Indy News Update #1 for November 3, 2010
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PTW sent this in:

What : Power Trip Wrestling present “…That’s How We Roll”

When : Saturday 13th November 2010

Where : ‘The Home of PTW’, Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, Parkside Close, Houghton Regis, LU5 5PY.

Times : Doors Open 7.00pm, Starts 7.30pm

Tickets : £5 per person. Reserve now, by calling 0 7 5 9 4 3 0 4 4 5 5


It’s Power Trip Wrestling’s last show of 2010. And when you play loud, and live louder, like we do, you know that it’s going to be one hell of a night when the PTW Family gets together. The changes, that are already beginning to take shape, are starting to gather a lot of pace on the rumour mill; and you’d better be ready for what is sure to be a very eventful and emotional night of the best family orientated wrestling action that the three counties has…..

* The PTW British Title is being vacated, and retired. The news we’re hearing, is that PTW have caught word of a story involving a teenage girl who is sadly dying, and that there is potentially a PTW show early 2011 to help raise money for her to have her dying wish. With that in mind, PTW’s new owner Hannah Johnson has said that she is going to auction off the title to help the proceeds. PTW’s British Title has seen champions such as Sean Midnight, G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’, Mason Storm, Jay Mustang, and most recently Dragonian. But we couldn’t think of a better way for the title to be retired, than this; and we wish to thank all former PTW British Champions for their efforts and hard work in the ring.

* We are hearing word of some kind of appearance and return from injury, for a man who made a big impression over PTW’s Summer shows, Cabbie Klowaski. He isn’t booked to wrestle at this point, but we hear that the much loved and popular Geordie will be looking to make an appearance and speak to the fans, thanking them for their support.

* Petey Player, as ever, is the talk of the company. No-one can ever quite tell where his head is at anymore, and with his legitimately giving the company and signing it over to the ‘Pouty Princess of PTW’, Hannah Johnson; is Petey’s time of causing hell in PTW over, or is this simply going to give him free reign to get away with even more than he did before, without the added pressure of having to run the show too? We’ve been seeing odd things, and a whole new side of character from Petey this year, due to four concussions (two in a week), the well known and publicised ‘personal issues’, including legitimate incidents with police on two seperate occasions; and a reputation that has gone from having an ego with it’s own postcode, has progressed to him being downright unpredictable. This includes the fact that the previously tattoo free Petey, has even recently had ink done. PTW shows have become, quite simply, a game of ‘what will Petey do next?’, and the only thing you can be truly sure of; is that the PTW fans’s new game of baiting Petey by shouting ‘Snugglemuffin’ at him (a nickname from a friend, that Petey is still furious over having made to the shows), is sure to continue.

* ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter, a man who truly embodies Power Trip Wrestling’s free spirit, celebrates his birthday two weeks after this show. Kevin’s vowed, for his fans, for his family, especially his mother; that November 13th will be the night he wins the PTW 5 Star Title. Seeing as no-one ever expected him back in PTW, after an acriminous exit back in 2008, can the Cinderella story continue with him taking the title belt home for Christmas?


* “Triple Threat Main Event” : ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm vs ‘Highflying’ Jimmy Havoc vs ‘Cruiserweight Sensation’ Bagheera

This one is set to end PTW’s year in style. Both fans and wrestlers alike, have been thrilled at the return of ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, to the company. Jimmy Havoc’s reputation around the country, speaks for itself. Jimmy defies gravity. Jimmy defies odds. Jimmy….does anything! And since May, PTW’s very own ‘Cruiserweight Sensation’ Bagheera, has been thrilling audiences in both the UK and the USA. No promotion is truly necessary for this match. This match alone, will show you just what you’re in for, with Project PTW:2011.

* “When Monsters Collide” : PTW World Champion Snare w/Drew Hawthorne vs Genocide w/The Criminal

In October, controversy and drama took centre stage, when PTW World Champion Snare, defeated ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter. After the match, the rogue element of the AOV (The Criminal, Genocide, The Myth) had a very public, and dangerous; falling out with Petey Player. The footage, which is viewable on YouTube, speaks for itself; as Petey Player was splashed in the corner by the 400lbs plus Genocide, was hit by The Criminal’s vicious “Drive By’, and then big splashed when unconscious on the floor; by Genocide. Petey has decided that he wants no part of this match, and is in fact giving the managerial duties/reigns of the monster Snare, to no less than Drew Hawthorne. And Genocide? Well, the destruction he caused wasn’t good enough for him. He wants more. Much more. He wants the PTW World Title belt. And with The Criminal, and his devious mind backing him up, this is certainly the biggest threat to Snare’s World Title reign so far. The other question is who will the fans support? We had a insight into this situation at the last show, when at first, the attack on Petey Player was loved by the fans….but when it took that extra turn, shockingly, there was actually sympathy in the crowd for him. Who will the fans want to win this match?

* “Winning Team Gets A PTW World Tag Team Title Shot in 2011” : The Dunne Brothers (Pete & Damian) vs Hitch & Flash Morgan

The Dunne Brothers, despite their lack of morals and ethics, and disrespect for the fans of PTW; have been stealing shows wherever they go. Hitch and Flash Morgan are coming into the company for the first time with a shining reputation, and have been offered the ultimate dangling carrot of destiny….because the winners of this match will get a guaranteed PTW World Tag Team Title shot in 2011. A show stealing match? Anytime The Dunne Brothers are involved, you can never rule that out.

* “Do Birthday Wishes Comes True?” : PTW 5 Star Champion ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green w/Petey Player vs ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter w/TDH

The Cinderella story of the ultimate underdog, the crowd favourite ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter, is a PTW fairytale. Petey Player literally HATES Kevin. Kevin openly admits he doesn’t hate Petey, he just lives to annoy him. And boy, oh boy, is he good at it. Petey hasn’t offered Anton Green his managerial services on this show, he’s literally told him that he’s managing him. Has his temper overruled his common sense? PTW 5 Star Champion Anton Green has held the title, since winning it on an RNR show in Santa Pod, Northamptonshire; from someone who has since left the company. Every underhanded trick in the book, and many we didn’t know existed, have been used by Anton, to keep the belt around his waist. And now, two weeks before Kevin’s birthday, courtesy of not losing to Snare on the last show (Kevin won by disqualification), he was in position to choose what title he wanted a shot at. So he chose the one dearest to his heart, the PTW 5 Star Title (which was formerly the PTW Cruiserweight Title, which Kevin once held), and he is looking to end his amazing comeback year with gold; and what would be the ultimate birthday present to himself. He wants to do it for his family, his friends, and his mother especially; and who can criticise that? Well, Anton Green doesn’t want to let his belt go; and Petey Player will do anything it takes to stop him. And yet….something has to give here. This is a classic PTW tale of emotion and reality.

* “Submission Rules – Rematch” : Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby vs Gabriel Myers w/Anton Green

These two have a natural dislike for each other. On one side, the profoundly deaf former PTW British Champion, who has been featured on national television on numerous occasions, Sean Midnight; and Tracey Kilby, who is the daughter of World of Sport Legend Alan Kilby. PTW fans love this couple, there’s no other way to put it. Despite the communication barrier, the fans show their support to Sean, and he makes it clear how much he appreciates them in return. On the other side, he’s a walking brick wall, he’s pure muscle with a bad attitude and dangerous intent; he is Gabriel Myers. And with the sneaky current PTW 5 Star Champion ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green in his corner, he’s possibly even more dangerous. Due to the issues and bad feeling still lingering from their last match, a rematch has been booked; and this time, its a question of who will submit and tap out to the other.

* “The Glamour Returns To PTW” : PTW World Tag Team Champions Tommy & Danny Stevens (c) w/Petey Player vs Glamour & ‘Big’ Tom Baines

PTW World Tag Team Champions Tommy & Danny Stevens have been hanging onto the titles for as long as they possibly can, by hook or by crook. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep the belts by their side. After Tommy Stevens’s very public (it can be viewed on You Tube) outburst that he’s fed up with Petey Player finding something else to do instead of managing them, Petey will be back in their corner on November 13th. The opponents? The man who casts a huge shadow over everyone at PTW, the 6ft 7inches tall ‘Big’ Tom Baines, and a man who hasn’t been seen in PTW since our days in Sheppey on the campsites (and camp is the right word),…because Glamour is back in Power Trip Wrestling! And if you’ve not seen Glamour wrestle….well, in his words, “then you’ve not lived yet, darling!”. Petey and Glamour used to have some serious disagreements that live in PTW’s history, and despite Petey being a very diferent person now; you can be sure Glamour, much to the love of the PTW fans; will look to embarrass him just like old times. And then there’s the little matter of the PTW World Tag Team Titles being on the line too….

* “Special Challenge Match” : Kidd Pride w/Arashi vs Jay Mustang

Kidd Pride’s star is on the rise in British Wrestling. That much cannot be doubted, and he is proving it in promotions around the UK right now. He came within a whisker of winning the PTW World Title in August, and the fans love him. Jay Mustang has also been seeing action in promotions other than PTW, and he feels he is on the rise and isn’t getting the credit and respect he deserves for it. This could be the best pure wrestling match on the card.

* “Silly vs Serious” : Fracture The Clown vs Vulture

In a return to PTW for both wrestlers, for the first time since July’s three outdoor shows in a week, the popular Fracture will be bringing his clown shoes and his crazy ways; and the 400 lbs plus Vulture will be bringing his anger and intensity. Can fun and frolics and a jovial spirit carry Fracture The Clown through to a win, or will Vulture’s sheer size and violence simply overpower him?

– CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE (this is PTW, after all!) –

Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

WWC Puerto Rico: Hideo Saito, Gilbert and more

Hideo Saito defends WWC Caribbean Title against Abbad

Gilbert faces Joe Bravo

Hiram Tua faces Chris Joel

IWF New Jersey sent this in:

Thanksgiving Thunder Live Events Nov 19-20

Fri, Nov 19, 8 pm & Sat, Nov 20, 7:30 pm
IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson NJ

Heavyweight, American, Tag Title Bouts!
Kevin Knight, Latin Lover Chachi, Hi-Definition Chris Steeler, God’s Gift Aaron Stride, Illusionist Damian Adams, Juicy Justin, Franciz, Stellar Travis, Bruising Bookworm, German Menace, Dr. Hurtz, Varsity Marc Corino, All-Star Austin Williams, Mr. Casino, Flex Freeman, Jana, Alissa & more!

6 Big Matches each night! VIP Raffles!