands full of weapons. Ashworth used a baseball bat on the thumb TA uses on his opponents.Ashworth also used a chair and a saucepot. He chased TA to the dressing room and the match is called off. RESULT:No Contest
-Ads(BTW TV taping on 6/27, East Shore Athletic Club, BTW fundraising)
-MATCH 3:Antoine Roy(with Lord Wendell Weatherbee) vs Zack Morris. A.J. leaves the booth to do live commentary on the house mic. Roy hits Morris with the Alabama Slam and gets the duke with the “French Roll”. WINNER:Antoine Roy
-Ads(Superstar Pro Wrestling school, East Shore Athletic Club, Tortola Island Tanning, BTW TV taping on 6/27)
-The Patriot promotes BTW TV
-MATCH 4:Chi Guevara(formerly Chi Chi Cruz) vs Rush. Guevara starts in on Rush at the opening bell before Rush nails him with a sidewalk slam and getting the pin with a spinebuster. WINNER:Rush
-A video look at “Hurricane” John Walters “paid for by John Cena Sr.”
-NEXT WEEK:”Rising Star” Scott Reed takes on “The Biggest of Them All” Benny Juxx and Tony “The Fonz” DelFonzo faces a member of “Black Talent’d Wrestlerz” to be named next week.