Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Palm Springs, California
July 23, 2010
Commentators: Nigel Sherrod & Lalo Gonzalez
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

We’re back for the 2nd episode of Lucha Libre USA’s “Masked Warriors”!

Tonight’s episode of “Masked Warriors” kicks off with Solid in Super Nova’s locker room talking about some Raspberry that he’s eating. Solid is teaching Nova about American foods and then Sydistiko comes in to deliver a message for Marco Corleone. He picks up one of Solid’s crackers and then says if Marco thought last week was rough, he ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’ and then throws the crackers in Solid’s face. Sydistiko runs out of the locker room and Solid says they can mess with Marco or him but never his food. He chases after Sydistiko but when he enters the hallway Lizmark Jr. attacks him from behind. Lizmark tosses Solid into the wall and beats on him as Sydistiko watches on. We here some commotion in the locker room and when the camera turns around Super Nova is laid out as well!

We’re in the 6-sided ring again this week.

Back to the arena and the announcers welcome us to the show. Tonight RJ Brewer will cut another promo as well as Magno going one-on-one with him, plus the First Round of the LL-USA Tag Team Titles Tournament which will see Super Nova teaming up with Charly Malice to face Lizmark Jr. & Sydistiko! They question if Nova is going to be able to compete after being jumped in the back.

“Man of Luxury” Lujo Esquire & Octagoncito vs. RelliK & Misteriocito

Lujo comes out to Notorious B.I.G. and he was the guy that had the vignette to hype him up last week. He wears a gold mask with some red overall-type gear. I believe he has wrestled under the Aaron Aguilera name in American and Mexico in the past. He’s going to be teaming up with one of the most well know Mini stars, the ORIGINAL Octagoncito. I believe Misteriocito is actually the brother of Mascarita Dorada. RelliK is probably recognizeable to most fans as he wrestled under that gimmick in TNA as well as AAA. He also wrestled in WCW and WWE as Johnny “The Bull” Stambolli. Octagoncito and Misteriocito will kick off the match. They lockup and Misteriocito takes Octagon down with a gutwrench slam and then he grabs Octagon by the arm, but Octagon nips up and then hits Misteriocito with an arm drag. Octagon goes for a dropkick but Misteriocito avoids it and then attempts to whip Octagon into the corner, but Octagon reverses it. Octagon charges but Misteriocito backdrops him up and over the top rope. Octagon lands on the apron and then hits Misteriocito with a shoulder block through the ropes. Octagon climbs to the top and dives off with a Diving Armdrag! Octagon then hits him with another dropkick. Misteriocito goes for a left hand, then a right, and then a leg kick but Octagon blocks every one of the strikes and then he dropkicks Misteriocito! Octagon tags in Lujo and Misteriocito tags in Lujo. Lujo (who is considerably bigger than RelliK height-wise) nails RelliK with a forearm smash and then another one as RelliK got in his face. Lujo then grabs RelliK and locks him in a side headlock but RelliK shoves him into the ropes. Lujo goes for a shoulder block but RelliK doesn’t budge. RelliK comes off the ropes and goes for one of his own but Lujo doesn’t budge either. They both hit the ropes and RelliK goes for a clothesline but Lujo ducks and then Lujo goes for a Big Boot but RelliK ducks as well! RelliK then hits a Flying Shoulder Block that does take Lujo down! Lujo rolls out to the floor and then grabs RelliK by the feet and pulls him out to the floor as he walked towards the ropes. In the ring Octagoncito and Misteriocito both climb to opposite corners! Octagon dives off the top with a Plancha on RelliK while Misteriocito dives off with a Plancha on Lujo, but both big men catch them! They both toss the minis into the ring posts! They slide back into the ring and exchange right hands and forearms. RelliK gets the advantage and then hits the ropes but Lujo shows some athleticism as he hits a Spinning Heel Kick! RelliK sits right back up and as he gets to his feet Lujo goes for a clothesline but RelliK ducks and hits a huge Superkick! RelliK mounts Lujo and nails him with repeated right hands and then he bites him! RelliK starts trying to pull Lujo’s mask off and then he hits a Vertical Suplex. RelliK grabs Lujo and then nails him with a big right hand and then he taunts him and starts crawling towards the camera. Misteriocito comes into the ring and starts kick and punching Lujo. Lujo just shrugs it off and gets to his feet which causes Misteriocito to drop to his knees and beg Lujo off. RelliK then hits Lujo from behind and then RelliK taunts him some more. RelliK whips Lujo into the corner but Lujo springs up to the top rope with quickness and hits a Flying Back Elbow! Lujo then kicks Misteriocito off the apron to the floor. RelliK rolls out a swell. Octagoncito and Lujo then dive together to the outside! Lujo with an inside Hernandez-like Plancha over the top rope onto RelliK and Octagoncito with a Tope Suicida through the ropes onto Misteriocito! Misteriocito rolls back into the ring and Octagoncito climbs up top and hits a Flying Cross Body, but Misteriocito rolls through it! 1…2…NO Octagon kicks out! Misteriocito whips Octagon into the ropes and then goes for a clothesline but Octagoncito catches his arm and rolls him up into a Crucifix! 1…2…3!

Winners: Lujo & Octagoncito via pinfall (Crucifix)

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials Lujo & Octagon are still celebrating while Misteriocito and RelliK are pissed. We then cut to replays of the highlights of the match.

In the back backstage interviewer, Rebecca Reyes, approaches Sydistiko and asks what happened with him and Soid, but he acts like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Sydistiko says she may want to look into another direction if she wants to find the ‘culprit’.

We then look at footage of Lizmark Jr. and Sydistiko attacking Solid & Marco last week. We then cut to clips of RJ Brewer’s anti-lucha promo from last week as well.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

In the back Charly Malice is trying to see if Super Nova is going to be able to compete and he says he can.

LL-USA Tag Team Championships Tournament 1st Round
Lizmark Jr. & Sydistiko vs. Charly Malice & Super Nova

Sydistiko wrestles under another mask as Puma as well as TJP (TJ Perkins) so I’m sure a lot of TNA and Lucha fans will know him. Under this new gimmick he wears a crazy looking red and black mask that actually has a zipper where the mouth is. He will be teaming with Lizmark tonight. Charly Malice is best known as Charly Manson from AAA (and now CMLL) and Super Nova is a guy that has competed mostly for CMLL during his career but is considered one of the more talented young stars in Lucha Libre. He was born into a very rich Lucha family. His father is the legendary Texano Sr. while his brother Texano Jr. is a fast rising young star in CMLL. CMLL stars Polvora, Mictlan, and Vaquero are also his cousins. Lizmark is rocking the braids now which doesn’t look bad on him. The commentators talk about all of the serious injuries Charly has suffered during his career (which he has suffered MANY of). Malice and Sydistiko will start the match off. They circle each other and then lockup and Sydistiko grabs Malice and locks in a wristlock and then slams him to the mat. Malice nips up to his feet and then hits an arm drag which frustrates Sydistiko. Sydistiko fakes out like he wants to do a test of strength with Malice and then pokes him in the eyes. Sydistiko then tosses Malice out to the floor and taunts Nova. Nova climbs into the ring and grabs Sydistiko by the waist as he tries to run away. Sydistiko turns around the waistlock on Nova and then shoves him into a Superkick from Lizmark! Remember Lucha Libre rules no tags are needed. Sydistiko rolls out to the floor and beats on Malice as in the ring Lizmark whips Nova into the ropes. Lizmark hits a back elbow followed by a Leg Drop. Lizmark then starts pulling at Nova’s mask as Sydistiko drags Malice back into the ring. Lizmark chokes Nova on the top rope as Sydistiko stands on Malice in the corner. Sydistiko hits a Sliding Dropkick to Malice in the corner and Lizmark ties Nova’s leg up in the ropes and kicks the knee. Sydistiko tosses Malice back out to the floor and then they both toss Nova into the corner. They whip Nova into the opposite corner and then Malice crawls back into the ring as they toss Nova back out. Sydistiko throws Malice into the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner and both Lizmark and Sydistiko hit big Running Clotheslines to Malice in the corner. Sydistiko tosses Malice once again back out to the floor and Nova climbs back in but only to get thrown right back into the corner and beat on by Sydistiko. Sydistiko whips Nova into another corner and then charges but Nova gets up a boot! Lizmark charges at Nova but Nova again gets up a boot! Nova then hits Lizmark with a clothesline and then Malice comes in and hits a clothesline on Lizmark again! Neither clotheslines take Lizmark down so both Nova and Malice hit Double Running Dropkicks to Lizmark that knocks him through the ropes and crashing down on the floor! Nova hits a gorgeous Somersault Plancha over the top rope onto Lizmark on the floor! In the ring Malice whips Sydistiko into the ropes and drops down to try and trip him up, but Sydistiko actually flips over Malice! Sydistiko then tosses Malice into the ropes and Malice springboards off the middle rope into a Springboard Armdrag! Malice follows up with a dropkick that sends Sydistiko into the corner. Malice charges and goes for what looks like a Monkey Flip but Sydistiko blocks it and sits Malice up on the top rope. Malice kicks Sydistiko off and then dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body and then he comes off the ropes and hits a Hurricanrana. Sydistiko rolls out to the floor and Malice fakes out a dive with a Tiger Feint (619) taking a page out of Rey Misterio’s book. That fake out caused Sydistiko to flinch and then Malice hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Sydistiko on the floor! Nova comes over and helps his buddy up and then Malice gets to his feet and slaps Lizmark. Nova and Malice roll Sydistiko back into the ring and then they whip him into the ropes. Nova hits him with a dropkick and then they whip Sydistiko into the ropes. Nova lifts Sydistiko up into the air and holds him as Malice was getting ready for something but Malice gets distracted by RelliK on the stage! Sydistiko is able to squirm out of Nova’s arms and then he shoves Nova into Malice which causes Malice to go flying out of the ring as the announcers wonder if it was RelliK that attacked Nova earlier. Nova turns around and goes for a clothesline on Sydistiko but Sydistiko ducks and Nova walks into a Spinning Sidewalk Slam for the pin!

Winners: Lizmark Jr. & Sydistiko via pinfall (Spinning Sidewalk Slam)

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from the break Sydistiko and Lizmark are still beating on Nova in the ring and then we look at a replay of the finish. After the replays Lizmark and Sydistiko are beating on Malice as well now. Marco Corleone runs out to make the save and he clears the ring. Marco chases Sydistiko and Lizmark to the back and then he helps the tecnicos to their feet.

We look at highlights from the Minis/Exoticos Tag Match from last week. We then cut to something that happened last week where Tigressa and Chi Chi are working out. Mini Park barges in and is pissed about Tigressa costing him the match lsat week. He’s speaking in Spanish and she cuts him off and says that she doesn’t know what he’s saying but she doesn’t like it. She gives him two choices, he can walk out the door or she can make him get out. He doesn’t stop talking so she goes nuts and starts screaming that she told him to shutup and kicks him in the gut and then slams him into a bench. She puts the boots to Park and then she and Chi Chi leave. Tigresa was showing some of that nuttiness that Kurt Angle surely saw when they were dating.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials Reyes is in the back trying to find out why Tigresa beat up Park. She says he’s annoying and asks if he’s nut. She’s says she had no idea what he was saying so she had to grab his head and bash it in.

We then cut to a new “controversial message prepared by RJ Brewer.” It has shots of an Eagle and then a woman in an American flag beach towel and then two kids dressed as Abe Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty. RJ Brewer says he’s from the greatest city in the United States, Phoenix and then we see more patriotic shots. He says he never had to scale a fence to get what he wanted and he cut lawns because he wanted to, not because he had to. Brewer says his mother is a very powerful woman and she taught him at a early age that if he saw something wrong he had to make it right. He says that’s what she is doing in Phoenix and that’s what he’s going to do in Lucha Libre USA. Brewer says he will take out every single one in the locker room that shouldn’t be there. He says to strengthen the borders to strengthen the country. A graphic then comes up that says “RJ Brewer: building fences, not bridges.” They’re pretty much insinuating that “mamma” is Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, I’m assuming.

In the back Magno and Mascara Purpura are showing Mascarita Dorada a new move when RJ Brewer walks in. He introduces himself and then says he doesn’t care how they do ‘it’ south of the border but in American you don’t dress like a bunch of…and then he stops and asks if they can even understand him. Magno stands up and starts speaking in perfect English. He says he understands him fine and then says he also knows when someone is being disrespectful to them. Brewer says he’s dressed like a professional wrestler and they need to learn his culture in his country. Magno tells him to calm down and lower his voice and if he didn’t get the memo this is “LUCHA LIBRE USA” which means they are bringing their culture to the ‘great’ America. Brewer again says he doesn’t care how they do it in Mexico and they need to learn his style. He says that means not hiding behind masks and tells him to show him what’s under his mask. Magno tells him to try and pull his mask off and Brewer swings at him, but Magno ducks and then slaps the hell out of Brewer and literally kicks him out of his locker room. Magno follows him out and Brewer answers back with right hands of his own. They exchange shots in the hallway and fight all around the backstage as we got to ANOTHER damn break.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials and Magno and Brewer’s brawl is continuing out into the arena as they’re going to get their match started!

Main Event
Magno vs. RJ Brewer

Magno and Brewer brawl on the stage and Brewer starts to walk towards ringside but he’s not safe there as Magno dives off the stage and onto Brewer with a Plancha! Nice spot there. Magno tosses Brewer into the ring and then he hits a Springboard Somersault Senton Splash! 1…2…NO Brewer kicks out! Magno then hits a Sliding Dropkick for another nearfall. Magno picks Brewer up and hits a Scoop Slam. Magno gets the crowd behind him and then hits a Standing Moonsault! 1…2…NO Brewer kicks out! Magno attempts to whip Brewer into the ropes but Brewer reverses it. Magno then actually flips over the top rope and to the apron frustrating Brewer. Brewer charges but eats a shoulder block and then Magno slingshots back into the ring into an attempted Head Scissors Takeover but Brewer blocks it and then slams Magno to the mat. Brewer beats on Magno on the mat and then he picks Magno up and whips him into the ropes. Brewer hits a Running Forearm and gets a nearfall. Brewer then picks Magno up and hits a Snap Suplex. 1…2…NO Magno kicks out. Brewer picks Magno up but Magno nails him with a leg kick and then a big slap. Magno whips Brewer into the ropes and then grabs a Side Headlock on Brewer. Brewer counters it with a Back Suplex! 1…2…NO Magno kicks out! Brewer climbs up top but then drops down and taunts the crowd. Brewer chokes Magno and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a Backdrop, but Magno Sunset Flips over him! Brewer rolls through it and then grabs Magno by the legs and locks him in a Sharpshooter! Magno fights the hold and slowly crawls towards the ropes to break the hold. Brewer tries to pull Magno’s mask off and then he kicks Magno and hit’s a clubbing blow to the back. Again Brewer tries to yank Magno’s mask off and then he connects with a European Uppercut. The announcers keep emphasizing that if Brewer does rip off Magno’s mask then he’ll be disqualified. Brewer picks Magno up and then slaps him and then he comes off the ropes but Magno catches him with a Flapjack out of nowhere! Magno hits a clothesline and then a Back Elbow and then he whips Brewer into the ropes. Magno hits a Hip Toss and then he whips Brewer into the corner. Magno charges but Brewer hits him with a back elbow. Brewer then charges but Magno backdrops him! Brewer begs for a ‘timeout’ and then Magno attempts to whip Brewer into the corner, but Brewer reveres it. Magno quickly leaps to the top rope and dives off with a Moonsault but Brewer moves and Magno lands on his feet! Magno then nails Brewer with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker! Magno then hits a Split Legged Moonsault off the top! 1…2…NO Brewer kicks out! Magno goes for a Back Suplex but Brewer lands on his feet. Brewer then grabs Magno in a waistlock but Magno reverses it only to have Brewer nail Magno with a back elbow. Brewer whips Magno into the corner and then charges but Magno gets his boot up. Magno then goes for a Running Mafia Kick but Brewer moves and pulls the referee into it causing Magno to accidentally hit the referee! Brewer then nails Magno with a clothesline as he was distracting by accidentally hitting the referee. Brewer covers Magno but there’s no referee to make the count. Brewer goes out to the floor and grabs a chair but it’s not a regular steel folding chair but one of those hard plastic ones that doesn’t fold with the metal legs. Brewer swings it at Magno but Magno ducks and then Magno rips off his mask and tosses it to Brewer as the referee comes to! Awww the oldest trick in the Lucha Libre book and we see it for the first time in Lucha Libre USA! The referee sees Brewer with the mask and calls for the DQ!

Winner: Magno via DQ

Brewer tosses Magno’s mask down in anger and Magno puts it back on before we see his face (he covered it the whole time). Magno laughs at Brewer as he throws a fit in the ring to close out the show.

Final Thoughts

Another solid show tonight, nothing too spectacular but nothing bad either. My biggest complaint is still that they aren’t introducing the characters and wrestlers enough and pretty much assuming the fans already know these guys. Give us a reason to care about Super Nova other than he does cool moves. Give me a reason as to why I should care that Charly Malice other than that he got his butt kicked. RJ Brewer is the one they’re doing the best with and he’ll get good heat from the Latino fans.

The opening bout was okay and RelliK and Lujo didn’t stink it up like I figured they would. I still hate RelliK but Lujo was pretty athletic for a big guy. Reminds me of a smaller version of Hernandez.

The Tag Match was really fun and both teams actually worked decently together. Nova didn’t show half of what he’s capable of. Malice looked to be pretty healthy but he is about 10 times slower and less athletic than what he once was. The right team went over as the rudos group is one of the top angles they’re pushing.

The Main Event was solid as well and I like Brewer’s character. The fans hate him and his gimmick is a cheap way to get heat. Magno is always impressive and looked great tonight. Everything about the match was good from the segment and brawl beforehand to the match.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Brewer and Magno’s argument and then brawl
Match of the Night: Lizmark Jr. & Sydistiko vs. Super Nova & Charly Malice (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B –

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Continuation of Heavyweight Title Tournament