Indy News Update #2 for September 26, 2010
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AWF Australia sent this in:

Hi AWF supporters,

Wanted to bring you great fans the links for Episode 6 of “This Is AWF Wrestling” to watch on your home computer! – Seg 1 – New Zealand Vs Australia: Tama Williams Vs TNT – Seg 2 – AWF Tag Team Titles: Elite Wrestling Vs Cornershop Connection – Seg 3 – AWF Australasian Title: Sonjay Dutt Vs Iron Jay Coles

We hope you have been enjoying the series!

We will be taking a break from the show airing on Aurora Channel for the next few months, but in the meantime we will have a regular web show on the AWF Youtube account at that will keep all up to date with upcoming shows and AWF happenings.

Thank you for your support of the series, and hope some of you can make it to Gosford today, and Campbelltown on 17 October .

Best regards,

Australasian Wrestling Federation

Address: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761, Australia

Randy Cabe sent this recap in:

Platinum Championship Wrestling –Sacred Ground. Chapter One. At
Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The crowd was roughly 200 people. Show started about fifteen minutes
late, but the heel announcer, Kilgore, went around the arena agitating
the crowd.

Up first is a Platinum Battle Royal. The rules are–If you go over,
through, or under the ropes and touch the floor, you are eliminated!
The last man standing and the wrestler who eliminated the most other
wrestlers will then have a one on one match. The winner of that gets a
future shot at the PCW title. The ring fills up with wrestlers. This
is my first PCW show, so I’m unfamilar with the names and am not able
to make out what the announcer says as they were introduced. I did
catch the name of the last entrant–its Roderick Strong from ROH !
Strong waits until the ring thins out some before entering. He is
eliminated about halfway through the match. Winner–Geter. The biggest
wrestler in the battle royal.

Geter vs Najasism. This is a physical mismatch along the lines of Rey
Misterio vs Mark Henry. This turned out to be a very good match.
Najasism was impressive with his offense and by how much punishment he
endured. Geter was just too much in the end, hitting three straight
body splashes and then a sit-out tombstone driver for the win.

Next was PCW wrestler The Phantom vs Magno, from Lucha USA. Phantom
was on the small side, but was also impressive, picking up the win. I
must say Magno had tons of offense and looked miles better than his
Lucha USA television appearances. Lots of near falls in this contest.

The third match was PCW’s Nemesis vs Colt Cabana! This was a comedy
match at times, but also had some really good wrestling. Colt was very
entertaining. His ring jacket had “Colt” on front and “pro Wrestler”
in large letters on the back. Nemesis got help from his fellow
Koncrete Gorilla stablemate Jay Fury to pick up the win. After the
match, Fury gets on the mic and talks down Samoa Joe. Joe hits the
ring! Joe gets double teamed and ends up taking a chair shot. He has
to be helped to the back. Owner Steve Platinum gets on the mic and
says Joe may not be able to wrestle the main event, due to the injury.

The women are next. Pandora vs Amazing Kong! This was a good match.
Pandora took most of the punishment but won by count out when Kong got
into an arguement with her manager–PCW’s Ms. Quinn. Kong delivered an
awesome bombon her after the bell.

Next we have title vs title. PCW champion “The Revelation” Shane Marx
vs NWA champion Adam “Scrap Iron” Pearce. This was a good back and
forth match, unfortunately ending with Pearce getting disqualified for
hitting Marx with the PCW title belt. After the match, Marx hit Pearce
with a Death Valley Driver. Even in the loss, Pearce showed why he was
a champion.

A short intermission followed the match.

Returning to the action, we have the finals for the PCW tag titles. As
I understood it, they have had a “regular season” and “playoffs” to
get to this match. The winner will be Tag Champs for a year, much like
the MLB or NBA champions or Super Bowl winner is considered champions
for a year. Out first is the demi-god Mason and his partner Scott
Steel. I must note that Mason came out with eight “witnesses”, all
dressed in black pants and white shirts with black ties. These
witnesses actually made a human staircase for Mason to enter the ring!
Scott Steel was easily the most muscular wrestler on the PCW roster.
Maybe not quite Rob Terry big, but close. Their opponents are The
Washington Bullets, brothers Jon and Trey Williams. Their size and
style reminds me of Aeroform from CHIKARA. This was a very
entertaining match, with the Bullets getting the win when Steel
accidently spears Mason. After the bell, they are presented with a
large trophy.

The penultimate match is Dwight Power ( say his name aloud and you’ll
instantly picture his ring persona ) vs Cassandro El Exotico. This was
the first time I’ve seen an exotico in person. Very flamboyant, but
played to the crowd really well. Cassandro gets the pin using a Texas
Cloverleaf type move and rolling Power over to put his shoulders down
for the three count.

Time for the main event! Jay Fury and his fellow Koncrete Gorillas are
out first. Joe’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out. Steve Platinum
goes to the back to check on Joe. Steve comes back shaking his head.
Will they have to get a substitute for Joe? No! Joe’s music hits again
and here comes the Samoan running to the ring! Great back and forth
action. At one point Nemesis looks to interfere, but Colt Cabana comes
out to stop it. Colt and Nemesis fight to the back. Joe hits his
signature moves, like the enzuguri in the corner and running senton.
Fury also shows great offense, including a codebreaker and crossroads.
In the end, Joe nails Fury with a muscle buster, then covers him for
the win. Great match.

PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling are back at ‘The Home of PTW’, Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, on Saturday 9th October 2010, with another huge show from ‘The Pride Of Bedfordshire’…..

We are the only wrestling promotion in the area to have been featured on numerous occasions on national television, and other forms of mainstream media; and we’re giving the fans the best present we can possibly give them – a ‘Dream Main Event’ of former WWE & TNA star James Mason vs International Star ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm!

And if anything ever told you in just one sentence alone, why other promotions get jealous of us, it’s because Power Trip Wrestling are ‘The Promotion The Competition Doesn’t Want You To See’; and also because we are, and always be….”Living Loud”!

What : Power Trip Wrestling present “Living Loud”

When : Saturday 9th October 2010

Where : ‘The Home of PTW’, Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, Parkside Close, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, LU5 5PY.

Times : Doors Open 7.00pm, Starts 7.30pm

Tickets : £5 per person. Reserve now, by calling 07706 178200 today!

Matches :

* ‘Dream Main Event’ – Former WWE & TNA Star James Mason vs International Star ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

* PTW World Title Match : PTW World Champion Snare vs ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter w/TDH

* Kidd Pride vs Heavy D

* PTW 5 Star Title – ‘Fatal Five Elimination Match’ : ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green (c) vs ‘The Essex Boy’ Danny Jonez vs ‘South London Superstar’ Josh Faulkner vs Dan Eels vs Lazer Lagden

* Flash Morgan & ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman vs The Dunne Brothers (Pete & Damian)

* Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby vs Gabriel Myers w/Anton Green

* PTW World Tag Title Match : Tommy & Danny Stevens (c) vs Chris Brookes & Evan Sarven

* Lewy ‘Ripper’ Paradise vs ‘Dynamite’ Chris Hart w/Vix En Noir

– Card Subject To Change –