Indy News Update #1 for July 26, 2010
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

DMW “Wrestling For The Rainforest” Results
Saturday July 24 2010

“Wrestling For The Rainforest”
Hamilton, Ontario
@ Zak’s Bar
Outdoor event held in the parking lot.
Ring Announcer: E. Duquette
Referees: Jon Turnip, Elvis Foley
Results credit: Gordo for

-This was apparently a charity event to help someone named Montana Goldrup journey to Peru where she will “help save the rain forest.” If she was AT the show it wasn’t announced to fans in attendance.

-As the show was held outside in the parking lot lighting was provided by Mother Nature (uncredited) and there was no microphone for the ring announcer. Music for wrestler entrances was provided by some guy who walked around the ring with a miniature ghetto blaster or radio or toaster / CD player or whatever it was.

-Prior to the official start of the show a dirty foul smelling street person wandered around bothering fans. This was NOT a legit Barton Street bum. It was “Homeless Bob”. Fans of the old Unit 13 shows might remember him as the dirty foul smelling street person that used to wander around bothering people there. He crawled under the ring like it was a bridge and made himself at home. A couple minutes later rogue police officer SWAT showed up, dragged him out and turfed him into the ring to begin the show’s dark match…

Dark Match:
Homeless Bob def SWAT by DQ [2 min]
SWAT was dq’d for hitting Bob with his nightstick. After losing the bout he continued (at the fans urging) to pound on Bob with the stick until he got gassed and left the ring.

-E Duquette shouted out the official greeting and opening of the show @ 6:25 PM – 25 minutes past the advertised start time. (Not bad.)

1) Anthony Darko vs KC Andrews ended in a 10 Minute Draw [7 min]
After a couple weeks of trading Facebook status insults and threats, Darko & Andrews provided a decent little opener that will hopefully lead to another match somewhere with a roof. After the match was ruled a time limit draw fans wanted 5 more minutes. So did Andrews – he had Darko in a crossface when the bell rang. I would have been happy with THREE more minutes since by my watch this 10 minute match only lasted 7 minutes. In any case, Darko declined to restart the bout and left.

2) Gauntlet Match:
a) Lithium w/ Rusty Barnett def Freak [1 min]
Judging from his outfit, Freak was channeling Goldust, Ace Frehley and an Agalmatophiliac but none of that outlandish gimmickry did anything to prevent the masked monster from destroying him with ease.
b) Lithium def Paul Wright [1 min]
It’s been a long time since Paul Wright has been in the ring and it showed. He did manage to briefly rock Lithium with a big boot to the face but fell victim to a spear. (In a strange coincidence, I wore a Paul Wright t-shirt to the show.)
c) Lithium def Tommy Power [1 min]
Another easy squash for Lithium as he quickly disposed of a guy nobody has ever heard of.
d) Lithium def Jessy Jones [3 min]
Jones & Lithium are pretty much the same size and Jessy isn’t a complete novice like Freak and Power or rusty like Wright so this final segment of the Gauntlet proved to be far more competitive than the first three. Jones got some offense in and even bodyslammed Lithium. Surprisingly, fans were solidly behind Jones for this bout and happily counted along during his corner punch. It was at this point that Lithium’s manager, Rusty Barnett, got involved in the action for the first time. He jumped up on the apron to distract the official and when Jones jumped down from his perch on the 2nd rope he landed balls-first on Lithium’s upraised leg. A spear after that led to the masked man being declared the winner of the Gauntlet. After the match Lithium beat on Jones a bit more.

-At this point a short but intense rain storm sent everyone scurrying for cover and efforts were made to dry off the ring canvas which gave everyone a 15 minute intermission

3) 6 Man Tag Match:
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea & Team Shake n Bake (“Vanilla Gorilla” Steve Brown & “Kung Fu” Logan Savage) def Josh Rogen & The Entourage (version: “King of KOs” Joey Kings & Mr Melo) [10 min]
Tons of fun (literally in the case of Brown & Melo) as these two teams attempted to wrestle in a soaking wet ring. Pure comedy gold – from Melo smoking during the match to Savage’s Mr Miyagi vocals to Josh Rogen’s pouty face and pasty white skin. Savage pinned Melo after hitting him in the cock with a can of Red Bull to win this match for the fan favorites. I don’t normally rate matches but I give this one 7 out of 5 stars.

4) “Surf’s Up” Johnny Wave def Sebastian Suave [13 min]
An absolutely fantastic match! Fans were totally into the action and there was plenty of that… and drama… and “holy shit” moments. Hands down the best match of the show.

5) Hot Ladies Action:
Sabrina Kyle w/ Leah Havoc def Alexis Dawn [4 min]
Kyle dominated this match. Her manager Havoc didn’t have to do anything but watch. Apparently Alexis Dawn was injured prior to this show during a training session and the beating Kyle gave her aggravated that injury which led to her zero offense and the shortness of the bout. If that’s true, she probably shouldn’t have been in there in the first place.

6) Main Event 4-Way Match:
“EZE” Eric Cairnie def Luis Aveiro, Rip Impact & “The Mastermind” Timothy Crain [5 min]
A very anticlimactic way to end the show. Five minutes? Most of it was EZE versus Impact because the other two brawled outside the ring all the way to the bar and never came back. Of course, they were probably only halfway through their beers when EZE superkicked Rip and got the win.

Steven Ashe sent this iN:

PWA Niagara Results
Saturday July 24 2010

PWA Niagara
“War on the Shore”
Crystal Beach, Ontario
Outdoor event – held on the beach
Referee: “Ref Bucket” Sam Cino
Results credit: S Manico for

Show started way later than advertised due to rain

1) Topher Whiteman def Matt Turnbuckle after a piledriver into the lake (a lot of kids at the show, MASSIVE pop for it). After the match, Turnbuckle pulled down Whiteman’s pants to show his pasty ass in a thong (legit eww)

2) PWA Ontario Championship:
Eddie Osborne retained against Former Childstar Rhys Greenaway via DDT

3) Joey Allen issued an open challenge – Krystal Banks accepted.
Krystal Banks def Joey Allen via schoolboy pin.

4) Geza Kalman & Dynamite Terzis def Pistol Pete & The Brooklyn Bull via a handful of tights/schoolboy

Next show Sept 18th @ Crystal Ridge Centre, Ridgeway

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Friday July 23
PWA – Prairie Wrestling Alliance
Calgary, Alberta
Credit: PWA Commissioner Kurt Sorochan

Apocalypse defeated “Ravenous” Randy in a best 2 of 3 falls match becoming the NEW PWA Mayhem Champion.

Chris Steele defeated Brandon Van Danielson and post match gave a heated promo challenging PWA Heavyweight Champion “T-Bone” Jack Sloan to a title match with the guaranteed title shot briefcase in hand…!

PWA Cruiserweight Champion, Alex Plexis defeated the “Enigma” Camikaze in a close match to retain the title.

Pete Wilson & Evan Adams pulled an upset beating the veteran team of Tex Gaines & “Butcher” Bill Yates sustaining the beating of their careers in getting the win.

The former PWA Canadian Tag Team Champions, Super Wild imploded challenging each other to a match. Later in the night Mattias Wild defeated “Superfly” Dan Myers which looks to be the start of an all out war!

Danyah defeated Belle Von Black by submission with both ladies bringing their “A” game!

Michael O’Brien sent this in:

Tickets are on sale now for the kick-off of the Northeast Wrestling 15th Anniversary Tour!

This superstar-packed show feature two major matches: Mickie James vs Awesome Kong and Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin. Plus, Bryan Danielson (formerly WWE’s Daniel Bryan) and much more!

Complete information appears below. We hope to see you on October 1!