7/23 ROH Results: Collinsville, Illinois

By Chris Martin, wrestlingobserver.com

Dave/Bryan: Excellent show at the Gateway Center

House of Truth over Bravado Bros

Erick Stevens lost to Grizzly Redwood by DQ when Necro interfered then
Skullcrusher made the save.

Roderick Strong beat Colt Cabana. Fun stuff from Colt which made for
Strong having some trouble keeping a straight face. Cabana came out
of it with a bloody mouth.

American Wolves won a ****1/2 match against Generation Me. Intro’d as
The Young Bucks, they heeled on the crowd and claimed to reside in
Orlando. This was a great bout.

Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn & Delirious defeated Austin Aries, Rhett Titus
& Kenny King. A-Double kidnapped Daizee after the match. Kevin Steen
jumped Black which led to the next match.

Kevin Steen was DQ’d against El Generico when he used a chair. Steen
was a great heel and generated real heat. This was another **** match
hampered only by the finish. Afterward, Generico did an incredible
dive from a camera scaffolding.

The Briscoes & Amazing Kong had a fun win over the Kings of Wrestling
& Sara Del Rey (who I haven’t seen for a while and looks really
good). This intergender bout had a lot of intergender violence. The
Kings sold several spots for Kong and she actually did a dive on all
the heels.

Jay Brisco closed the show thanking everyone.

No return date announced.