Indy News Update #1 for September 1, 2010
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SSW Power Half Hour 8.29.10 Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour for 8.29.10 featuring Misty James vs. Jessie Belle, Interview with Misty, Interview with Iron Cross, News on all the upcoming events in the area! A visit with Beau James and Ducth Mantell, Jerry The King Lawler Video and in the Main Event David Young and Sigmon vs. Ray Idol and Beau James.

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Former WWE, ECW, TNA Referee Mike Posey is now on The Wrestling Hotseat at

He left WWE and one night later was back on the regional circuit, but this time as a wrestler! The former head ref of ECW, Mike Posey joins me to discuss his career, thoughts on the wrestling business, the differences between WWE and other organizations, the treatment and life of a referee and so much more. We discuss many aspects of his career including:

* OWD –obsessive wrestling disorder- what is it? is there a cure?
* NWA Wildside & Bill Behrens and how they helped him to be ready early
* Joining TNA as a referee
* His try-out for WWE
* WWE’s development promotion Deep South Wrestling
* Joining the ECW brand
* appearing at two WrestleManias and the pressure
* Wes Adams, as the Official Express
* Winning the Alabama Junior Heavyweight Championship & being the current NWA Tennessee Junior Heavyweight Champion
* NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title currently held by Mike Quackenbush.

and Much More!

You can listen to the interview at via streaming flash player or mp3 download for free at

Learn more about Official Mike Posey at

For booking info contact Bill Behrens at

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Independent Wrestling Federation


IWF Desperate Measures Weekend Day 2
Saturday, August 28, 2010 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. “The First-Team” Varsity Marc Corino & All-Star Austin Williams w/ Commissioner Casino defeated IWF Tag Team Champions “Imperial Dictatorship” Bruising Bookworm Frank Scoleri & German Menace Kraig Stagg to win the titles.

2. Illusionist Damian Adams participated in a special “Illusions of Grandeur” Magic Show.

3. IWF American Champion God’s Gift Aaron Stride wrestled Kevin Knight to a 20-minute time-limit-draw.

4. Juicy Justin Corino won the Lucky 13 “Casino Royale” Over-the-top-Rope Rumble. Participants included Hi-Definition Chris Steeler, Illusionist Damian Adams, Latin Lover Chachi, Stellar Travis Blake w/ Alissa, The Mastodon Franciz w/ Jennifer, Doctor Hurtz, Hush Holiday, Uncle Pat, Frank Scoleri, Marc Corino, Donte Arcade and Johnny Rodriguez.

IWF Desperate Measures Weekend Day 1
Friday, August 27, 2010 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. German Menace Kraig Stagg won the Lucky 13 “Casino Royale” Over-the-top-Rope Rumble. Participants included Bruising Bookworm Frank Scoleri, Stellar Travis Blake, Juicy Justin Corino, The Mastodon Franciz, Varsity Marc Corino, All-Star Austin Williams, Hush Holiday, Uncle Pat, Jana, Alissa, Jennifer and Joey Tyler.

2. IWF American Champion God’s Gift Aaron Stride participated in a special “Year of Allure” Fashion Show.

3. Kevin Knight defeated Cameron Matthews w/ God’s Gift Aaron Stride by disqualification.

4. Dangerous Danny E. defeated Illusionist Damian Adams in a Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match.

5. IWF Heavyweight Champion Hi-Definition Chris Steeler defeated Latin Lover Chachi to retain the title.

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