Indy News Update #1 for September 22, 2010
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Danny Duggan sent this in:

9/21- Another Big Match added to Sept 28th.

“Lucha Libre USA & SMASH Star” Mentallo vs. Dragon Gate USA Star “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon

Breaking The Barrier in Winnipeg on Sept 28th continues to prove to be a can’t miss show with the announcement of Mentallo vs. Arik Cannon! Mentallo is fresh off a huge win in a three dance against Jimmy Jacobs and now ROH World champion Roderick Strong when he pinned Strong following his signature moonsault. CWE is nearing its 2 Year Anniversary and Mentallo still has not been pinned or submitted in a CWE ring although the competition has gotten harder and harder.

Management continues to push Mentallo to the limit and that will be no different when he wrestles indy sensation Arik Cannon on Sept 28th. Arik Cannon is a long time Minnesota veteran who has hit his stride in the world of professional wrestling as of late with appearances for Dragon Gate in Japan and the US, EVOLVE, and Wrestling Society X on MTV. Much like Mentallo Cannon has racked up a long list of wins against the world’s best in his climb to stardom. They have both taken very similar paths and now will have to do battle against each other to get to the next level. Will a little bit of anarchy be enough to final put Mentallo’s shoulders to the mat or make him submit? Find out next Tuesday!

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9/21- Sept 29th Dauphin, MB Card Announced.

Wednesday, Sept 29th- Dauphin, MB
Location- The Rotary Arena (200 1st St. SE)
Time: Doors open 6:30pm Bell time 7pm
Tickets: $18 in advance, $21 at the door. Kids 14 and under $15 in advance $18 at the door
Special Meet and Greet Tickets only $5 with purchase of advance ticket
Advance tickets available at Parkland Title Loans (102 1st Ave NE)
Official Sponsors: Presented by Parkland & The Pas Title Loans, Canway Inns & Suites

CWE Tag Team Title Match
CWE Tag Team Champions “Hotshot” Danny Duggan & Kenny Omega vs. CWE Champion AJ Sanchez & “Anarchist” Arik Cannon

Former WWE Star EUGENE vs. “Big” Cliff Corleone

“Strip N Dale” Bobby Fox vs. “The Face of Country Music” JJ Sanchez

“Lucha Libre USA Star” Mentallo vs. Tommy Lee Curtis

10 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal!!

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BULLSMC sent this in:

State of Women Superstars Uncensored Press Release

There’s so much news going on in the hottest womens wrestling promotion today, the company that gives you more womens wrestling shows than anyone else, WSU! We have tried to condense all the news into this one update by breaking down the news into separate sections. We thank you for all your support in supporting WSU & womens wrestling.

1. WSU Announces 11/6 Show, Line-Up, Talent Announced, Tickets Now On Sale!
2. New DVD Releases From
3. On The Road Results with Free Videos
4. Martinez’s Next World Title Match Announced
WSU Returns on 11/6 to Union City Show With Our Most Star Studded Line-Up Yet, Tickets Now On Sale!

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Poster art for our 11/6 show:


WSU Announces 11/6 Return Show

WSU the leader in womens wrestling and the company that brings you more womens wrestling shows than any other company today, is proud to announce our next major event on 11/6. As with all major WSU events, this will be a double-DVD taping, so fans can see two huge shows for only one price!

Here are the quick details:
WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU)
WHEN: November 6th, 2010
WHERE: The ACE Arena, Located at 725 Sip Street in Union City, NJ
TIME: There will be a convention where fans can meet everyone on the roster from 3PM-5PM. The first DVD taping will start at 5:30. The second DVD taping will start approximately 8PM.
TICKETS: Tickets will be $25 at the door, but all pre-order tickets will be only $20. Tickets are now on sale.
CONTACT: For questions about the show, email
You can follow us online at, and

When WSU returns on 11/6, WSU will be holding two special cards that will be filmed for DVD release. We are announcing the first several matches for the first DVD taping. Matches that take place on the second taping will be determined after the events of the first DVD taping. All talents appearing on the first DVD taping will be appearing on the second DVD taping.

Here are the matches that we can announce for 11/6

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez (If still champion) vs Uncensored Rumble III Winner Jazz

Unsanctioned All Guts, No Glory Championship Match
(c) Angel Orsini vs Alicia

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Brittney Savage w/The Cosmo Club vs Sassy Stephanie

WSU Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Cindy Rogers & Jana w/The Cosmo Club vs The Belle Saints (Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle)

First Time Ever in WSU!
Former TNA Knockout Champion ODB vs International Superstar Portia Perez

Jessicka Havok (Representing Rain’s Army) vs “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee

Amber (Representing The Boston Shore) vs Brittany Force

ALSO APPEARING: Rain, Traci Brooks, Serena, Divina Fly, Jamilia Craft, Latasha, Destiny, Melissa Coates, Jennifer Cruz, Rick Cataldo & you never know who will show up in WSU next!!!

Breaking Developments:
—Mercedes Martinez looks to remain WSU World Champion when we head to 11/6. However, due to Martinez’s busy schedule as WSU World Champion, it is not guaranteed she will be champion on 11/6. If someone else is to defeat Mercedes Martinez, they will be defending the championship against Jazz on 11/6. Jazz earned the right to get a one-on-one World Title match on 6/26 when she won the Uncensored Rumble III event.

—Angel Orsini has snapped and has created her own championship in WSU, called the “All Guts, No Glory” Championship. Orsini has explained what this championship is all about in a special 8 minute video, which you can see at!/vid … 8720818157
Orsini & Alicia have been tangled up in a bitter feud that started on back at the J-Cup this year on 4/2. These two, after 7 months, will finally have a return match. More on this explosive dream match coming soon.

—Rain has been granted a WSU World Title match on 11/6. She will face the winner of the Mercedes Martinez/jazz match on 11/6 on the second DVD taping. WSU needed a World Title match for our second DVD taping and after listening to arguments from everyone on the roster, WSU decided to give Rain a title shot. Rain made it clear to WSU that she never signed a contract to have Molly Holly be a special referee in her Third Anniversary Show title match against Mercedes Martinez. Rain was also the second to last person eliminated in the Uncensored Rumble and since Angel Orsini can not get a title shot (the person who was lastly eliminated in the rumble) due to the ironwoman stipulation, WSU has decided that Rain has earned a title shot based on her body of work in WSU. Of course this news doesn’t sit well with Angel Orsini, but Rain is ecstatic. Rain will be competing on the first DVD taping on 11/6 and of course will have a keen eye on the Martinez/Jazz match. Ever since Rain debuted in WSU nearly two years ago, she has always had her eye on the WSU World Title. 11/6 may be the day she finally realizes her career goal.

—Based on the events of our 8/6 show, where Tina San Antonio scored a pinfall over WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers and after the brawl that ensued after that match, WSU is granting the Belle Saints their first ever WSU Tag Team Championship match. Brittney Savage of the Cosmo Club said that Cindy & Jana will meet this challenge with ease. Savage also said that she will finally debut her new member of the Cosmo Club on 11/6 as this person has signed a contract with her. Savage said she is done dealing with Alicia after winning the Spirit Championship back on 11/6. Savage in the past has tried to recruit Angel Orsini as well as Alicia, so it should be interesting to see if the Cosmo Club shows up when Alicia and Angel do battle on 11/6.

—Sassy Stephanie has been granted a WSU Spirit Championship title shot on 11/6 after her impressive showing in the 8-woman tag match on 6/26. This will be Stephanie’s first shot at WSU gold. Stephanie, who will be celebrating her one year anniversary in WSU on 11/6 is looking to capitalize on this opportunity, but with the Cosmo Club looking to become stronger than ever before, Stephanie may need eyes in the back of her head.

— Pro Wrestling Illustrated will be on hand on 11/6 to honor Mercedes Martinez. PWI will be giving Mercedes Martinez her “WSU Wrestler Of The Year” Award For 2010. PWI will also be acknowledging Martinez’s ranking in this years Top 50 Females of Wrestling, as Martinez was the highest ranking womens wrestler, ranking in at 3, only behind the WWE & TNA womens champions. However, WSU fans really know who the best in the world is right now, and we will be celebrating Martinez’s historic reign as WSU Champion.

— ODB makes her WSU debut on 11/6. WSU, in the interest in presenting the most interesting and best matches possible have matched her up against Portia Perez. This will be a first time ever match in WSU and a match featuring two successful wrestlers that use different styles. Could this match affect the WSU World Title picture? The outcome of this match may determine that.

— Jessicka Havok, the enforcer of RAIN’s ARMY, has asked WSU for Amy Lee on 11/6. Amy Lee, one to never back down from a challenge, has accepted. Havok is looking to prove that she is the most dominating force in WSU. Amy Lee is one of the most dominating forces in WSU. Expect a major kick ass brawl between these two bad asses.

— Amber of the Boston Shore will be solo on 11/6 as her tag partner Lexxus is unable to make the event. Amber, who has had success in WSU single’s competition, looks to continue her winning streak against Brittney Force. However, Amber has her eyes on Traci Brooks, as both have unresolved issues from the Third Anniversary Show. Both will be in the house on 11/6, however in separate matches.

— Latasha, the two-time former Spirit Champion will return to WSU on 11/6. Latasha, a WSU original, has been part of the company from day one. Latasha is looking to get back into title competition. As of press time, no match has been announced for her.

— Rookie sensation Divina Fly will be in the house and you can bet she will be bringing her moonsault with her. Many veterans in the WSU locker room have their eye on this rookie upstart. Her tag partner Niya is unable to make the 11/6 event, so Divina Fly will focus on her singles career. WSU is a land of opportunity and Divina Fly will look to seize the day on 11/6.

— Returning to WSU on 11/6 are both Melissa Coates & Jennifer Cruz. The last time these two were seen in WSU, respectively, was at the King & Queen tournament, when Mercedes Martinez handed Coates her first pinfall loss in singles competition. Cruz on the other hand, hasn’t been seen since 12/12/09 when she teamed up with Angelina Love to defeat Rick Cataldo & Jana. Cruz is ready to return after injury, while Coates has regrouped and is looking to dominate WSU. It should be interesting how these two get re-acquainted in WSU.

— There are brand new DVDs shipping on today including the MERCEDES MARTINEZ vs MICKIE JAMES WSU World Title Match!!! Check out for special DVD deals.

— WSU will have more match announcements and talent additions in the upcoming weeks.


WSU Now Shipping 9 New Titles!

WSU is the most active womens wrestling company today, and there has been so much going on. Of course, WSU cameras are there to cover all the action. WSU has just put three new DVDs up for pre-order, in addition to the new DVDs we just put up for sale! Check out for more.


AMAZING: The Best of Awesome Kong in WSU

Awesome Kong vs Beatdown Betties (3/8/08)
Awesome Kong & Amy Lee vs Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini (3/8/08)
Awesome Kong vs Amy Lee (3/8/08)
Awesome Kong vs Cindy Rogers (6/21/08)
Awesome Kong vs Amy Lee (6/21/08)
Awesome Kong vs Mercedes Martinez WSU World Title Match 12/12/09
Awesome Kong vs Rain (6/26/10)
BONUS: Never Before Released: Awesome Kong vs Mercedes Martinez (9/11/10) WSU World Title Match
Price: $9.99


Putting WSU On The Map: Martinez vs. Orsini

The Debut of Orsini & Martinez – Missy’s Manor 9/22/07
WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez Falls Count Anywhere 6/21/08
WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez 10/10/08
WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez STEEL CAGE 1/10/09
WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez BULLROPE (3/7/09)
WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini IRONWOMAN 70 Minutes! 6/6/09
WSU Non-Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini (10/24/09)
WSU Tag Team Title Match (c) Havok & Hatred vs Martinez/Orsini 11/7/09
BONUS: Never Released: For The All Guts No Glory Championship (c) Angel Orsini vs Divina Fly
Price: $9.99


Luna Vachon: Remembering A Legend

Luna Vachon vs Alicia 5/5/07
Luna Vachon vs Alicia 7/14/07
WSU World Title Match Luna Vachon vs Alicia vs Nikki Roxx vs Amy Lee
Luna Vachon & Amy Lee vs The Diva Killaz
Luna Vachon’s One Hour Shoot Interview with WSU – Talks About Her Entire Career (Filmed 5/5/07)
Price: $9.99

Fans can order these DVDs at special sale prices by visiting today.

Please check out for all ordering information, but here is a preview of the DVDs are now available:
Note to see the cover art, visit directly.

WSU Presents “When The Tigers Broke Free!”

WSU Tag Team Champion Jana vs Marti Belle
Rick Cataldo w/Brittney Savage vs Niya
NWS 6 Man Tag
Angel Orsini Makes Shocking Announcement
Amber vs Divina Fly
WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers vs Tina San Antonio
WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Brittney Savage vs Brittany Force vs Alicia
Little Guido & Tina San Antonio vs Danny Demanto & Jana vs Mikey Pacifica & Marti Belle vs Nicky Oceans & Cindy Rogers
For the WSU All Guts & No Glory Championship (c) Angel Orsini vs Awesome Kong

For the WSU World Championship (C) Mercedes Martinez vs Mickie James
Price: $14.99

WSU Presents “Knocked Out”
1. Velvet Sky vs Daffney (3/3/07)
2. WSU World Title Match (c) Alicia vs Christy Hemme w/Special Guest Referee Tammy “Sunny” Sytch 9/22/07
3. Uncensored Rules Match Awesome Kong vs Amy Lee (3/8/08)
4. WSU World Title Match (c) Nikki Roxx vs Cindy Rogers vs Alexa Thatcher (4/20/08)
5. Angelina Love vs Portia Perez (6/21/08)
6. Traci Brooks vs Annie Social (11/29/08)
7. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx (8/22/09)
8. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Awesome Kong (12/12/09)
9. Angelina Love vs Sassy Stephanie (3/6/10)
10. Nikki Roxx vs Angel Orsini (4/2/10)
BONUS : NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Brittney Savage vs Tina San Antonio (7/24/10)
Price: $9.99

WSU Presents “EXTREME”
1. Alicia vs Luna Vachon (5/5/07)
2. Luna Vachon & Amy Lee vs The Diva Killaz (7/14/07)
3. WSU World Title Match (c) Alicia vs Tammy “Sunny” Sytch 12/22/07
4. Dawn Marie w/Tammy “Sunny” Sytch vs Becky Bayless (3/22/08)
5. WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez (6/21/08)
6. WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Dawn Marie vs Portia Perez (8/22/08)
7. WSU World Title Match STEEL CAGE (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez (1/10/09)
8. Uncensored Rules Match Angel Orsini vs Rain (10/03/09)
9. Jazz vs Amber O’Neal (3/6/10)
10. Jazz vs Jana (4/2/10)
BONUS: NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage (8/13/10)
Price: $9.99

WSU Presents Mercedes Martinez: The Greatest Of All Time! A Collection Of Martinez’s WSU Title Defenses
1. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Jana (4/10/09)
2. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini vs Rain (4/11/09)
3. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred vs Jessicka Havok (8/21/09)
4. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred (9/19/09)
5. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Portia Perez (10/3/09)
6. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angelina Love (11/14/09)
7. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain (3/6/10)
8. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Brittney Savage (3/19/10)
9. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Amber O’Neal (4/2/10)
10. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Melissa Coates (4/3/10)
BONUS: NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Tina San Antonio (7/23/10)
Price: $9.99


WSU Presents “Martinez v. Alicia” & The Uncensored Rumble 3

1. The Uncensored Rumble Match – Over 45 Minutes of Action in One Match w/Jazz, Angel Orsini, Rain, Awesome Kong, Brittney Savage, Amber O’Neal, Nikki Roxx, Amy Lee, Mickie Knuckles, Daizee Haze, Jana, Cindy Rogers, Niya, Sassy Stephanie, Divina Fly, Latasha, Jessicka Havok, Rick Cataldo, Amber, Lexus, Tina San Antonio, Marti Belle, Cherry Bomb & much more!

2. WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Alicia
Price: $15.00


WSU Presents Smokestacked Lightning!

Daizee Haze vs Cherry Bomb

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Cindy Rogers & Jana vs Divina Fly & Niya

Uncensored Rumble Lottery Match
Jessicka Havok & Rick Cataldo & Amber & Lexus vs Latasha & Sassy Stephanie & Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle

Amy Lee vs Mickie Knuckles

WSU Spirit Title Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Becky Bayless

Uncensored Rules Match
Amber O’Neal & Nikki Roxx vs Angel Orsini & Jazz

Main Event
Rain w/Lacey vs Awesome Kong
Price: $15.00


WSU On The Road Update

This past Saturday, on 9/18/2010, WSU returned to Boonton, NJ as part of our working relationship with NHPW’s Indygurlz promotion. WSU congratulates WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez on racking up another championship, as Martinez defeated Sara Del Rey in the finals of a tournament to crown the new Indygurlz Champion.

In footage that will appear on an upcoming WSU “On The Road” DVD, the unsanctioned WSU “All Guts, No Glory” Champion, Angel Orsini, decided to crash the show. Orsini said she felt disrespected that the WSU World Champion (Mercedes Martinez), the WSU Spirit Champion (Brittney Savage) & 1/2 of the WSU Tag Champions (Jana) were all booked for this tournament, but she was not.

Orsini made her presence felt when she crashed a quarterfinal match between Sara Del Ray & former WSU Tag Champion Roxxie Cotton. After Sara Del Ray went to the locker room after a strong win, Angel Orsini, with her new All Guts, No Glory Championship in tow, crashed the ring and had her eyes set on Roxxie Cotton.

Orsini gave Cotton vicious strikes, followed by a T-Bone suplex. To make sure she got everyone’s attention, Orsini put Roxxie Cotton in a devastating rear-naked choke. Orsini would not let go of the hold until Indygurlz officials took Orsini off of Cotton.

With Cotton’s lifeless body in the ring, Orsini addressed the live crowd about why she was there. Orsini said she would take on anyone and did not care how many people she had to wrestle. For video footage of what Orsini had to say, and of her attack on Roxxie Cotton, check out the video links at the end of this press release.

Later on during the show, Orsini came out for an “All Guts, No Glory” Championship gauntlet match. Orsini would defeat Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio in respective matches. Orsini would tell after the show that, “Everyone needs to be on watch. Right now the WSU World Championship is the most important championship in womens wrestling, but it’s only a matter of time before my All Guts, No Glory Championship is considered a superior championship in the land of womens wrestling.”

Like the WSU World Championship, Orsini plans on defending her championship anywhere where womens wrestling matches are featured. Orsini concluded her interview with saying, “This belt is all about respect, and respect is what I will get. I will wipe out every female in womens wrestling until only Mercedes & I are standing, and WSU is forced to finally overrule our Ironwoman stipulation and give me my WSU World Title shot.”

In Indygurlz tournament action, Kellie Slater d. Niya, Mercedes Martinez d. Jana, Sumie Sakai d. Brittney Savage, Sara Del Rey d. Roxxie Cotton, Mercedes Martinez d. Kellie Slater, Sara Del Ray d. Sumie Sakai, Mercedes Martinez d. Sara Del Ray. Check out our friends at for more.

WSU will be releasing Orsini’s footage on an upcoming DVD.

While at the show roving WSU reporter Jimmy Gentry caught up with several wrestlers. Here are the video interviews (Fan cam footage) with the stars of WSU:

WSU Spirit Champion Talks About New Member Joining The Cosmo Club & About Sassy Stephanie:
Direct Link:


WSU #1 Contenders To The WSU Tag Team Titles, The Belle Saints Talk About Their First Opportunity At Gold:
Direct Link:


WSU Tag Champion Jana Talks About Recent Trouble & The Cosmo Club:
Direct Link:


EXCLUSIVE LOCKER ROOM FOOTAGE: Orsini & Martinez Bump Into Each Other
Direct Link:


And here is fan cam footage of Angel Orsini’s attack on Roxxie Cotton & words about her AGNG Championship:
Direct Link:


WSU will be announcing more On The Road dates soon.

WSU also returns with a special double DVD taping on 11/6 with Martinez/Jazz, Orsini/Alicia, WSU Debut of Serena, ODB/Perez, Belle Saints/Cosmo Club, Return of Traci Brooks, Havok/Lee, Savage/Stephanie, Rain, Melissa Coates, Jamilia Craft, Divina Fly & so much more. Tickets are now on sale by visiting:

NEXT WSU On The Road Match Announced
As broken exclusively on the WSU facebook page, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez will be defending the WSU World Championship on 10/16 at ACE Pro Wrestling. Martinez will defend the championship in a triple threat match with the WSU Tag Team Champions, Jana & Cindy Rogers. If Jana or Rogers are able to win the championship, they will be defending the championship against Jazz on 11/6.

Martinez, just a year ago, was able to come out on top in a similar match when she defeated then WSU tag champions Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred in a triple threat Title match. Can Martinez do it again, or will Jana & Rogers learn from the previous tag team champions mistakes?

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Thank you for reading this press release.