Indy News Update #1 for September 16, 2010
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John Lynch sent this in:

VPW 9/11/10 – Never Forget

1. Four Corner Elimination

Flames w/ Mikey Old School d. Johnny “Muscles” Marinara, Reggaedones w/ Tina San Antonio & Razzle Dazzle w/ Jacob Hendrix

Before the match began, Muscles dedicated it to his hero, Jason Static, and promised the fans that he would prove he is not the biggest loser. Razzle Dazzle was eliminated first by Flames. Muscles was then able to pin Reggaedones only to then be defeated by Flames. After the match, “German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt stormed the ring and assaulted Old School and Flames. Von Schmidt then ran down America. Having seen and heard enough, The Patriot hit the ring. He challenged Von Schmidt to get in the ring and have their match right then and there, but Von Schmidt backed off.

2. VPW New York State Championship

VSK (c) d. Jay Delta

VSK was able to male it one year as champion by defeating one half of the VPW Tag Team Champions. After the match, VSK mentioned Ricky Reyes winning the 2010 Gold Rush Rumble and saying that he wanted the best, VSK. VSK made it clear that he was ready for their 10/9/10 showdown in Centereach.

3. Tina San Antonio w/ Reggaedones d. Dani DT

Once again with some help from Reggaedones, Tina San Antonio was able to defeat Dani DT. After the match, San Antonio and Reggaedones continued to go after Dani. Suddenly the Zombie ran down with Black Rose to help even the odds. We later found out that there will be a mixed tag team match on 10/9/10 featuring these four.

4. Jerry Fitzwater Show w/ Mack Daddy Flexx

Accompanied by Grop and Jacob Hendrix, Jerry Fitzwater came out singing a special American themed song. His guest was VPW Champion Mack Daddy Flexx. Fitzwater attempted to get to the bottom of Flexx’s recent behavior. Unexpectedly, Richie Tyler appeared in street clothes to confront his longtime friend. It looked like Tyler had gotten through to Flexx, but that didn’t last long. Flexx cracked Richie Tyler in the head with the belt and literally kicked him out of the ring. Joe So Delicious ran out and tried to go after Flexx, but Flexx jumped out of the ring leaving Hendrix and Grop as the only thing standing between him and Joe. Joe took Hendrix’s guitar and smashed him over the head. Flexx was gone by then. Fitzwater wondered why things like this keep happening on his show.

5. “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes & E.J. Risk d. Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh)

It looked like the FFB were on their way to a huge victory, but Reyes and Risk stole that from them. After the match was over, Reyes and Risk wanted to make an example out of the FFB. They grabbed chairs right out of the audience and whacked the FFB. They then placed the chairs around the necks of the FFB and were about to jump off the top rope onto the chairs, but VSK ran out with a chair of his own as an equalizer. Reyes and Risk backed off and VSK helped his friends up. Reyes told VSK that he’d be taking the title on 10/9/10.

6. Zombie w/ Black Rose d. Xandar Page

Zombie defeated on half of the VPW Tag Team Champions. It was not a good night for Eclipse.

7. VPW Championship

“Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious d. Mack Daddy Flexx (c)

It appeared that Joe had Flexx’s number and was about to become the new VPW Champion. It also appeared that Flexx saw that too. In order to keep the gold, he took the coward’s way out and got himself intentionally disqualified when he once again hit Joe with the belt. A fallen Joe then challenged Flexx to a no disqualification match on 10/9/10 in Centereach.

8. Flag Match

“America’s Hero” The Patriot d. “German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt

In an epic battle, the Patriot grabbed the flag of the USA and defeated Von Schmidt an epic match dedicated to all those who were lost nine years ago. The Patriot proceeded to wave the red, white and blue flag, leading the fans in a USA chant to end the night.

VPW Upcoming Dates

10/9/10 – “You Wanted The Best” – Centereach VFW Hall

11/20/10 – Centereach VFW Hall

12/4/10 – “December Devastation” – Deer Park Community Center

Already announced for 10/9/10:

-VPW Championship – No DQ Match

Mack Daddy Flexx (c) vs. “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious

-VPW New York State Chmpionship

“Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes vs. VSK

-Mixed Tag Team Match

Reggaedones & Tina San Antonio vs. Zombie & Dani DT

GXW Wrestling sent this in:

GXW comes to the Hopewell Community Center

this weekend for another live, action packed event!!!


View GXW Live!…jpg in slide show

GXW Live!!!

The Hopewell Community Center

September 18th, 2010 this Saturday

100 W. City Point Rd. Hopewell, Va 23860

Admission $5 Bell Time: 5 O’clock


Do you have a sponsorship banner for your company that you would like put up ringside during a Ground Xero Wrestling event?

For more information about this, contact:

GXW owner Mr. Cullen: (804)-356-0583

GXW marketing department: (804)-382-8577

BULLSMC sent this in:

WSU Returns on 11/6 to Union City Show With Our Most Star Studded Line-Up Yet, Tickets Now On Sale!

To order tickets directly visit:


WSU Announces 11/6 Return Show

WSU the leader in womens wrestling and the company that brings you more womens wrestling shows than any other company today, is proud to announce our next major event on 11/6. As with all major WSU events, this will be a double-DVD taping, so fans can see two huge shows for only one price!

Here are the quick details:
WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU)
WHEN: November 6th, 2010
WHERE: The ACE Arena, Located at 725 Sip Street in Union City, NJ
TIME: There will be a convention where fans can meet everyone on the roster from 3PM-5PM. The first DVD taping will start at 5:30. The second DVD taping will start approximately 8PM.
TICKETS: Tickets will be $25 at the door, but all pre-order tickets will be only $20. Tickets are now on sale.
CONTACT: For questions about the show, email
You can follow us online at, and

When WSU returns on 11/6, WSU will be holding two special cards that will be filmed for DVD release. We are announcing the first several matches for the first DVD taping. Matches that take place on the second taping will be determined after the events of the first DVD taping. All talents appearing on the first DVD taping will be appearing on the second DVD taping.

Here are the matches that we can announce for 11/6

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez (If still champion) vs Uncensored Rumble III Winner Jazz

Unsanctioned All Guts, No Glory Championship Match
(c) Angel Orsini vs Alicia

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Brittney Savage w/The Cosmo Club vs Sassy Stephanie

WSU Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Cindy Rogers & Jana w/The Cosmo Club vs The Belle Saints (Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle)

First Time Ever in WSU!
Former TNA Knockout Champion ODB vs International Superstar Portia Perez

Jessicka Havok (Representing Rain’s Army) vs “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee

Amber (Representing The Boston Shore) vs Brittany Force

ALSO APPEARING: Rain, Traci Brooks, Serena, Divina Fly, Jamilia Craft, Latasha, Destiny, Melissa Coates, Jennifer Cruz, Rick Cataldo & you never know who will show up in WSU next!!!

Breaking Developments:
—Mercedes Martinez looks to remain WSU World Champion when we head to 11/6. However, due to Martinez’s busy schedule as WSU World Champion, it is not guaranteed she will be champion on 11/6. If someone else is to defeat Mercedes Martinez, they will be defending the championship against Jazz on 11/6. Jazz earned the right to get a one-on-one World Title match on 6/26 when she won the Uncensored Rumble III event.

—Angel Orsini has snapped and has created her own championship in WSU, called the “All Guts, No Glory” Championship. Orsini has explained what this championship is all about in a special 8 minute video, which you can see at!/vid … 8720818157
Orsini & Alicia have been tangled up in a bitter feud that started on back at the J-Cup this year on 4/2. These two, after 7 months, will finally have a return match. More on this explosive dream match coming soon.

—Rain has been granted a WSU World Title match on 11/6. She will face the winner of the Mercedes Martinez/jazz match on 11/6 on the second DVD taping. WSU needed a World Title match for our second DVD taping and after listening to arguments from everyone on the roster, WSU decided to give Rain a title shot. Rain made it clear to WSU that she never signed a contract to have Molly Holly be a special referee in her Third Anniversary Show title match against Mercedes Martinez. Rain was also the second to last person eliminated in the Uncensored Rumble and since Angel Orsini can not get a title shot (the person who was lastly eliminated in the rumble) due to the ironwoman stipulation, WSU has decided that Rain has earned a title shot based on her body of work in WSU. Of course this news doesn’t sit well with Angel Orsini, but Rain is ecstatic. Rain will be competing on the first DVD taping on 11/6 and of course will have a keen eye on the Martinez/Jazz match. Ever since Rain debuted in WSU nearly two years ago, she has always had her eye on the WSU World Title. 11/6 may be the day she finally realizes her career goal.

—Based on the events of our 8/6 show, where Tina San Antonio scored a pinfall over WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers and after the brawl that ensued after that match, WSU is granting the Belle Saints their first ever WSU Tag Team Championship match. Brittney Savage of the Cosmo Club said that Cindy & Jana will meet this challenge with ease. Savage also said that she will finally debut her new member of the Cosmo Club on 11/6 as this person has signed a contract with her. Savage said she is done dealing with Alicia after winning the Spirit Championship back on 11/6. Savage in the past has tried to recruit Angel Orsini as well as Alicia, so it should be interesting to see if the Cosmo Club shows up when Alicia and Angel do battle on 11/6.

—Sassy Stephanie has been granted a WSU Spirit Championship title shot on 11/6 after her impressive showing in the 8-woman tag match on 6/26. This will be Stephanie’s first shot at WSU gold. Stephanie, who will be celebrating her one year anniversary in WSU on 11/6 is looking to capitalize on this opportunity, but with the Cosmo Club looking to become stronger than ever before, Stephanie may need eyes in the back of her head.

— Pro Wrestling Illustrated will be on hand on 11/6 to honor Mercedes Martinez. PWI will be giving Mercedes Martinez her “WSU Wrestler Of The Year” Award For 2010. PWI will also be acknowledging Martinez’s ranking in this years Top 50 Females of Wrestling, as Martinez was the highest ranking womens wrestler, ranking in at 3, only behind the WWE & TNA womens champions. However, WSU fans really know who the best in the world is right now, and we will be celebrating Martinez’s historic reign as WSU Champion.

— ODB makes her WSU debut on 11/6. WSU, in the interest in presenting the most interesting and best matches possible have matched her up against Portia Perez. This will be a first time ever match in WSU and a match featuring two successful wrestlers that use different styles. Could this match affect the WSU World Title picture? The outcome of this match may determine that.

— Jessicka Havok, the enforcer of RAIN’s ARMY, has asked WSU for Amy Lee on 11/6. Amy Lee, one to never back down from a challenge, has accepted. Havok is looking to prove that she is the most dominating force in WSU. Amy Lee is one of the most dominating forces in WSU. Expect a major kick ass brawl between these two bad asses.

— Amber of the Boston Shore will be solo on 11/6 as her tag partner Lexxus is unable to make the event. Amber, who has had success in WSU single’s competition, looks to continue her winning streak against Brittney Force. However, Amber has her eyes on Traci Brooks, as both have unresolved issues from the Third Anniversary Show. Both will be in the house on 11/6, however in separate matches.

— Latasha, the two-time former Spirit Champion will return to WSU on 11/6. Latasha, a WSU original, has been part of the company from day one. Latasha is looking to get back into title competition. As of press time, no match has been announced for her.

— Rookie sensation Divina Fly will be in the house and you can bet she will be bringing her moonsault with her. Many veterans in the WSU locker room have their eye on this rookie upstart. Her tag partner Niya is unable to make the 11/6 event, so Divina Fly will focus on her singles career. WSU is a land of opportunity and Divina Fly will look to seize the day on 11/6.

— Returning to WSU on 11/6 are both Melissa Coates & Jennifer Cruz. The last time these two were seen in WSU, respectively, was at the King & Queen tournament, when Mercedes Martinez handed Coates her first pinfall loss in singles competition. Cruz on the other hand, hasn’t been seen since 12/12/09 when she teamed up with Angelina Love to defeat Rick Cataldo & Jana. Cruz is ready to return after injury, while Coates has regrouped and is looking to dominate WSU. It should be interesting how these two get re-acquainted in WSU.

— There are brand new DVDs shipping on today including the MERCEDES MARTINEZ vs MICKIE JAMES WSU World Title Match!!! Check out for special DVD deals.

— WSU will have more match announcements and talent additions in the upcoming weeks.

WSU thanks you for reading this press release. Tickets ARE NOW ON SALE! Visit to order directly

For more on WSU, please visit