Indy News Update #2 for October 16, 2010
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Larry Goodman sent this in:

Airing on October 15, 2010 on America One
Taped August 14, 2010 at Algood Middle School in Algood, Tn

Last week SAW…Arrick Andrews put Shane Williams out with the dragon sleeper and woke him up old school style…Afterwards, Williams believes he’s the King of Memphis and will be in the Mid South Coliseum Monday night…Vordell Walker defeated Christian Jacobs with the cane introduced into the match by Derrick King Enterprises. Walker then battled all three members of DKE until J-Rod stepped up to help.

Reno Riggins opened solo this week with the news that Walker & J-Rod would get a shot at DKE and the SAW Tag Team Championship in today’s main event. He also promised more BIG news later in the hour.

Phil Shatter makes his way toward the ring with the warmth and presence of a mass murderer. Dan Masters joins Riggins on commentary. “They (WWE) booted him out of the locker room because he was dangerous, violent, too hot for TV.”


Shatter was bent on destroying Melton right from the opening bell. Melton backed him up with a pair of dropkicks and tried a high crossbody. Shatter turned it into a fallaway slam for a two count. Reno said maybe kicking out wasn’t the best thing to do. The savagery continued. After about the fourth vicious back elbow in the corner, Melton looked done for. Shatter stopped to play to the crowd, allowing Melton to briefly escape the inevitable. Shatter used a Polish hammer to the face to set up the PTSD powerbomb.

Winner: Shatter in 3 minutes. A convincing squash.

Cut to Shatter in the locker room. He had head that SAW International Champion Chase Stevens was impressed with him. “Join the club. Don’t be impressed though, Chase. Be scared that I’m the man that’s going to take everything that you’ve ever wanted and you’ve ever had. Right here, it’s all mine. Your fate, you’re looking at it.”

The first of many ads for the 2nd annual Dog of Nashville Sausage Festival with free SAW wrestling. Photos of the event are up at

Riggins announced that in three weeks on SAW, it would be Stevens vs. Mercer for the title. He pitched it to footage of Stevens recorded earlier in the week.

“The target’s on my chest. Blood’s in the water. The sharks are circling.” Stevens repeated his offer to face Shatter anytime, anyplace and moved on to Mercer, saying he had watched him run through everyone since his arrival in SAW. “In three weeks, you get to find out that being Chase Stevens is a lifestyle.”

Leah “The Bond Girl” Hulan with a Grumpy’s update on the capture of most wanted bail jumper Charles Steven Jones. She was joined by agents Kendra Anderson (is it just me, or has she added a degree of hotness since she first appeared on these segments?) and Hope Redden. It seems Hope recognized this poor fool on one of her visits to jail and put the smackdown on him.

2 – “No Mercy” TOMMY MERCER vs. INSANE D

Insane D looked just like ROH announcer Dave Prazak. About the same size, too. Mercer decimated the guy. Masters said the EMTs were standing by. D finally threw a dropkick that Mercer shrugged off and flew off the top. Mercer caught him and hit the Mercy Kill.

Winner: Mercer in 2:23. See match #1.

Afterwards, Mercer gave D two more Mercy Kills. Reno said Mercer would be a marquee name in pro wrestling for a long time to come. “Somebody grab a spatula and get this guy out of the ring,” Reno said. The refs pulled D out and carted him to the back.

Mercer in the locker room — “Yeah, there’s a lot of talk about who’s here, who’s after that title, you know, a lot of big names, Phil Shatter being one of those. You know what Shatter? Like they say, the two biggest dogs in the yard, they gotta meet. If I’ve got to go through you to get that belt, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Riggins made the big announcements. SAW would be moving from 8pm to 9pm on CW58 starting October 9. The October 9 event in Gallatin has been moved to Freddie Morton’s Auction House in Columbia. Tickets available at the newly revamped website – AND the stars of SAW would be in Pulaski, Tn every Friday night in cooperation with Randy Whitehead’s RTW.

7 Weeks Ago On SAW…Ryan Genesis issued a challenge to Picture Perfect and got his ass beaten to a pulp by Worthington and Jacobs.

Last Week on SAW…the locker room interview where Worthington blew off Genesis’ comeback. Worthington said he was the one doing real rehab and claimed the shoulder injury was spreading to his knee (hence the cane).

Cut to Genesis. He heard the two women were out there running their mouths about having bigger things to worry about than him. “Well I’m here to tell you, the ONLY thing you should be worrying about is Ryan Genesis, because I’m on my way back to SAW.”

Leah was back with Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumper Daniel Dwight Stewart. She couldn’t believe this wimp was running on a public intoxication charge. “All you have to do is go to court, pay a fine and you’re done.”

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & Drew Haskins with Johnny Bandana) vs. VORDELL WALKER & J-ROD

Slow start with DKE playing games. J-Rod reeled off a series of dropkicks including one for Bandana that never reached its target. Bandana sold it anyway, and the flurry brought the crowd into the match. Walker went to town on Haskins. He was lighting him up with strikes. When Walker landed a knee to the head, Reno said Flash Flanagan once knocked him out that way. With Bandana providing the distraction, King kneed Walker in the back and Haskins followed with an Edge-o-matic. King worked on Walker’s taped hand. Masters said the injury had only gotten worse since he punched that locker three weeks ago. DKE tossed Walker out a couple of times and did some skullduggery on the floor. Riggins put Haskins over like crazy, stating that he was only 19 and wrestling like an 8 year vet and was on the radar of all the major wrestling organizations. Back from commercial break with the crowd hot for a Walker comeback. Walker popped them with a double clothesline that left all three men down. Hot tag made and J-Rod was a house of fire. Haskins grabbed J-Rod’s leg allowing King to nail him from behind. J-Rod took heat. DKE cut the ring in half. Bandana was up to no good with his bandana. Haskins and J-Rod exchanged some pretty awesome slaps here. Masters suggested that the missing members of DKE (including Big Dolla and JT Stahr) might be lurking in the back. He also asked what was up with Wolfie D, like he does every week. J-Rod made two tags that ref Joe Williams failed to see due to DKE distraction. J-Rod gave Haskins a backdrop that sent him into orbit and made the tag. DKE bumped like mad. Picture Perfect showed up at ringside with the cane. While Jacobs distracted the ref, Worthington tossed the cane in, except it sailed over the King’s head into Walker’s hands. King and Worthington looked at each other. Walker clocked King with the cane. Williams counted 1…”We gotta go that’s it!”

Winner: Television time expired at 16:30. Tune in next week to find out the winner. Good match. Good heat. J-Rod’s early offense gave him some much needed credibility with the crowd, since he had done two quick jobs in previous matches. The camera crew failed to get a good shot of the key moment – Worthington tossing the cane to Walker and King’s reaction.

Afterthoughts: Much like the first episode of the four shot in Algood, this show was dedicated to setting the table for the future – the immediate future in the case of the tag team title match. It’s been a good while since SAW did one of those cliffhanger endings, and that’s a good thing, because it’s another one of those devices that’s effective when used sparingly. The finish was a breath of fresh air on stagnant tag team title situation – the new babyface team was one second away from the title and the two heel teams are having issues. The shenigans with Worthington and the cane was the extent of the frivolity on this show. The promos were all deadly serious and to the point. The growing tensions surrounding the International title is good stuff. Stevens has two serious challengers making no bones about the fact that they’re coming straight at him and the title. Mercer’s talk about a clash with Shatter further emphasized the prime importance of the title. I do wonder about calling it the International title at this point, though. Discussion of make-believe title defenses on foreign soil has been dropped since Kash lost the belt. A few comments on the series of episodes taped in Algood – the venue did not work well for TV. There were way too many shots of empty seats. Obviously, a larger crowd would have helped, as would proper attention to the background of the shots with the handheld camera. Those issues could be minimized (at a cost) with lighting on the ring in buildings like Algood and Cookeville. SAW is currently doing the best job they’ve ever done in using the TV show to promote live events. It’s still basically a TV product, but it’s a start. The new also marks the first time the company has had a website worth mentioning on the TV show. I also thought it was the best work Riggins has done on commentary in a while. He highlighted the angles, put the talent over and was colorful without excessive hyperbole (except for the comments about the packed house). He also meshed pretty well with Masters. It is a different sort of team because the color and play-by-play duties are blurred; and Reno is one steering things much of the time. Masters’ references to his friendship with Walker were curious. If they’re leading somewhere, Riggins sure didn’t pick up on them.

Fat Frank sent this in:

What was once a 4 month wait has narrowed down to just a week away. Finally Jersey All Pro Wrestling returns to Jersey City, NJ live next Saturday night at The Golden Door Charter School 180-9th Street right across the street from Newport Mall with a 7:30pm bell.

While others claim to be the biggest and the best, JAPW will just continue to out-draw and supply the fans with the best action in the country today.

One of the most recognized Current WWE Superstars in the World Today Jerry “THE KING” Lawler will headline this action packed event and battle Indy Cult Icon Nick Gage!

A Former WWE Superstar once known as “The Hurricane” Gregory Helms THE SUPER-HERO will debut for the company that night as he will make sure The Evil Azreial is sent back to the land of forgotten superstars!

We have received word Charlie Haas may have an extended stay in Japan and might not be back in the good old U.S.A. in time for his JAPW Heavyweight Title match with Champion Dan Maff. JAPW management will guarantee fans that there will be a Heavyweight Title Match that night. The current number one contender is the NJ State Champion Brodie Lee!

Speaking of Brodie Lee “The Redneck Bulldozer” will defend his title against the Light Heavyweight Champion Bandido Jr in this David & Goliath encounter.

TEDDY HART, TEDDY HART, ONE MORE TIME TEDDY HART! Teddy Hart has challenged Dan Maff or whoever is the JAPW Heavyweight Champion on Nov 20th in Rahway, NJ!

JAPW World Tag Team Champion Monsta Mac will defend the titles against Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten by himself in Jersey City. Many JAPW Tag Teams have complained about this situation (Nothing to do with the Jersey Shore) and do not want to see an outside JAPW Team walk off with the titles!

GOOGLE: Jon Moxley as the results will be pages long. This superstar is wiping out competition and collecting Championships all over the country. Devon Moore is one of the most popular Wrestlers in the Jersey City market and will try to derail this Indy sensation at Halloween Hell.

Chris Dickinson & Sami Callihan will try and shut-out The Garden State Gods 2-0 in the best out of 3 series.

Jonny D and The South Side Playz Club will be in full-force Sat night!

$15.00 Tickets, no that wasn’t a mis-print! Just $15.00 for a Bleacher seat to this action packed event! As the old saying goes, you tried the rest, we don’t have to say we’re the best! Tickets will be sold at the door!

Yes the locker-room will be available for autographs that night as JAPW takes pride in having fan participation!

Live results and photos will be posted at

For Directions or ticket info call 201-377-0308 or

MWF Insider sent this in:

MWF officials have done the unthinkable for our huge holiday live wrestling event and fanfest. Official announcement coming late Sunday night!!

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Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation – It’s On!
Saturday, October 16th, 2010 – official Facebook of the MWF – official Twitter page of the MWF – official Myspace of the MWF – The Iron Sheik’s official Myspace – official Facebook of Dan Mirade

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It’s one of the most intense, in-depth shoot interviews we’ve ever conducted in MWF Studios. This past June, the original, evil Doink The Clown Matt Borne sat down with Dan Mirade and John Cena Sr. for nearly three hours covering just part of a tremendous, wild career. If you order the DVD by October 31st, you will receive it autographed by Doink absolutely FREE. Some of the topics covered include:
– Being around the business at a young age as the son of “Tough” Tony Borne
– Friendship and drug usage with Jesse Ventura
– Roddy Piper mentoring him
– Brutal in home fight with Buddy Rose after he hit Matt’s sister that led to his arrest
– Jaw dropping Iron Sheik story in response to the Sheik’s story of the two rooming together in Sydney while Matt was in bed with a woman
– Traveling with Andre The Giant
– The Mid-South fight with fans that where Bill Watts and Jim Duggan were sued, which led to the infamous Duggan/Borne “shoot” match earlier this year
– The WWF of the mid-1980’s
– Life in World Class and the Von Erich deaths
– Discussion of Bruiser Brody’s murder
– WCW run as Big Josh
– Returning to WWF/WWE as Doink The Clown
– Who was supposed to work Hogan at WrestleMania IX? How did Hogan get the black eye he showed up at the event with?
– Going through WWE’s sponsored rehab program
– Dozens of more topics, for a complete list visit:

The original is the most famous and most seen shoot interview in wrestling history, heard on the Howard Stern Show & viewed by over 1,000,000 people online. In April, 24 hours after his retirement match at MWF Soul Survivor IV, the Sheik sat down with Dan Mirade and John Cena Sr. for his fourth no-holds-barred Studio Shoot Interview DVD taping where he took not only questions from the hosts but the fans in attendance. For the first time, the Sheik goes wild about his AirTran flight this spring where he went wild on a gay flight attendant – what happened on the plane, what happened when the police met him at the airport and so much more. In addition to that, there’s never before seen bonus footage of Sheiky Baby in his hotel in Las Vegas throwing the mother of all tirades that could never be “worked,” shooting on his AAU opponents, Oprah, President Obama, his manhunt for Vegas medicine and more. A must for those that love the wild modern day Sheik, check out complete DVD details now:

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Wrestling fans, take a look back at the tremendous eight plus year MWF career of current ROH TV Champion “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards on the October Superstar Zone! We go back in time to February 2003 to the match that put him on the map against “Latin Fury” Luis Ortiz; Edwards becoming the first MWF Television Champion in company history winning the tournament finals against “Mr. 630” Jerelle Clark; Edwards vs AJ Styles vs “Million Dollar Investment” Tommaso Ciampa in a triple threat match, all as Edwards prepares to challenge MWF Heavyweight Champion “Slyck” Wagner Brown November 7th in Everett, MA!

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Saturday, January 8th, 2011
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