Indy News #1: WWC, IWC, ACW and Will Owens

Indy News Update #1 for August 15, 2010
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Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

WWC Puerto Rico: Hugo Savinovich announces Carlito vs Mesias on the event Septiembre Negro

Jesse The Mark sent this in:

The International Wrestling Cartel presents
Saturday August 21st, 2010
Court Time Sports Center
95 Enterprise St. Suite 100
Elizabeth, PA 15037
Belltime: 7:30 PM

Ringside Reserved: $25
General Admission: $20
Kids 10 & Under GA: $15


War Games Cage Match:
–IWC Champion Jimmy DeMarco, “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney, & IWC Owner Chuck Roberts vs. “Big League” John McChesney, Jon Bolen, & Bubba the Bulldog
When the match was made by Bubba the Bulldog that Jimmy DeMarco could choose any partner to take on John McChesney & Jon Bolen, nobody expected the words “Chuck Roberts” to come from Jimmy D. With Bubba’s added provision that Jimmy D’s partner could not be on the active IWC roster, DeMarco immediately thought of a person who he’s been trying to manipulate in his own way since January when he bought Chuck matching motorbikes, like Vince & Hogan did. At first, Chuck didn’t give DeMarco an answer. But when he got the news he was waiting for, he told DeMarco he’d stand by his side. What news did Chuck want?: Larry Sweeney is medically cleared to wrestle. At first, Bubba the Bulldog appointed Sweeney the special guest enforcer for the match. But with Sweeney medically cleared to wrestle, he could join alongside DeMarco & Roberts against a trio of McChesney, Bolen, & Bubba himself! But Bubba refuses unless Sweeney answers it himself… which he will do on July 10th in Clearfield, PA!

IWC Super Indy Title Cage Match – Escape The Cage:
–IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion defends against Super Hentai
Following Shiima Xion’s Super Indy IX tournament victory, it seemed the obnoxious young superstar turned a new leaf, asking his trainer Super Hentai to join him in the ring for his celebration. Instead, it turned into Xion’s public bashing of Hentai, demeaning his accolades and tearing down his career. Xion revealed he was the man under a similar mask to Hentai’s who knocked Hentai off the top rope in his opening round match with Azrieal, getting Hentai counted out and eliminating him from the tournament. Hentai snapped as Shiima said he was ashamed to call Hentai his trainer. The announcement was made that the two men would do battle inside a steel cage on August 21st to settle their differences! Can Hentai beat some respect into Shiima? Or will the “Filipino Flex Machine” prevail over his former mentor?

Grudge Cage Match – One Fall To a Finish:
–Eric Lee Schwab vs. Justin Idol
Cold, Calculating and Ruthless are three word to describe the actions of Eric Lee Schwab after his actions during intermission at Clearfield Cataclysm 3. As IWC Owner Chuck Roberts stood in the ring with Justin Idol’s girlfriend Chrystin Rice who was helping sell 50/50 raffle tickets, Eric Schwab walked to the ring with Chest Flexor demanding a Cage Match with Justin Idol at Caged Fury. Roberts tried to get Eric to the locker-room to discuss further, but Schwab was in no mood for negotiating. When Roberts refused to agree to the match, Eric, like an animal attaching his prey, grabbed Chrystin by the hair demanding that Justin come out and agree to the match. Soon after Justin arrived pleading with Eric to let Chrystin go…leaving Justin no choice, he agreed to the match. Just as Eric seemed to be satisfied with Idol’s acceptance, Eric then gave Chrystin a DDT from the second rope, thus signing the match in blood! Luckily, footage of this incident was captured by a concerned fan and given to That footage along with remarks from Justin Idol. How could the two best of friends have become such mortal enemies? Why would Eric do this to a man who he once called a friend and an innocent woman? These two men will meet to settle the score on August 21st inside a Steel Cage at Caged Fury!!!

IWC Tag Team Title Match:
–Flippin’ Ain’t Easy defend against Aeroform
One of the more anticipated un-caged matches at Caged Fury 2010 is the newly-signed tag team title match. The champions Jason Gory & Michael “The Bomber” Facade, collectively known as Flippin’ Ain’t Easy, will be making their second defense of the titles against Aeroform! Louis Lyndon and Flip Kendrick made their official IWC debuts at Super Indy IX, competing in the tournament. Despite both men being eliminated in the first round, IWC officials were impressed with their performance, and their performances as a tag team outside of IWC in other promotions. They were so impressed, they granted the duo a shot at Gory & Facade! Meanwhile, Gory & Facade are the preeminent high-flying tag team in IWC, and they plan on making sure everybody knows that on August 21st! Who will come out on top when these two gravity-defying duos tangle in Elizabeth, PA?!

No DQ Match:
–“The Front Man” Logan Shulo vs. “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano
After ruining his chances at Super Indy IX, Logan Shulo will get his hands on Johnny Gargano at Clearfield Cataclysm 3 in a No Disqualification Match! At The Road To Super Indy IX, the two men teamed together against Flippin’ Ain’t Easy. When Shulo went to use his mic stand in the match, Gargano interfered and grabbed it from him. Shulo then attacked Gargano with the stand, a trend he seems to be starting. In fact, the last time in Clearfield, Shulo defeated Jimmy Vega$ using the mic stand. At Super Indy IX, Shulo attempted to use the stand on Gargano once again, but it backfired and “The Whole Shebang” advanced in the tournament, all the way to the finals. But now, anything goes, everything is legal, and Shulo is sure to try and use his now-trademarked microphone stand on Gargano! Will Logan have the last laugh? Or will Gargano finally settle the score with “The Frontman”?

Winner Determines War Games Advantage – Radford represents Team DeMarco while Day represents Team McChesney
–Dean Radford vs. Brandon Day
For the first time ever, “The East Coast Killer” Dean Radford will be taking on IWC newcomer Brandon Day! Day made his IWC debut in April at The Road To Super Indy IX in a Proving Ground Match. After viewing his performance there, “Big League” John McChesney hired Day to take out Radford at Clearfield Cataclysm 3 after McChesney bowed out of the match. Radford had an ace up his sleeve, and instead put a youngster he’s been mentoring, Cingsley, in his place. Day defeated Cingsley, and IWC Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog signed Day to an IWC contract immediately following. His first match under contract will see him represent Bubba, McChesney, and Jon Bolen’s team as he takes on Radford, who will be representing the opposing team of IWC Owner Chuck Roberts, IWC Champion Jimmy DeMarco, & “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney. If Radford wins, the Roberts/DeMarco/Sweeney team will get the man advantage in the War Games Cage Match later in the night. If Day gets the victory, the Bubba/McChesney/Bolen team will get the man advantage in the cage. Will Day be able to best the IWC veteran? Or will Radford continue his dominance in IWC?

Super Indy Title #1 Contender Match
–Johnny Gargano vs. Colin Delaney vs. Logan Shulo vs. Samuray Del Sol
A huge four-way with Super Indy Championship implications has been added to Caged Fury 2010! Former Super Indy Champion Johnny Gargano, Colin Delaney, Logan Shulo, and the debuting Samuray Del Sol will be squaring off for an opportunity to take on the IWC Super Indy Champion, may it be Shiima Xion or Super Hentai, at a later date. Gargano and Shulo have had their issues in the past, culminating with Gargano getting a clean victory over the “Front Man” at Super Indy IX, only to fall to Shiima in the finals of the tournament. He’s been on the hunt for the Super Indy Title since he was forced to vacate the belt due to injury in October 2008, a mere 2 weeks after winning the belt. Shulo has been looking to make his impact in IWC, and his first shot at IWC gold would be just the chance he’s looking for. The returning “Extremely Cute Wrestler” Colin Delaney had an epic showing at Super Indy IX this year, going through the first round and having a show-stealer with Azrieal in the semi-finals. Can this be his route to Super Indy glory? The wild card in this match is the debuting Samuray Del Sol. An up-and-coming luchadore from the windy city of Chicago, Del Sol has been plying his trade at organizations such as Dreamwave, Lucha VaVoom, GALLI, and AAW, and is now looking to make an impact on the east coast. Who will emerge the #1 Contender to the Super Indy Championship after Caged Fury?

–Jimmy Vega$ vs. Sebastian
After defeating Super Hentai in a Ladder Match at Clearfield Cataclysm 3, John McAuley Sebastian won over the hearts of the IWC fans, the recognition of the locker room and even the respect of Super Hentai. Sebastian’s successful showing in Clearfield has earned him a full time spot on the IWC roster. Sebastian’s first challenge will come from none other than the former IWC Champion, Jimmy Vega$. Vega$’s friendship with Bubba the Bulldog is well documented so there’s no doubt why this match was signed. Jimmy is an IWC veteran who doesn’t take too kindly to strangers. Especially those looking to make a name for themselves in IWC. Will Sebastian’s first appearance at the Court Time Sports Center be successful? Or will the former Champion stop the plane before it takes off??? Find out on August 21st at Caged Fury!!

–Los Dagos invited by Bubba the Bulldog!
IWC Director or Wrestling Operations, Bubba “The Bulldog,” has invited Hosea and Hoseb of Los Dagos to appear at Caged Fury on Saturday, August 21st at the CTSC in Elizabeth, PA. After being introduced at Clearfield Cataclysm 3 by IWC Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco, Los Dagos have stirred up controversy throughout IWC. Their resemblance to the Gambino Brothers, Mickey and Marshall is unmistakable. However, as a recent interview conducted by Joe Dombrowski shows they, along with Jimmy DeMarco, deny and relationship to the Gambinos. The Gambinos are no longer employed with IWC and therefore cannot compete under any circumstances. Sources close to Bubba say that he is livid with DeMarco and plans to address this situation at Caged Fury. What will happen when Bubba confronts Los Dagos and Jimmy Demarco? Will the new tag team be allowed to compete in IWC, or will their true identity be revealed? Find out at Caged Fury!!!

—Plus much much more!

Tickets are available now on!
IWC’s 2010 Schedule:
The upcoming IWC schedule has been tweaked slightly. Please adjust your calendars accordingly!

Clearfield Cataclysm 4
Saturday September 18th, 2010 – Clearfield County Fairgrounds in Clearfield, PA

No Excuses 6
Saturday October 23rd, 2010 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA

Winner Takes All
Saturday November 20th, 2010 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA

Tickets are available now on or by e-mailing !
The Iron City Wrestling Academy To Hold Tryouts Throughout August!
The IWC Iron City Wrestling Academy (ICWA) will begin new classes in August 2010 with Head Trainer Justin Idol along with IWC Superstars Shiima Xion and Jimmy DeMarco. Tryouts will be held throughout August 2010 at our facility in Jefferson Hills, PA (in the South Hills of Pittsburgh off of Lebanon Church Road near South Park, PA.) Tryouts will be held Sundays starting July 11th, and weekdays based on requests.
Email for more information.
The International Wrestling Cartel has been western-Pennsylvania’s largest and most exciting wrestling promotion for almost 9 years and 100+ live events. Using a healthy dose of established talent like Delirious, Daizee Haze, Ricky Reyes, Irish Airborne, and Sami Callihan, along with an impressive array of fast-rising local talent such as Shiima Xion, Jimmy DeMarco, Johnny Gargano, Jason Gory, and John McChesney, a mix of guest superstars such as Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, Shane Douglas, Raven, The Sandman, and more, IWC has grown to become one of the most successful indy promotions today. For more information go to, visit us on MySpace at, or on Facebook at You can also subscribe to our Twitter news feed at

Dennis Wright sent this in:

In less than a week, Atomic Championship Wrestling (ACW) makes their
Phoenixville debut as they

present “Headlock On Healthcare & Hunger” on Saturday night, August 21, 2010 at
CAT-Pickering Campus Gymnasium in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

This is a charity show, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting two of
Phoenixville’s finest non-profit organizations – The Clinic, 143 Church Street,
and Phoenixville Area Community Services (PACS), 257 Church Street.

CAT-Pickering Campus Gymnasium is located at 1580 Charlestown Road,
Phoenixville, PA 19460
Doors open at 6 pm with a belltime of 7 pm
Tickets are $12 each, $10 with a canned good donation, and kids 5 and under are

Phoenixville vs Pottstown Tag Team Match
Former WWE superstar The Patriot & Tommy Golden (representing Phoenixville) vs
King Kahlua & “The One Man Warning” Bill Bain (representing Pottstown)

Special Attraction Match
WWE Hall Of Famer Nikolai Volkoff vs CM Serenyi

ACW World Tag Team Championship – Special Guest Ring Enforcer Simply Sexy Scotty
Phoenixville’s Heavy D & ECW Original Rockin Rebel challenge ACW World Tag Team
Champions Ed House & High Voltage w/ECW Hat Guy – Phoenixville’s John Bailey!

ACW World Heavyweight Championship – Three Way Dance
ACW World Heavyweight Champion Joey Mansoni vs Jon Dahmer vs “The Forgotten Son”
Twisted Tate

ACW Tri-State Championship – Four Corner Match
Champion Serious Business Andy Header w/ECW Hat Guy – Phoenixville’s John Bailey

vs Kitt vs Hayne vs Fabulous Fred Flash

ACW Welterweight Championship – Three Way Dance
Champion Magus vs Billy Ray vs Pretty Fly w/ECW Hat Guy – Phoenixville’s John

Tag Team Match for No 1 Contendership for ACW Tag Titles
The Perfect Ten – Jason Havok & Chase Helms vs Urban Legends – Kras Van Tassel &

Rick Ryder

Petrucci’s Water Ice On A Pole Match
The Hardcore Hillbillies – Moonshine Frank & Bubba Lucky vs Rikki Lane & Braydon


Louis G. Rich & Brandon Bishop vs Psychotic Erotic – Evan Nemo & Adrian Bliss

An Over The Top Rope Battle Royal (The winner receives a future ACW championship


Scheduled to appear on August 21st
“American Bulldog” James Dylan
The Gang
Tom Musetti
Referees Tonya Stevens, Dave Curley, Zack Carlucci and Dan Marx

More matches and talent to be scheduled

There will be a 50/50 raffle and several auction items to be bid on. Tony’s
Family Restaurant is the official food vendor for this event. Sponsorships are
still available for this event!

Corporate Sponsor is Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust, and Main Event Sponsor
is the Rotary Club of Phoenixville – thank you both!

Get your tickets by messaging me on Facebook, Myspace, and
headlockonhealthcarehunger or by calling 484-948-0215 – the official Headlock On

Healthcare & Hunger hotline! Be sure to watch your local newspapers and
television for more information on this huge summer blockbuster!

Please come out and support these two great organizations who do so much for the

Phoenixville community, and see the ACW superstars in action! We’re bringing pro

wrestling back to Phoenixville!

Check out ACW’s Website or on Facebook at
Acwprowrestling DenverPa

William Hatfield sent this in:

Ultimate NWA’s Wild Thing Will Owens is now on The Wrestling Hotseat at

As one of the promoters leading the resurgence of the National Wrestling Alliance with his promotion Ultimate NWA, the man known as Wild Thing joins me to discuss his career, promotion, and the National Wrestling Alliance. We discuss many topics including:

Getting Started in Wrestling…

Thoughts on Bill Behrens…

Thoughts on Mike Posey…

Wrestling legends like Adrian Street & Bullet Bob Armstrong ..

The creation of Ultimate NWA…

Thoughts on the future of the National Wrestling Alliance and what promoters can do to draw better…

Memories of a great and varied career…

and Much More!

You can listen to the interview at via streaming flash player or mp3 download for free at

Learn more about Wild Thing Will Owens and Ultimate NWA including the roster, shows, and upcoming DVD releases at or

For booking info contact Bill Behrens at


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