Mike Davidson of WFX Wrestling is accusing Ring of Honor of stealing video footage of Charlie Haas from “WFX OVERLOAD” promoting his upcoming appearance along with Shelton Benjamin at ROH’s Glory by Honor event on September 11.

WFX CEO Jeff Dyck added, “Well the way I see it, ROH can send WFX a payment for the money they saved from not having to go to Texas to produce footage of their own to promote Charlie Haas, that they instead chose to steal which that they had absolutely zero rights to from our Company.”

Davidson also continued, “Its a piss poor business move from a Company that is a bit of a joke if you ask me. We would never be in a position to do the same because in our humble opinion, guys such as Delirious, Chris Hero and Austin Aries pale drastically in comparison to the brand name talent we use. Would they do this to TNA, or WWE? No of course they wouldn’t but today they did a hell of a job of legitimizing our Company.”

The only problem is, ROH never stole the footage to begin with. Prowrestling.net is featuring comments by ROH’s David Lagana, who works with all of the production aspects of the company.

Lagana added, “No footage of Charlie Haas was ever used on any ROH on HDnet TV show. No video of Charlie Haas was used in any ROH VideoWires or ROH Commercials. The only images of used of Charlie and Shelton used were still photographs sent via the talent. The only video we could find that seemed to fit his description was this fan created video posted on Youtube.com.”

The clip has since been removed from YouTube by ROH due to copyright claims. WFX has yet to issue a response to their prior claims of ROH stealing video footage.