Indy News Update #1 for September 5, 2010
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This week’s program features News on Sept 18th Kingsport TN event, A classic match with Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Hulk Hogan, Words from Dutch Mantell along with a classic Dutch match, A music Video of Jeff Tankersley and Eddie Golden and words from Tankersley, Beau James and Misty James come along with all the news on events in the area. And in The Main Event SSW Tag Champions John Noble and Earl Fields defend vs. Mike Cooper and Shane Royal



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Worldwide Star of Professional Wrestling, Martial Arts and Movies, Ray “Glacier” Lloyd is now on The Wrestling Hotseat at

Driven is an understatement! Ray Lloyd has consistently reinvented himself since the beginning of a fantastic career. You’ve heard all about Glacier, now get the rest of the story. We go in depth from his early high school sports career all the way through his time in Japan’s vicious UWFi to his current success in movies and television . Ray also discusses at length the men and women who influenced him and helped to shape him into the success story he is today. Ray also dispenses valuable advice and tells some really amazing rare stories! In this 96 minute interview we discuss many aspects of his career including:

* Memories of Brunswick High School football and the coaches who influenced
* His advice for kids on the fence about getting into sports
* Memories of his family and how his dad and mom influenced his careers
* Thoughts on getting into Martial Arts and the men who trained him
* R.D. Swain his college teammate and tag team partner in The Blazer
* Being trained by veteran wrestling Fred Avery
* being given the ring name “Sugar Ray” Lloyd by Tommy Rich
* The 1989 Great American Bash tour
* Working with The Great Muta at a house show in Atlanta
* Being paired to work with Muta at the request of Muta and the late great Gary Hart
* Working in UWFI as a guest of renowned shootfighter Nobuhiko Takada
* The match with Tamura
* Thoughts and memories of Lou Thesz
* A hilarious story about him and Billy Robinson
* A chance meeting with childhood idol Evil Knieval
* His relationship with Dusty Rhodes and Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling (TCW)
* Thoughts on Nightmare Ted Allen
* The creation of How to promote yourself/marketing manual for wrestlers
* A New awareness campaign, Wrestling with Addiction
* Starring in the Movie River of Darkness with Kurt Angle
* His upcoming film and acting projects including the film Panama and a new Coke zero commercial


and Much More!

In this revealing interview, the man behind Glacier, talks about many of the often overlooked aspects of his life and career. This is Glacier as you’ve never heard him before! We discuss in depth two new projects that Ray feels give back to the community that helped make into the star he is today. The first of which is a FREE Marketing How To guide for wrestlers who are wanting to take the next step to success. This free guide is provided by Ray directly and you can get a copy by writing directly to Ray Lloyd via email . We then talk about a great new program that Ray has joined alongside Dr. Ehrlich of Imagine Your Recovery Outpatient Rehabilitation. The name of the Program is Wrestling with Addiction: Imagine Your Recovery and can be learned about by visiting This outpatient drug and alcohol addiction rehab program is completely confidential and for those out there struggling, in and out of the business, you can get the help you need without the fear of discovery or disclosure. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, just send them the link, it might make all the difference. All this and much more in this new interview!

You can listen to the interview at via streaming flash player or mp3 download for free at

For booking Ray Lloyd/Glacier for wrestling, autograph signings, or personal appearances, please contact Bill Behrens at or visit


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