The “Geek to Me” blog over on is featuring an interview with current Ring of Honor star Christopher Daniels where he talks about what makes ROH different compared to the WWE and TNA products in wrestling.

“Well Ring of Honor has always put a premium on the in-ring action. And I feel that ROH in terms of bell-to-bell action is one of the best wrestling organizations in the world today. They pattern their style a lot after the Japanese style. There’s a lot of mixture of Japanese and Mexican ‘lucha libre’ style in there. And a lot of the guys in that locker room have a lot of experience all over the world, whether it’s been in Japan or in Mexico, or just throughout the United States. The main focus has been on what happens inside the ring. And for hard-core wrestling fans sometimes there’s not enough of that for them on television with the WWE or with TNA. There’s always a lot of talk, a lot of soap-opera and ROH is sort of in the opposite direction and tries to be a true alternative to those companies when it comes to presenting their product.”

Full interview link:
Pro-wrestler Christopher Daniels talks about reading comics and entering “Ring of Honor”

Thanks to Marc Kruskol for passing that along.