Those were the last words spoken by Davey Richards after he failed to take the ROH World Title from Tyler Black at “Death Before Dishonor VIII” (available on DVD) in one of wrestling’s best matches of 2010. From Richards’ perspective, it was his inability to defeat Black that cemented Black as a deserving champion, as a champion of value, worthy of carrying the belt that Richards feels signifies most prestigious championship in the world.

Tyler Black, not one to rest on his laurels, immediately signed on for a World Title defense against “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen that took place this past weekend in Chicago, IL. Proving his ability to battle under any circumstances, a bloody Black survived Steen’s offensive onslaught, and made the bloodthirsty Canadian submit to a Sharpshooter in the center of the ring.

Upon returning from last weekend’s Midwest Tripleshot, Ring of Honor officials were greeted with a phone call; the voice of Davey Richards simply stating: “I need a rematch with Tyler.”

As a part of the “Pick 6”, ranked sixth to be exact, Richards is entitled to petition for another shot at the ROH World Title. Pick 6 rules allow for a competitor to challenge for the championship twice before being dropped from the rankings altogether, and another title match would be Richards’ second and final opportunity.

“I’m well aware of the rules,” stated Richards. “And I know getting officials to grant me another title match so soon after my loss [in Toronto] is probably a waste of time. I tried like hell to take Roderick Strong’s guaranteed shot at the belt and I came up short. But time’s a-wasting, and I’m willing to prove myself. Tyler Black is a champion’s champion; there’s no denying that any more. So I say this: Tyler Black versus Davey Richards. No titles at stake. Just man-to-man. If I beat him, I’ll have MORE than earned a title rematch. If I can’t get it done, then come the end of December it truly may be time to walk away. But until that day, there’s still a hunt that will never die, and the kill is in sight.”

ROH World Champion Tyler Black was more than ready to accept the rematch when contacted by ROH officials. “In Toronto Davey Richards brought out the best in me,” said the champion. “He taught me some things, and made me dig deep inside to parts of myself I never knew existed. That was a pure athletic fight. Steen, on the other hand, made me bring out a side of myself I haven’t seen since the Age of the Fall. He made me feel animalistic – crazy even – and that felt good too. Put the two together, and that is what I will bring to the table with Davey when we do this again. So bring your hunt Davey Richards, I accept your proposal, but remember this…it is Tyler Black who will never die!”

The ROH faithful won’t have to wait long because Black/Richards II will take place in Charlotte, NC on August 28th when ROH debuts at the Metrolina Trade Expo. Can Black slay the Wolf again and possibly for good, or will Davey come up victorious and give ROH Officials no choice but to hasten a Championship Rematch? Get your tickets now for part two of one of the most talked about clashes of 2010!

Tickets for this epic rematch are on sale and available now here! Between this match and Ultimate Endurance, you don’t want to miss out! We’ll see you in Charlotte!!

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