Indy News Update #1 for July 22, 2010
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J House sent this in:

HETV is having its Summer Server Sale…LAST CHANCE 50% OFF SELECT TITLES…Inventory liquidation to make room for new titles! Once they are gone…they are gone! All subscriptions for sale items will expire on 7/31/2010!
BACK-to-BACK episodes of WXWC4 Blast TV are streaming now on HybridEnt.TV! This will get you caught up on all the action leading into this past weekend’s Sportfest 2010…coming soon to HETV!
Classic CZW Fake You TV has returned tonight with episode #35, featuring Jay Briscoe versus Ruckus! Streaming now on HybridEnt.TV!

Follow us on Facebook and tell us what promotion you want to see on HETV. Leave comments, suggestions, requests and more… Search on

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

PWO TV 7/25 – “PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment” Countdown Special!

PWO – Pro Wrestling Ohio – your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

PWO TV regularly airs Sunday nights at 10:00 pm (check local listings for pre-emptions and additional replay times) exclusively on Sports Time Ohio, official television home of MLB’s Cleveland Indians. If you don’t get STO, call your cable or satellite provider today and demand it! For more information on channel availability, and on Pro Wrestling Ohio, visit PWO Online at

Pro Wrestling Ohio TV airtimes this week –

Sunday night, July 25: 10:00 PM & 3:30 AM

Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

“PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment” Countdown Special”!
We are officially now just days away from the biggest PWO event of the year! It’s “PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment” and it emanates from the Nautica Pavilion in downtown Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday afternoon, August 1st at 3:00 pm. This event will NOT be shown in its entirety on television, the only way to see every minute of this non-stop action is to be there live!

This Sunday night on PWO TV, join Joe Dombrowski in the PWO Wrestlelution 3 Control Center, as he runs down the full card and sets the stage perfectly for this entire event, with special clips, video packages and more! It’s everything you need to know about Wrestlelution just a week before the event this week on PWO TV!

Official PWO Wrestlelution 3 sub-site –

Preview Our Special PWO Wrestlelution 3 Video Packages!
PWO Wrestlelution 3 Video Preview –
PWO Title Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross Video Preview –
PWO Tag Titles No DQ Sex Appeal vs. Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe Video Preview –

Buy Your PWO Wrestlelution 3 Tickets!
$40 VIP Package (reserved seating, event program & poster, access to post-show meet & greet with everyone on the Wrestlelution 3 card!) – Available at
$25 Preferred Seating (first two rows ringside) – Available at and all usual outlets!
$20 Floor Seats (floor seating behind first two rows) – and all usual outlets!
$10 General Admission (bleacher seating) –, Nautica Pavilion, ticket outlets, check for more information!

Tickets will also be available at the venue the day of the event!

Complete Event Card –

PWO Title Match – “The Whole Shebang” JOHNNY GARGANO defends against “M-DOGG 20” MATT CROSS
Johnny Gargano spent much of the past 12 months doing everything he could to be a fighting champion, and to correct the demons of his past and be a champion based on respect and competition. However, when a mystery assailant began mysteriously attacking all of PWO’s top title contenders, the finger of blame was pointed squarely at Gargano. After months of being accused, ostracized, and kicked out of the locker room, videotape evidence proved that Gargano was an innocent man, and it was all a scheme devised by Matt Cross in order to tarnish the reputation Gargano had worked so hard to repair. Cross was upset over Gargano not granting him the PWO Title shot he had promised him last fall. Gargano had attempted to fulfill that promise, but an overwhelming list of title contenders and schedule from PWO management made the task next to impossible. Now, Cross has gone to desperate lengths to force PWO and Gargano to notice him, and receive the opportunity he’s waited a year and a half to receive. Cross fights to reclaim what he feels should have never left his possession – the PWO Title and the recognition of being the best wrestler in Ohio. Gargano is fighting for pride, for his reputation, and for his dignity – to undo six months of torture, and avenge six months of hell in one night. Who will prevail and be the undisputed PWO Champion?

Wrestling Legend “Hacksaw” JIM DUGGAN vs. “Megastar” MARION FONTAINE
Marion Fontaine has been very outspoken and critical of PWO all year, claiming their haphazard marketing ideas nearly led to the ruination of his career. After several very public and heated confrontations and rants, Fontaine was given what some call an opportunity to prove his claims as true, and others call a very deserving punishment for his selfish and demanding personality. Fontaine will battle a true legend of the sport… “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan! Hacksaw has been in the professional wrestling industry for 30 years, and is one of the most endearing and long-lasting personalities of all time. Duggan has captured numerous championships and has competed for the WWF, WCW, WWE, and countless other organizations. On August 1st, Duggan comes to Cleveland to meet his many fans, and to beat some respect into Marion Fontaine. Can Fontaine prove his claims or will Hacksaw prove who the real tough guy is?

RAVEN’s RULES: RAVEN w/Aaron Maguire & Mr. Brinks vs. JASON BANE
Evil agent Aaron Maguire has been at odds with Jason Bane since PWO’s inception in the fall of 2007. Maguire has tried everything and everyone to eliminate Bane from PWO, but nothing has gotten the job done. This past fall, Maguire placed a bounty on Bane’s head – anyone who could end Bane’s career would receive a very large cash reward upwards of $100,000. Still, no one got the job done, and Bane used the adversity as motivation, getting himself in the best shape of his life and proving why he is PWO’s “Most Dominant Man”. Maguire refused to be defeated, so he dug deep into his pockets to hire the services of Raven to meet Bane on August 1st and collect the bounty himself! Raven is one of the most feared and sadistic athletes wrestling has ever seen, a man who takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others, and has dominated ECW, WCW, WWE, and TNA, usually bringing recklessness and chaos along with him. On August 1st, Raven comes to Cleveland with Agent Aaron Maguire and Aaron’s bodyguard, Mr. Brinks, but Jason Bane is more than ready. This match favors Raven, however, as it will be under “Raven’s Rules”, meaning Raven himself sets the rules to the match, which usually results in NO rules! Will Aaron Maguire get his wish or can Bane overcome the biggest threat posed to him to date?

Sex Appeal have reigned a top the tag team scene since the start of 2010. With an unmatched confidence and overbearing ego, Bobby Shields, Bobby Beverly, and Nicki Valentino have considered themselves superior to all other athletes, not only because of their self-proclaimed sexy appearances, but also by the diabolical minds behind them that have kept them a step ahead of all their challengers. Two men Sex Appeal look down on more than anyone are “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron, who has battled cerebral palsy all his life, and Hobo Joe, a down on his luck street-dweller used to fighting to survive. Sex Appeal deemed these men “inferior” to them in every way, and took great pride bullying them, injuring them, and outsmarting them. Bobby Beverly has especially targeted Iron based on an incident last year where Iron knocked two of Beverly’s teeth out, sending the superficial star into a panic. However, Iron & Hobo played upon Sex Appeal’s insecurities to goad them into one final match against them… only it would be No Disqualification! Sex Appeal proved they have an ugly side with a recent vicious attack on Greg & Hobo on television, but are they ready for the wild environment of No DQ on August 1st with the PWO Tag Titles at stake?

PWO Television Title: “Omega” AARON DRAVEN defends against “Big Bear” BENJAMIN BOONE
Aaron Draven is PWO’s first, and only two-time, PWO Television champion. After being defeated for the title by N8 Mattson early this year, and injured by Mattson’s “Sons of Michigan” protégé “Big Bear” Ben Boone, it seemed Omega would be out of the title picture permanently. However, Omega returned six weeks later and, showcasing his trademark desire and ability to downplay and block out pain and injury, Omega pursued his goal until he not only received another title shot, but re-captured the gold! When a contract stipulation prevented Mattson from receiving a rematch, he sent the 270 lb. Boone in his place, with a focus and intensity we have seen building for months. Since aligning with Mattson, no one has been able to pin Ben Boone, a streak that has lasted nearly two years! Boone is at his best as he looks to take the PWO TV Title back to Michigan, but Omega will have to beat the near unbeatable to survive. Can Draven find a way to do what no man has done in two years or will the PWO TV Title return to the Sons of Michigan?

Krimson is a tortured soul, and the embodiment of evil. After ten years in wrestling, and many false promises and broken dreams a long the way, Krimson has unleashed his inner anger and is determined to take it out on the entire wrestling business. Krimson has injured countless young wrestlers in an attempt to inflict the same hurt onto wrestling that wrestling had thrust upon him. However, Super Hentai has stood up for these young athletes. Trained in Japan, Hentai stresses respect, discipline, and honor. Hentai works tirelessly as a mentor and trainer to wrestling’s young stars, looking to help the next generation instead of destroy it. Now, the best way to help is to destroy the growing cancer known as Krimson. Can Hentai save the PWO locker room from pure evil or will Krimson continue to run rampant?

When Michael Façade embarrassed Shiima Xion by handing him his first loss in PWO, Shiima went off the deep end and made it his mission to make Façade & his friends suffer. Shiima attacked Façade during an interview and blinded him by spraying him in the eyes with Façade’s own spraypaint. Meanwhile, Shiima hired the returning Gambinos, Mickey & Marshall, to travel to East Lansing, Michigan to attack Façade’s newfound running buddies, Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick, collectively known as Aeroform. However, just as Shiima & The Gambinos seemed most dominant, Façade & Aeroform regrouped, and officially united as The Ninja Elite Squad! After a warning message was sent to Marshall “The Bull”, Façade brought new meaning to “eye for an eye” as he blinded Shiima with spraypaint, much as Shiima had done to him. Now, Shiima is injured, as The Gambinos prepare for battle against Façade & Aeroform. Who will their partner be? Can The Gambinos still finish the job given to them by Shiima? Or can The Ninja Elite Squad survive the hit?

The Clash, Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender, dominated tag team wrestling in PWO in 2009, but when an injury struck Ballz down, the team destructed. Both men began to take credit for the team’s success… Ballz blaming his ever-present confidence & strategizing, Bender giving credit to his natural athleticism and ability to carry out the plan. Since then, Ballz has taken to managing the young team of Ryan & Winters, though his Clash-like strategies haven’t been embraced by his new-found team. Meanwhile, Bender has recruited the very men who injured Ernie Ballz in the first place, Luis Diamante & Isaac Montana, The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, in order to help his cause. Which of these men can best lead a team? We shall find out August 1st as they both lead charges into battle!

Portia is an internationally-renowned women’s star and one of the most respected in her field. Though, after some lackluster success in PWO it seemed she began to lose her mind. Convinced she, as herself, couldn’t compete in PWO, she transformed herself into “Dr. Monstrous” a less-than convincing superhero alter-ego. Her opponent is Ben Fruith, PWO’s gullible loveable loser, who has been forced into this match by the Sons of Michigan in order to prove he can do just ONE thing without screwing it up. Ben has been the victim of abuse and torture since day one in PWO, and with his dubious “Fruith Roll-Up” maneuver, hopes to finally score a victory. What will happen if Ben Fruith actually wins? What will happen to him if he doesn’t?

Plus: A special live musical performance by “Relic”!


Official Website:
Official Online Store:
Official YouTube:
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Official FaceBook:

Questions and comments on this press release, or requests for information on having your news site added to the list of recipients of this release, should be directed to

Pro Wrestling Ohio is a regional independent professional wrestling organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since opening its doors in October 2007, PWO has been televised via the Sports Time Ohio network, official television home of the Cleveland Indians, available in over 4 million homes via basic cable and available nationwide via select sports packages on both DirecTV and Dish Network. PWO utilizes the most exciting and talented professional wrestlers in the region today, with names such as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Jason Bane, Johnny Gargano, Portia Perez, N8 Mattson and Mike Tolar. PWO also works closely with various causes, having helped raise funds & awareness for such groups as the Cops & Kids program, Wrestler’s Rescue, and variety of other groups that aid worthy causes and communities. Pro Wrestling Ohio holds live events on a routine basis in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

Michael Tartaglia sent this in:


After being physically attacked by “Mr. Wrestling” Steve Corino and “The Certified Genius” Rob Dimension on Sunday, July 11th at the TWA show in Voorhees, New Jersey, TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart has been contemplating what recourse he should take.

“I didn’t want to make a decision out of anger and in haste,” said Goodhart, the TWA Commissioner. “I talked it over with the TWA owner, Mike Tartaglia, and we’ve decided to leave the fate of Corino and Dimension in the hands of the fans!”

“The TWA is about the fans,” Goodhart continued. “We value their support and opinion and I will abide by the decision of the majority. However, I will say this. If the fans vote for Corino and Dimension to remain in the TWA, I promise Corino and Dimension will be sorry that they did !!!”

VOTING CHOICES (copy and paste one of the following in the email subject line):

– Joel Goodhart should FIRE Steve Corino & Rob Dimension from the TWA

– Joel Goodhart should SUSPEND Steve Corino & Rob Dimension from the TWA

– Joel Goodhart should FINE Steve Corino & Rob Dimension

– Joel Goodhart should FINE & SUSPEND Steve Corino & Rob Dimension from the TWA

– Joel Goodhart should TAKE NO ACTION against Steve Corino & Rob Dimension

Send your vote to, and copy and paste one of the above voting choices into the subject line.

Please write your name, address and phone number to be eligible to win tickets in the body of the email.

One entry per person. (2) voters will be chosen at random and each will win (2) free general admission tickets to the Sept 25th show at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.

Voting will end Friday, July 30th at NOON EST and we will post the results at

For photos of the attack click here:

and at pgs 14-17 at this link

(Thanks to Dan MacMillian and for the photos)

September Events

TWA Pro Wrestling

Saturday, September 18, 2010*

Wescott Field

located at the corner of Fairview Dr. and Burlington Ave

Sewell, NJ 08080

Belltime 2 PM

Tix are ONLY $10!!!

(There are NO chairs for this event. Grandstand seating will be available or you can bring your own lawn chair or blanket!)

*This is an outdoor show. The rain date is Sunday, September 19, 2010, 2 PM at the same location. No refunds on tickets for any reason, even in the event that the rain date is used!

“Fundraiser to benefit Sewell Baseball & Softball”

All of our shows are FAMILY FRIENDLY and suitable for kids!!!

Scheduled to appear in SIX (6) BIG MATCHES (card subject to change): TWA Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant, TWA Tag Team Champions “The Best Around” TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell, Matt & Bryan Logan, “The Red, White & BLUE Express” The Blue Meanie & Kid America, “Hitmen” Tony Stetson & Michael Bruno, “The Sensei” Paul Lopresti, Cujo the Hellhound and many more.

For Sewell Baseball & Softball visit

For directions visit

For tickets and information visit

– Email tristatewrestlingalliance@yahoo.come OR

– Call 856-232-9332 (Hair By Dezign) OR 856-952-2255.

– Tickets can also be purchased in person at the field the day of the event.

TWA Pro Wrestling

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flyers Skate Zone

601 Laurel Oak Road

Voorhees, NJ 08043

Doors Open 6PM

Belltime 7PM

Tix are ONLY $12 and $10!!!

All of our shows are FAMILY FRIENDLY and suitable for kids!!!

Scheduled Card*

LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: “Hitman” Tony Stetson vs. “The Beast” Glen Osbourne…the match ends when one of the competitors cannot answer the referee’s count of ten!

Also appearing…

– TWA Heavyweight Champion, Breaker Morant

– TWA Tag Team Champions, “The Best Around” TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell

– The Logan Brothers

– from the Jersey Shore Chase Del Monte

– “The Platinum Poppa” Rob Eckos w/ Carlton P Hightower & Mr. Maxx

– “The Red, White & BLUE Express” former WWE Star The Blue Meanie & Kid America

– pending final approval of TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart for their actions on July 11, “Mr. Wrestling” Steve Corino & Rob Dimension


-former ECW/TNA Star Julio Dinero

– Adam Cole

– Damian Dragon

– Ryu Lee

– more to be announced

*Card subject to change

Tickets can be purchased at the door and at select locations or via paypal at

FLYERS SKATE ZONE Driving Directions:

For more information on TWA events, tickets, directions, TWA T-Shirts & Hats and advertising/sponsorship opportunities please visit ,

– email

– or call 856-232-9332 (Hair by Dezign/Mike). or 856-534-9145



These two regular members of the TWA roster continue to have great success in their exploits on the northeast independent wrestling scene. Dragon recently reached a personal milestone when he debuted for ROH TV Tapings on July 16th & 17th. He currently holds the WOW Heavyweight Championship. Cole won the World-1 North American Title on July 18th. Cole also currently holds the CZW Jr Heavyweight Championship and the MCW Rage Championship!!! In addition Cole recently made his WWE Smackdown televised debut and also has worked ROH and has dates with DGUSA and EVOLVE this weekend. The TWA is happy for both and we are proud to have them be a part of our shows!!!


This month’s TWA Fans of the Months are the brothers and sister trio of TYLER MALINOSKI (age 10), HUNTER MALINOSKI (age 6) and SAMANTHA LYNCH (age 11). Tyler, Hunter and Samantha are huge TWA fans and come to all our events with mom, Michele, and dad, Jeff. The family has helped support the TWA in many ways from their patronage to supporting TWA eBay auctions to bearing their TWA shirts and even helping arrange personal appearances for some of our wrestlers and securing venues to host TWA events. Tyler’s favorite TWA stars are “The Red, White & BLUE Express” The Blue Meanie & Kid America, while Hunter’s favorite is Shockwave the Robot. Samantha cites the Logan Brothers as her favorites. The TWA cannot thank this family of TWA enthusiasts enough for their support and the kids were presented with their Fan(s) of the Month Certificates live in the ring Sunday, July 11 at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, by Matt & Bryan Logan. Check our Fan of the Month web page at


TWA littlest fan was born this morning, July 18, 2010, at 8:32 AM, John Roland “Crusher” Udert, 8 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long. Congrats to mom and dad, Roland & Joy!!! Roland is the TWA Special Guest Ring Announcer, Merch-man and a million other things. Thanks to him and his wife for all they do and we wish you all good health and happiness!!!!!


-USMC Gloucester County, NJ Toys For Tots Chapter is having its 1st Annual Christmas in July Miniature Golf Outing. The date is July 24th and the time is 10 am to 4 pm. Hosting the outing is Niffty Fiffty’s Resturant at 4670 Route 42 (Black Horse Pike) Turnersville, NJ 08012. The Sponsor is Toys For Tots of Gloucester County NJ.

For more Information call (856) 629-2146.. For more Information call (856) 629-2146. Please come out to support this great event.


Visit TWA on FACEBOOK at

Visit our FACEBOOK Sept 25th Event Page at!/event.php?eid=143517565664037&ref=ts

Check out recent TWA News at

To buy both classic and current TWA DVDs, visit

TWA Friends Page

TWA Charities Page

M1Wrestling sent this in:

NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling presents “Friday Fight Night” on Friday, July 23rd at 8:05pm in Anaheim, CA!
MAIN EVENT: No. 1 Contender for the M1W Championship James Morgan & Cedric the Hitman v. Scorpio Sky & Jacob Diez
-Since James Morgan bought the services of Cedric the Hitman, the duo has left many battered and beaten. One is the M1W Champion Willie Mack, who has been inactive due to a concussion, which Morgan says will not make it to “Centre City Slam” this Saturday. Two others are their opponents Friday Scorpio Sky and Jacob Diez, both have fell victim to Cedric the Hitman and the former M1W Champion thanks to Cedric’s briefcase amongst other dirty tactics. These 2 will try to avenge the attacks on themselves Friday!

Last time in M1W: “The Professional” Scott Lost v. “The King of Strikes” Brandon Parker
-The career of Scott Lost which dates back 10 years will come to an end July 30th, but before he hangs up his boots, he will have one last match at “Friday Fight Night” against one the top up and coming wrestlers in the area in Brandon Parker. Please join us as we celebrate and honor one of southern California’s best one last time.

Nick Madrid v. Sheik Ariya Daivari w/David Troy
-Last week, The Sheik made it very clear that he is here to make changes in California and he has chosen M1W as his starting point. He also added the services of the maniacal David Troy as his manager. What these two have in store for everyone, we have no idea but one thing’s for sure, everyone better watch out! Nick Madrid, one that never backs down from a fight will attempt to slow these two Friday.

Sawada v. Tristan Archer
-M1W has gone global as two international newcomers to M1W go head to head Friday. Sawada from Japan, who has been dominant with offense combining Wrestling and Judo looks to continue his winning ways as he awaits his NWA Heritage Championship match from Oliver John. Archer from Paris France, looks to find his first victory and move up the ranks of M1W this Friday.

“Big Nasty” Jason Watts v. Gregory Sharpe
-Gregory Sharpe has just recently returned to California to continue the advancement of a young, promising career. What will be his first match back? “Big Nasty” Jason Watts, a guy since arriving in M1W, has left bodies everywhere with his dangerous “Murder Bomb” finisher.

Tickets for “Centre City Slam” on July 24th in San Diego, CA will be on sale!

NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling’s weekly “Friday Fight Night” comes to you live every Friday from the American Sports Center at 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805. Bell time 8:05PM, doors open at 7:30. Tickets are $6 for adults, $3 for students w/ ID and children 12 and under.

Then Saturday…

Steve Corino Wrestling Seminar-The Steve Corino Wrestling Seminar will be held at 10am on Saturday, July 24th, at the “Wrestling 101” Training Facility, located at the American Sports Center in Anaheim CA, home of the weekly M1W “Friday Fight Night” wrestling shows. The cost of the seminar is $50.

For information on how to sign up for this tremendous opportunity, email “Wrestling 101” at with “Corino” on the subject line, or call (714) 261-4861 for details.

You can find more information on “King of Old School” Steve Corino at his official wikipedia page at

And later that night…

NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling presents: Centre City Slam” live from the Downtown YMCA in San Diego, CA Saturday night at 7PM.

Main Event
Scorpio Sky vs. Shelton Benjamin
– On June 5th, Scorpio Sky defeated Joey Ryan & Johnny Goodtime in a triple threat match to earn a spot in Main Event at the biggest M1W show of the year against a mystery opponent. It was later revealed that the mystery opponent was none other than for WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin! Now two of the most naturally gifted athletes to ever step foot in a ring will go head to head for the first time ever.

NWA Pro/M1W Heritage Tag Team Championship Match
RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) (c) vs. Brian Kendrick & Paul London
– For nearly four months, The RockNES Monsters have been on a roll as the NWA Pro/M1W Heritage Tag Team Champions, overcoming any task that is put in their way. This might just be their toughest task to date as they face former WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick & Paul London who not only have that accomplishment under their belt, but also have more experience as a tag team than the current champions.

NWA Pro/M1W Championship Match
Willie Mack (c) vs. James Morgan
– This has been the most consistent and bitter rivalry in the history of M1W. Ever since Willie Mack became NWA Pro/M1W Champion, as the expense of former champion Morgan in a fatal four way elimination, Morgan has been at the throat of the champion, leaving him on the shelf with an injury, not only once, but twice. Willie Mack’s most current injury came at the hands of Morgan’s paid assassin, Cedric the Hitman, less than 3 weeks ago. Willie Mack has promised fans he will be in San Diego to defend his title, but many think Mack will not be at 100% if he makes it to “Centre City Slam.”

First Time Match
Joey Ryan vs. “The King of Old School” Steve Corino
– Since Joey Ryan’s split with C. Edward Vanderpyle, he has been on a tear in NWA Pro/M1W and has climbed into the NWA World Championship picture and looks to continue his winning ways against former ECW & former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino. Corino however, has other plans in mind and looks to catapult his way back into the NWA World Championship picture by defeating one of the top contenders.

Ladies Match
Buggy vs. Candice LeRae
– Over the past few months, Buggy has seen her popularity rise among the fans here in Southern California as somewhat of a rookie sensation. Candice LeRae seems to have taken exception to this and as the woman who paved the way for all women’s wrestling in Southern California, wants to make sure that she remains the queen bee here in SoCal.

International Tag Team Match
Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) vs. Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone)
– Dealing with arrogant Americans is not new to Los Luchas, however Anchors Away being from the San Diego area, may have the home field advantage, not to mention establishing their wrestling in San Diego also gives them a more lucha influenced style which a lot of times Los Luchas can use to catch people off guard and score victories. With Anchors Away being schooled in that style, Los Luchas may have to figure out an alternate means to defeat the San Diego natives.

SoCal Pro Match
SoCal Crazy vs. Tommy Wilson
– SoCal Pro is the local NWA affiliate in the San Diego area and have signed this match between two of its top contenders for the SoCal Pro Championship. This match, on this stage is sure to have a big impact on the ranking system and the challengers that the SoCal Pro office deems fit to go after their most coveted prize.

Generations Match
Disco Machine vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon
– Disco Machine is one of the original SoCal wrestlers who put this area on the professional wrestling map. His abilities have only gotten better as his skill and wisdom have grown. Peter Avalon is a relative newcomer to the area and is looking to not only get noticed, but force his way into becoming a household name by taking out an established veteran like Disco Machine.

International Singles Match
Ariya Daivari vs. Atsushi Sawada
– The NWA is known for having the best worldwide competition and this match is an example of that. Middle East and Far East collide as Ariya Daivari, the younger brother of Shawn Daivari, takes on IGF warrior Atsushi Sawada.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Jacob Diez, Andrew Hellman, Mikey Callahan & Nick Madrid vs. Cedric The Hitman, Kyle Webb, Jason Watts & Brandon Parker
– For those following M1W Friday Fight Night, you will notice that this 8-Man Tag Team Match consists of four individual feuds as the issues between Diez & Cedric, Hellman & Webb, Callahan & Watts and Madrid & Parker are all heating up each and every week they seem to be at each other’s throats. There are many combustible elements in this one.

Plus: The “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels will be on hand for autographs,

NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling’s “Centre City Slam” comes to you live every Friday from the Downtown YMCA at 500 W. Broadway Ste, B San Diego, CA 92101.. Bell time is 7PMPM, doors open at approximately 6PM. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for students w/ ID and children 12 and under.

*Card(s) subject to change
M1W info line: (714) 261-4861

PWF sent this in:


Place with Friends Radio ( will be the FIRST 24/7 Professional Wrestling Radio Station. Whether mainstream or indie, national or local, PWFR will cover it all, 100% FREE to fans! Top of the hour, every hour, you’ll hear news focusing on the days events in the industry. Followed by the best in professional sounding and produced talk radio with professionals in the Radio or Wrestling Industry. Our goal is not to break industry news, but rather to report it and share opinions. With live calls from listeners and guest from both mainstream and indie circuits, PWFR will host the most groundbreaking Professional Wrestling Radio Programs on the internet and terrestrial radio!

PWF Radio – Where Fans and Legends Come Together

Promoters, wrestlers, potential advertisers and fans can contact PWF Radio at:

The entire PWF Radio Production team is dedicated to bringing its great fans intelligent and thought-provoking pro wrestling talk. Tune in for opinions on the biggest pro wrestling news stories from the PWF Radio team, as well as respected professionals such as doctors, lawyers and more. Listen to in-depth and thought-provoking interviews with legends of the business, as well as some of the top stars of today.

Stay tuned for more details, and DON’T MISS THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH – AUGUST 2nd, 2010 at

PWF AKCESS (Forums):
PWF on Facebook: