Ring of Honor passed this along:


On Saturday night, August 28th prior to the Ultimate Endurance match for the ROH World Tag Team Titles, a challenge was issued from one participating team to another.

The All Night Express of Rhett Titus & Kenny King want a piece of Jay & Mark Briscoe under the bright lights of New York City and the worldwide iPPV audience for “Glory by Honor IX” on GoFightLive. The challenge though was NOT for a tag match; rather it was for a pair of singles matches: Kenny King vs. Jay Briscoe and Rhett Titus vs. Mark Briscoe. As you will soon see in the ROH Video Wire, The ANX see themselves as the superior wrestlers not only in tag team wrestling, but individually as well.

“We started on our own,” said Kenny King, “…and we excelled. Individually we are bad men, but what’s that old saying? The whole is greater than the individual parts? That fits the All Night Express to a ‘T’. The Briscoes, no doubt they can rock on their own, but they rely on each other too much. They forgot what it’s like to stand on their own two feet. That alone is reason enough why The Pretty Boy Pitbull and Addicted to Love are going stomp all over your asses in The Big Apple.”

Jay & Mark Briscoe were informed of this challenge shortly after the conclusion of the Ultimate Endurance match in Charlotte, and suffice to say the words a bloody Jay Briscoe had for Rhett & Kenny were…vulgar. Again, check out the upcoming Video Wire for the former ROH World Tag Team Champions retort. Suffice to say that the boys from Delaware were more than happy to accept this challenge from The ANX.

Jay vs. King, Titus vs. Mark, “Glory by Honor IX”, live on iPPV. Will Kenny & Rhett take home the “W” like they did at “Death Before Dishonor VIII”? Or will Jay & Mark take these upstarts down a notch like they did at “Supercard of Honor V”? Check it out, September 11th at http://www.gofightlive.tv/.