Indy News Update #1 for July 5, 2010
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PTW sent this in:

RESULTS – Power Trip Wrestling – “Wild Weekend In Wellingborough” – Day Two (Sun 4th July 2010) – NEW PTW BRITISH CHAMPION! & much more!

Another very hot day in Wellingborough, saw Power Trip Wrestling take on Day Two of their ‘Wild Weekend in Wellingborough”. After the wild and crazy events of the day before, which saw the PTW World Title change hands, today, we saw another PTW title belt change ownership; as the PTW British Title took it’s turn in the spotlight. We also had an injury or two, and some typical ‘only at PTW’ moments! Here’s the results and round up…

* Jay Mustang defeated Sean Dymond.

* Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby defeated Kidd Pride.

* Jason James defeated TDH.

* PTW British Champion Mason Storm defeated ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes. This hard hitting match had everyone’s attention.

* Mr Portugal defeated Tommy Stevens w/ ‘The Wild Card’ Petey Player. The finish of the match saw Mr Portugal call Drewy Staniforth to the ring, and Drewy poked Tommy Stevens in the eyes; which was revenge of sorts for Drewy, after Stevens had shouted at him earlier in the match. A furious Petey Player shouted at his son for interfering, climbed up onto the ring apron to shout at the referee too, at which point Mr Portugal threw Tommy Stevens into the ropes, and Petey went flying to the floor with a nasty bump. Latest word is that Petey refused to go to the hospital, but the rumour is it could be a dislocated shoulder for the man in charge of PTW. Bar being seen having a conversation with the Mayoress of Wellingborough, this was the last we saw of Petey on the show….

* PTW World Champion Snare defeated Marcus Phayer.

* Damian Dunne defeated Pete Dunne. This match stole the show, completely. The two brothers went at it on the floor, and in the air; and literally gave it their all, with even the entire PTW roster watching from a distance.

* TITLE CHANGE : Jay Mustang defeated Mason Storm, to become the brand new PTW British Champion.

* Kidd Pride defeated Bill Duffy, and Bagheera, in a Triple Threat match. Kidd Pride was very impressive, on this, his first time in Power Trip Wrestling.

* Darren Wolf defeated Dragonian.

* Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby defeated Cy Gregory via disqualification.

* Tommy Stevens & Jay Mustang (standing in for an injured Danny Stevens) defeated Marcus Phayer & Kieran McKenzie, to retain the PTW World Tag Team Titles.

* PTW World Champion Snare defeated ‘Big’ Tom Baines. Baines came very close to what would have been quite the upset, and was very impressive, despite the loss.

* And in a Battle Royal, Mason Storm took some consolation, in that despite losing the PTW British Title on the day; he was able to defeated 14 other men and win the match.

As ever, all of us at Power Trip Wrestling wish to thank Wellingborough Council for having us this year, and are looking forward already to being involved with them next year. PTW’s next show is Saturday 10th July 2010, as we hit Rushden’s Party in the Park event; as we present ‘Brighter Than Diamonds’. However the situation with ‘The Wild Card’ Petey Player’s possibly dislocated shoulder plays out, you can be sure that he’ll be there with his Luton Town FC shirt on; and causing his usual amount of trouble.

The event is at Rushden Hall Park, Rushden, Northants, Northamptonshire, NN10 9NG; and Power Trip Wrestling will be there between 3pm to 5pm on the day. The HUGE main event signed, will see one of the biggest stars in UK Wrestling right now, the daredevil death defying high flying man who fears nothing – Jimmy Havoc – make his return to PTW, to face off against the PTW World Champion – Snare! Also announced is a triple threat match that will have local airports delaying their flights – as Damian Dunne, Pete Dunne, and Bagheera will clash in what will be cruiserweight action at it’s absolute finest. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Larry Goodman sent this report in:

Rampage Pro Wresting taped two hours of television at Johnny G’s in Warner Robins, Ga.

In the ring, RPW has the best quality wrestling in Georgia. They do more chain wrestling and mat work than the other places I visit. For the most part, the work is smooth with solid psychology, and they mix it up with the occasional dose of aerial pyrotechnics.

Something is missing, however, when it comes to gut level connection with their fans. This was the third taping since the new booking committee was put in place, and they’re educating the crowd to new directions. It’s subtle, slow building stuff that feels kind of remote at this point. There was no mic work at all, and this show could have really used some. If not, the crowd needs to see the vignettes on a big screen to get them up to speed on the storylines.

Attendance was down to 80. It’s a weekend best to avoid running. WWE canceled their 4th of July house show run due to poor ticket sales. NWA Anarchy dropped the first Saturday in July from the schedule starting in 2009.

(1) Drew Adler pinned Matt Black in a dark match at 6:13. No intro music due to technical problems. Black handled it well. Adler has a buzz cut now but he still looks like a dork. He doesn’t need to be on TV until he puts a significant amount of meat on those bones. JT Smooth was out on the ramp taking notes. Adler won it with a roll up. The crowd popped for the finish like they were glad it was over.

(2) Mike Kross beat Kyle Matthews (with Jimmy Rave) in 9:44. My favorite match of the night. Matthews demonstrated why he was voted top technical wrestler in Georgia for 2009, and Kross was able to hang right with him. The story is that Mathews has been struggling, and Rave has taken him under his wing. They opened with solid back and forth mat wrestling. Kross came off the ropes and Matthews caught him midair with a dropkick to take control. Matthews popped the crowd with big chops. All of his holds have that a snug, professional look to them. Kross used a koppo kick to spark a sequence of flying maneuvers. Kross knocked Matthews off the apron with a spinning kick, but Matthews evaded a dive by Kross and nailed him with a tope. Great sequence. But Matthews missed his vaunted Slurpee Kick and Kross swooped in with an Oklahoma Roll. They shook hands, and crowd showed their appreciation with a long round of applause for both men.

(3) Jimmy Rave beat Sean Logan via submission in 3:42 There was something about Logan that got under the crowd’s skin, so they were just fine with Rave trying to break his arm. Rave used a dragon screw leg whip to set up a heel hook and Logan tapped.

(4) Shaun Banks (with Cru Jones) beat Sugar Dunkerton to retain the RPW Heavyweight Title in 8:09. Banks was making his first title defense. The guy always looks cut, but he’s in currently in his best shape ever. Line of the night was a fan asking Jones if he purchased his suit at Elaine Bryant. Dunkerton goaded Banks into starting the match with a tip off. Instead of jumping, Banks blasted Dunkerton jaw with a forearm. Dunkerton responded with a hot flurry that included a kick in the ass and a flying body press. Banks was great with the facial expressions here. Banks worked on Dunerkton’s back with a camel clutch until Dunkerton caught him with a knee to the groin. Dunkerton’s comeback was spot on. He’s greatly improved the timing and crispness of his moves. Good match. Dunkerton did better than any other babyface on the card when it when it came to connecting the crowd.

(5) Usual Suspects (AJ Steele & Murder One) beat Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon & Tommy Too Much) and Jones Boyz (Mr. Jones & Velvet Jones) in 12 minutes. The usual deal where the heel teams work over the babyface team, but the heels undercut each other along the way. Steele hit a nice trapped arm belly to belly suplex on Velvet. Velvet’s work is not up to snuff, especially his offense and especially against a larger guy. It’s noticeable to the point it’s going to limit his push. They did a big melee on the outside and Velvet did a plancha into the pile. Back inside, Sermon hit a Saito Suplex on Velvet and told Suspects to finish him off. Steele slammed Velvet on the floor, but a miss of the ropes set up the hot tag. Mr. Jones cleaned house on the other three heels. Mr. splashed Too Much with Velvet riding him piggy back style. Goofy but the crowd liked it. Steele pulled Mr. out of the ring and Murder hit the RKO on Velvet for the pin. Questionable judgment for Mr. to tag Velvet in after the beating he had taken.

For hour number two…

(6) Cru Jones beat Michael Stevens in 7:16. This match didn’t work all that well. It was heel vs. heel, and the crowd didn’t like either of them, but at least they saw Jones as a star. They chanted “half pint brawler” at Stevens. It got really quiet after that. Stevens did comedy until Jones missed with a reckless charge. Stevens then swarmed all over him. Jones cut him off with a lariat and went to work. Stevens threw his feather boa into Jones’ face to set up a brief comeback. Jones reversed a backslide into the Lava Drop (Canadian backbreaker dropped into a DDT).

(7) Adrian Hawkins beat Mike Kross in 9:10. Hawkins opened up with an aggressive, mauling attack and never let up. He did a number on Kross’ neck. Kross didn’t get a hope spot until 7 minutes into the match. Kross sparked a comeback with Pele kick. He hit a sling blade lariat for a near fall. Hawkins hit his signature springboard back elbow and won it with the Unprettier. Good match.

It was time for the TV Title Tournament Four Way Final. The tournament came about as a result of the decision to merge the Intercontinental Title and the Cruiserweight Title. Three competitors had gained entry through qualifying matches. Commissioner Sal Rinauro introduced Jimmy Rave as the fourth with the explanation that Rave never lost the Intercontinental Title.

(8) Jimmy Rave (with Kyle Matthews) defeated J-Rod and Jeremy Vain and Caleb Konley in an elimination match to become the first RPW Television Champion in 20:49. Crowd support was split three ways, and they directed their verbal abuse towards Vain. The fans in Warner Robins have a cruel streak. None of the faces could gain a significant advantage, until Konley got a chance to shine, since he was going to be the first one eliminated. He cleared the ring of all competition and then hit a split legged moonsault to the outside. Rave submitted Konley with a heel hook at 7:45. Vain immediately jumped Rave and beat the tar out of him for several minutes. When Rave tried to mount a comeback, Vain tossed him through the ropes and into the rail. Rave finally hit an STO and hot-tagged J-Rod. Vain sold a barrage of kicks from J-Rod like each was a lethal blow. But Vain moved and J-Rod crashed into Rave, knocking him off the apron. Vain cheated his way into a couple of near falls, then got an honest one with a superkick, before fallin victim to J-Rod’s cross armbreaker at 16:20. J-Rod offered to shake hands, but Rave clocked him with a forearm instead. That got a reaction from the crowd. J-Rod ducked Rave’s running knee and rolled him up. J-Rod started digging into Rave’s chest with stiff kicks. Rave sold a knee to the chin like the lights went out for a moment, but kicked out at two. Rave had J-Rod’s superman knee scouted. Rave went for a pescado and got nailed with a kick for a near fall. They traded near falls. Rave hit The Move That Rocked the World. Referee Dustin Robinson counted three, but J-Rods foot was clearly under the ropes and the crowd knew it. J-Rod showed disappointment but didn’t bitch about the decision. Rave acted like he knew he got away with something. They did a show of good sportsmanship. It was kind of weird deal with three faces and one heel. The wrestling was good. Probably more near falls than necessary at the end. I really liked Rave’s subtle heel stuff.

NOTES: Former RPW Heavyweight Champion Bull Buchanan is committed to UIW through August, but RPW hopes to get him back down the road…Dunkerton will be doing a tour of Ireland for Irish Whip Wrestling in October…Dr. Johnny Gayton was written out of the story by the incident that aired on the June 26 episode where Exotic Ones broke his finger with a pliers. Gayton is currently …Austin Creed made his second trip to Japan from June 28 to June 30 to participate in a trios tournament for New Japan Pro Wrestling…Murder One is in the best shape of his career, as he’s doing up to 90 minutes a day of cardio…Murder One will also be one of my co-hosts along with Trent Van Drisse for a new show on the GWH Radio Network starting July 25 at 8pm…The format for the “Summer Sizzler” show on July 31 with Bryan Danielson will be a one hour taping and then a special non-televised portion similar to what they did with “Memorial Mayhem” event…The two hours of television taped will air on FOX 24 on Macon on July 10 and July 17…Former NWA Anarchy ref Brent Wiley made his RPW debut…Commentary was handled by Ben Masters and Bill Behrens.

Steven Ashe sent this in:

GCW “Canada Day Chaos” Results
Thursday July 01 2010

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“Canada Day Chaos”
Port Perry, Ontario
On the ball diamond @ the lake shore park
Ring Announcer: Gentleman Geoff
Referees: “Old School” Eddington James, Sean Cassidy (appearing as Fargo Toebath)
Guest Timekeeper: the wizard of id
Results credit: Gordo for

An outdoor show, free admission but donations for the Sick Kids Hospital were welcomed. Attendance started at around 150, grew to a steady 300+ and peaked at about 600. Lots of kids on the ball diamond surrounding the ring – 120 to 130. (Everyone else was behind the fence on bleachers or the grass bank leading up to the road.) Everyone had a blast.

-Gentleman Geoff welcomed fans to the show and introduced KC Andrews. KC said he was there to “celebrate the greatest nation on the face of the earth – the U.S.A.” because it kicked off the 4th of July weekend. Fans didn’t like that much and got even hotter when KC told them to “Stand up! Shut up! Put your hands over your hearts while I sing the Star Spangled Banner!” Andrews then began a torturous rendition of that song until (thankfully) he was interupted by the Super Wonderful Omnipotent Oval-Shaped Hero… aka SWOOSH. Words were exchanged, a challenge made and the first match was on…

1) SWOOSH def KC Andrews [6 min]
Lots of laughs as the cowardly bad guy KC Andrews was frustrated at every turn by the intergalactic superstar SWOOSH. He did have a couple of minutes where he had SWOOSH in trouble after delivering a series of chokes on the ropes but fell to a SWOOSH Superslam that landed him right on the back of his head. Fun stuff.

2) Brent B def Kenneth Crises [9 min]
Good back and forth match between two very fast competitors. Crises of course cheated at every opportunity and had fans in an uproar when he began mocking their chants in support of Brent while he choked the popular high-flyer on the ropes. Crises attempted to superplex Brent off the top but Brent was able to block the move and convert it into his Sliced Bread maneuver and win the match.

3) Triple Threat Match:
Tomer Shalom w/ Seleziya def “Surfs Up” Johnny Wave and Will Hunter [5 min]
Johnny Wave was HUGELY over with fans, especially the young girls. He didn’t have any friends IN the ring as Shalom and Hunter worked together to lay the beat down. They succeeded in grounding Wave – he didn’t pull off any of his high flying offense – but he did hang in there and kept bringing the fight to the bad guys with a couple sweet dropkicks really impressing the crowd. Shalom and Hunter began arguing and the alliance disintegrated into violence after they broke up each other’s pin attempts. Johnny rallied and dropped Hunter to the canvas with a low dropkick to the ankles then nailed a legdrop from the top rope. Shalom pulled Wave off the pin and tossed him out through the ropes and covered Hunter to score the win. (Seleziya held Wave so he couldn’t return in time to break it up. She hadn’t interfered in the match prior to that but was there when she needed to be.) Not a popular decision – fans wouldn’t have been happy if Hunter won either but it was a good match and a fine win for newcomer Shalom. He displayed some good ring savy by choosing his moments to engage and hanging back when the advantage wasn’t his to take. When he saw the chance to steal the pin on Wave he took it.

– GCW Promoter David Wyldstar gave Gentleman Geoff some t-shirts from sponsor Rue Morgue Magazine to toss to fans and then handed out tons of stickers courtesy of 2nd Star Comics. Kids rushed the ring to “pat the fat man and get a sticker”

4) Ladies Match:
PJ Tyler def Gabrielle Vanderpool [6 min]
PJ Tyler wasted little time in becoming the most hated female in Port Perry. She had fans, especially all the kids at ringside in an uproar with her attitude and arrogant demeanor. Oh, and the fact that she cheated a lot probably had something to do with it too. Vanderpool smoked Tyler with a huge boot to the head which sent her under the ropes and hanging over the apron. But PJ wasn’t totally out of it… She used that position to grab a handful of sand and when Vanderpool went to pull her back in for the pin she tossed the grit right in Gabrielle’s eyes. Blinded, Vanderpool was helpless to prevent getting scooped up and tossed hard to the canvas where Tyler scored the easy pinfall to win the match.

– There was more free 2nd Star Comic’s swag given away by David Wyldstar. Kids formed a huge line to get comics and/or stickers but this time they didn’t have to pat the fat man to get the stuff.

5) Sebastian Suave def Anthony Darko [10 min]
This was the match of the show. Good action in the ring and a wild brawl outside of it. During the brawl Suave catapulted Darko into the chainlink fence behind homeplate and the WILD Champion sustained a nasty cut on his head. It bled rather profusely and event organizers expressed concerns to promoter Wyldstar. He sent ref Old School into the ring to check Darko’s condition and to wipe the blood off his face. This meant match referee Toebath had to break up Darko’s figure-four that had Suave in trouble. The few moments it tool Old School to check that Darko wasn’t obviously concussed and okay to continue (and to wipe most of the blood from him) was definitely an opportunity for Suave to get a break. (Prior to the figure-four Darko had smashed Suave’s knee into the ring post a few times.) When the match resumed Darko again went after the leg with butt-drops while it was draped on the bottom rope but Suave was able to use his other leg to lever him over the top. Darko landed safely on the apron and returned to the ring with a springboard assault off the top but Suave met him with a kick to the gut and nailed a pedigree. He was too exhausted to grab a quick cover though and Darko escaped the pin. Following that they exchanged punches until Darko raked the eyes and dropped Suave to the canvas with some more fist work. He moved to reapply the figure-four but Sebastian grabbed him and rolled him into a pin to win the match. Fans swarmed Suave after the match while Darko had to be assisted to the back by the official where he received further medical assessment and treatment. A damn good match and proof positive why kids shouldn’t try this stuff at home or anywhere else. (This was a legit “hardway” injury in other words.)

6) 2 On 1 Handicap Match:
“The Entertainer” Buck Gunderson def Ali Atish & Amazing Darkstone [7 min]
This hugely entertaining match was exactly what the fans needed to lighten things up after the intensity and action of the surprise bloodshed of the previous bout. Gunderson was physically carried to the ring and tossed through the ropes by Kenneth Crises and Will Hunter. The former referee wanted no part of Darkstone and Atish. His frantic efforts to avoid combat were hilarious and strangely effective as his flailing and scrambling actually caused more damage to his opponents than their intended efforts at offense did to him. When Buck realized he might actually stand a chance of winning the match (or at least surviving it) he began to take the fight to Atish after Darkstone wiped himself out with an ungainly back-splash from the top rope. Gunderson rocked Ali with clotheslines, chops and a dropkick then dropped him with a big uppercut. He was so happy about that he began posing for fans which gave Atish time to rise and clobber him from behind. A still woozy Darkstone grabbed Buck and hoisted him in an airplane spin but Buck’s legs smacked Ali in the face. That collision caused Darkstone to fall and he dropped Gunderson as he did. Buck hit the mat hard and all three guys were down but one of Gunderson’s legs was across Ali’s chest and that was enough to count as a cover and he got the 3 count to win the match.

7) Crazzy Steve def Cezar [6 min]
It wasn’t Cesar’s day. Maybe it was not having his manager Ianna Titus at ringside or maybe it was because the taunting of fans got under his skin deeper than Steve’s teeth did. If you ask him, he’d probably say it was ref Old School that cost him the match because despite numerous attempts he couldn’t keep Steve down long enough for Old School’s hand to slap the mat 3 times in a row. (Eddie’s counts are consistant but slower than rust.) Cezar grew increasingly frustrated and verbally blasted Old School on a few occassions. It obviously took his focus away from the task at hand and he got surprised with a big boot to the face while attempting a spear in the corner – a move he’d successfully pulled off a couple times already. Steve finished a wobbly Cezar off with a DDT launched from the 2nd rope. So many kids swarmed Steve in celebration after the match he had to ask OWIE’s ringside photographer, Mrs Id, for directions on how to get to the back.

8) Canada Cup Battle Royal:
Referee “Old School” Eddington James won to become the 1st ever Canada Cup Battle Royal Champion. [6 min]
Eddie wasn’t an announced participant. He entered himself into the match for reasons he explained after his victory. Announced competitors were: Amazing Darkstone, Johnny Wave, Will Hunter, Kenneth Crises, Buck Gunderson, Ali Atish, KC Andrews, Brent B, Sebastian Suave, Tomer Shalom w/ Seleziya, SWOOSH and Cezar. (Anthony Darko wanted to paticipate but wasn’t given medical clearance due to the earlier injury. His blood was in the match though… all over Suave’s new white trunks.)
Order of Elimination:
Cezar by Kenneth Crises
KC Andrews by SWOOSH (Andrew hadn’t even entered the ring until SWOOSH pulled him in and then immediately tossed him over the top.)
Brent B by Tomer Shalom (with an assist from Seleziya)
Amazing Darkstone by Sebastian Suave
Will Hunter by an act of God. (or somebody)
Ali Atish & Buck Gunderson – Buck clotheslined Atish over the top but his momentum carried him over too
SWOOSH by Kenneth Crises
Johnny Wave by Tomer Shalom
Tomer Shalom by Sebastian Suave
Kenneth Crises by Sebastian Suave
Sebastian Suave by Eddington James
– After the match Gentleman Geoff asked Old School why he’d entered (snuck into) the match and Eddie replied “I’m gonna enter every battle royal in Ontario! I am the law in Ontario and it’s time these wrestlers realized it!”

GCW returns to Port Perry at the Skugog Community Center July 23rd