Indy News Update #1 for November 20, 2010
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IWC sent this in:

The International Wrestling Cartel presents
Saturday November 20th, 2010
Court Time Sports Center
95 Enterprise St. Suite 100
Elizabeth, PA 15037
Belltime: 7:30 PM

Show Preview:

Ringside Reserved: $25
General Admission: $20
Kids 10 & Under GA: $15


Last Man Standing – Career vs. Career:
–IWC World Heavyweight Champion “DeeeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco vs. “Big League” John McChesney
These two former best friends will finally put things to rest on November 20th! IWC WOrld Heavyweight Champion “DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco will put his title on the line against “Big League” John McChesney! Back in April, after DeMarco defeated Ray Rowe, McChesney emerged through the crowd following a brief absense from IWC. He proceeded to kick the IWC Championship belt into DeMarco’s face, rechristening himself from “Fabulous” to “Big League”. At Super Indy IX, DeMarco got his chance for revenge, but it didn’t quite work out for him. With the referee distracted, McChesney introduced a foreign object. DeMarco got his hands on it, but it was just as the referee turned around, and Jimmy D was disqualified. Afterwards, once again DeMarco was laid out by McChesney with the help of his hired assassin Jon Bolen. Caged Fury saw DeMarco lead a team against McChesney’s team. DeMarco was eliminated by McChesney from the War Games cage match following possibly the most brutal and bloody chair shot in IWC history. With the bad blood between the two men, IWC Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog signed a Last Man Standing match between the two men… with each man’s career on the line!

IWC Super Indy Title Match:
–IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion defends against ROH World Champion Roderick Strong
For the first time ever, the IWC Super Indy Champion will take on the Ring of Honor World Champion, one-on-one, in an IWC ring! Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion will be taking on ROH World Champion Roderick Strong as Strong makes his IWC debut on November 20th! Many people, including staff here at, were mistaken in thinking Super Hentai would receive his shot at Xion’s title on November 20th after bodyslamming the 350+ lb. Shane Taylor at College Fight Fest: Volume 1. But according to Shiima, he wont be earning a Super Indy Title shot JUST for slamming his bodyguard Taylor. Hentai will have to pass yet another unnamed test before he gets his hands on the “Filipino Flex Factory”. Instead, Shiima will take on Roderick Strong! The “Messiah of the Backbreaker” started his career in Florida after being trained by Jim Neidhard. Since then, he has been all across the globe, including for ROH, PWG, NWA, IWA Mid-South, FIP, the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan, and holds the distinction of being involved in the very first match of TNA Impact on Spike TV. He’s a former ROH , FIP, and PWG Tag Team Champion, FIP Heavyweight Champion, ROH Survival of the Fittest winner, and fulfilled his quest to become ROH World Champion on September 11th 2010 by defeating Tyler Black in New York City. He’s had memorable battles with the likes of Bryan Danielson, Jamie Noble, Austin Aries, Davey Richards, and more. Strong’s backbreakers and chops are some of the most devastating in wrestling today, and he uses the ring like a weapon better than most. Will the Super Indy Champion be able to withstand Strong and retain his title? Or will the Messiah of the Backbreaker become the brand new Super Indy Champion?

IWC Tag Team Title Match:
–IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy vs. Hit And Run
Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon, collectively known as Aeroform, have been forced to pull out of tomorrow night’s Winner Takes All event. The team was originally scheduled to face IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy in a best 2 out of 3 falls match, a rematch from their Caged Fury 2010 encounter. However, Louis Lyndon came down with an unfortunate case of mononucleosis and is unable to compete in his current condition.

As a result, Flippin’ Ain’t Easy are having to change up their gameplan. Instead of the familiar opposition of Aeroform, they will now be faced with the challenge of Canadian standouts “The Hit” Ashley Sixx & “The Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin, collectively known as Hit And Run! Sixx & Elgin come from the Ontario area, and have been a fixture on the independent scene for quite some time. Formerly known as “Pretty Unreal”, the duo were trained by Rob Fuego of Squared Circle Training, and have held tag team gold in several promotions. Elgin is a deceptively quick wrestler with incredible power, while the smaller Sixx has a self-proclaimed “unorthodox hybrid style”. Sixx has also been associated with IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion in the American Luchacore promotion under the name Hostile Makeover, while Elgin was making waves with IWA Mid-South. Both men recently made their debut for Ring of Honor, and now are ready to attempt to capture IWC Tag Team gold! Can the champions withstand the new challenge?

Strap Match:
–Justin Idol vs. Eric Lee Schwab w/ Chest Flexor
This will be the final battle between Eric Lee Schwab and Justin Idol! It was just six months ago when Eric Xtasy seemed to be making his retirement from professional wrestling at CCAC South Campus, where he won the IWC Heavyweight Championship in 2004. After suffering a serious head injury in January, Xtasy took some time off to reflect on things. His partner Justin Idol had reached the finals of Super Indy VIII in 2009 after both men had captured the IWC Tag Team Titles twice as Sexual Harassment. They had failed to recapture the titles from then-champions Irish Airborne. So when Idol came out during Eric’s speech at CCAC in April, nobody expected Eric to spear Idol out of his boots, and drop him on his head. Nobody also expected Eric to announce himself under his real name, Eric Lee Schwab. Nobody expected him to embrace a wholesome, Christian lifestyle. Certainly, nobody expected him to emerge at Super Indy IX to interrupt Idol’s match with Colin Delaney. Alongside his new business advisor Chest Flexor, Schwab threatened IWC with an ironic sexual harassment suit unless he was inserted into the match. But, Idol refused to attack Eric, believing this new attitude to be the result of the serious head trauma suffered in January. This continued until Clearfield Cataclysm 3 in July, when Eric demanded a cage match with Idol at Caged Fury 2010. When Idol refused, Eric took matters into his own hands. He snatched Idol’s girlfriend, Chrystin, and threatened her with a DDT unless Idol accepted. Despite Idol accepting the match, Eric DDT’d her anyways. When Caged Fury came along, Idol finally vented his frustrations and defeated Schwab inside the cage, but the war was still not over. Chest Flexor climbed the cage and handcuffed Idol to the cage, allowing Eric to whip him with a leather strap. When IWC came through Clearfield again in September, the two men met once more, with Flexor at ringside in a cage, and the stipulation that if Idol won, he’d get Flexor alone for 5 minutes. Idol did just that, and only used 2 of his 5 minutes to take Flexor out. Now, they will face off one final time after battling for the last six months, but this time in IWC’s first ever strap match!

IWC World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Match:
–Dean Radford vs. Dennis Gregory
On August 21st, 2010, Dean Radford walked out on his match with Brandon Day. In doing so, he lost the man advantage for the War Games match later in the night for the team of Jimmy DeMarco, Larry Sweeney, and Dennis Gregory. Soon after, he announced that he was in business for himself now, looking out for only Dean Radford. Gregory offered him another chance to redeem himself as a member of Team War Machine at College Fight Fest: Volume 1 in September. Radford used that chance to walk out on his team and leave them stranded against Team Big League. Dean wants back on top of IWC, is this repayment from McChesney through IWC’s Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog? Is the only 5-time IWC World Heavyweight Champion the only man to stop him?

Stipulation To Be Named That Night:
–Irish Airborne vs. Los Dagos
IWC Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog has decided to sign a match between Los Dagos and former IWC Tag Team Champions Irish Airborne at Winner Takes All on November 20th. Bubba told after Caged Fury that he would prove to the world that Los Dagos are really the fire Gambino Brothers masquarading under masks. Although Los Dagos (and their translator Jimmy DeMarco) have denied the claims, they seem to have been a thorn in the side of Bubba, including “escorting” him from ringside at Caged Fury when Bubba refused to leave! Bubba has been outspoken about his dislike of Los Dagos, so why would he sign a match with the Airborne on 11/20? He has also claimed he will announce a stipulation that night for the tag team attraction. What does Bubba have up his sleeve?

Shiima Xion’s “Final Trial” For Super Hentai:
–Super Hentai vs. ???
After coming within inches of winning the IWC Super Indy Championship for a third time at Caged Fury, only to be thwarted by Shane Taylor, Super Hentai would like nothing better than to get one more shot at Shiimx Xion. However, as the Super Indy Champion, Shiima hold all the cards and has agreed to a return match… but only AFTER Super Hentai passes the “Shiima Xion Trials”. Step One was to defeat Shane Taylor in a Body Slam match at College Fight Fest: Volume 1 in California, PA. Against all odds and despite his 250 lb. weight disadvantage, Hentai was able to scoop up the “Girthquake” and pass the first test. Now, Shiima is calling the second test his final one! What could the Filipino Flex Factory have in mind for Hentai? What odds will he have to surpass to get his hands on Xion and another chance at Super Indy glory?

–Logan Shulo vs. Matt Justice
On November 20th, 2010, “The Frontman” Logan Shulo will be taking on Matt Justice at Winner Takes All! Justice has recently been making waves on IWC live events in Clearfield and California, PA, even capturing a shot at the IWC Super Indy Title at a Clearfield event in the future! This is much to the dismay of the outspoken Shulo, who was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the Super Indy Championship earlier this year. These two men met at College Fight Fest: Volume 1 at California University of PA back in September. That night saw Justice pick up the win with his never-say-die attitude and thrillseeking in-ring style. Now the two men will meet once again, but this time at IWC’s final Supercard of 2010, Winner Takes All! Will Justice be able to get another win over Shulo on the bigger stage of IWC’s home venue, Court Time Sports Center? Or can Shulo use this victory over Justice to solidify himself as one of the top young stars in IWC?

Iron City Wrestling Academy Graduates Collide:
–Tyler Stone vs. “Feature Presentation” David R. DiMera
College Fight Fest: Volume 1 in September saw the official debut of IWC’s first male graduate of the Iron City Wrestling Academy, Tyler Stone. After what was scheduled to be his first match in Clearfield was declared a no-contest when Dean Radford interfered and destroyed Stone and his opponent Cingsley, Stone was given another opportunity for one week later in California, PA. The street punk turned underground bareknuckle fighter met Marker “Connected” Dillinger from the ROH Wrestling Academy and was able to defeat him in his debut. Now, he’ll be facing off with a young man from the same training school as himself, “The Feature Presentation” David R. DiMera! DiMera longs for Hollywood superstardom, and sees the bright lights of professional wrestling as nothing more than a means to attain that stardom. His first stop is IWC’s final Supercard of the year, Winner Takes All on November 20th in Elizabeth, PA!

—Plus much much more!

Tickets are available now on!
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Royal Canadian Legion Hall
Oshawa, ON
Friday November 26th, 2010

Sebastian Suave vs. Jamie Virtue’s Choice
Boris Brezhnev vs. Sebastian Suave’s Choice
Sebastian Suave finally pulled a fast one on the leader of the House of Virtue. As Jamie Virtue was looking for a new member of his House, and with his Russian Boris Brezhnev nowehre in sight, Sebastian Suave under a mask won the Torneo des de Rudos and signed his name on the GCW contract. He then unmasked and delivered TWO pedigrees to the stunned and trapped Virtue. Suave’s open contract has already demanded a match with Boris down the line, but for November 26th, GCW majority stockholder Jessy Jones -and- GCW President Dave Wyldstar have announced that for one night only, there will be TWO Pick Your Poison matches!! Boris Brezhnev will be in singles action against anyone of Suave’s choosing. However, the same can be said for Suave, as the mastermind Jamie Virtue gets to pick anyone to be his opponent on the 26th!! Virtue’s looking for revenge with Boris in the building once again – or will Suave once again outsmart the diabolical manager?!?

Tyler Tirva vs. Josh Alexander
Tyler Tirva thought he finally got what he wanted on on September 24th at GCW FInal War when he got his former best friend Josh Alexander in the ring one-on-one. Alexander however, had other plans as he got himself disqualified not only once, but again on October 9th in the rematch! Tirva decided he had enough of Alexander’s cowardly ways and demanded he get Alexander one-on-one with no way out. On November 26th, it will be a NO HOLDS BARRED ANYTHING GOES MATCH!! Nowhere for Alexander to run or get himself disqualified. There are no rules in this one, and only one man will leave Oshawa that night, will Tirva finally get his long sought after revenge, or will Alexander find another way to screw over his former ally?

“The Midnight Special” RJ City vs. Tiberious King
On October 9th in Oshawa, GCW fans saw history be made as the returning “Midnight Special” RJ City made an impact in the main event four-way dance scoring the biggest victory of his career as he became the NEW GCW Canadian National Champion. However, the man he pinned was Tiberious King, and that man was none to happy being a stepping stone for the new champion. So on November 26th, in the champion’s first title defense, we shall find out if RJ City’s one-on-one abilities are as good as his singing abilities, because Tiberious is out for revenge, and would like a taste of championship gold himself!

“The Hit” Ashley Sixx and “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin
The search is finally over!! One half of the GCW Tag Team Champions, “The Hit” Ashley Sixx has finally found his championship-caliber partner. That man turned out to be none other than former fan-favourite “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin!! These two men have a long and storied history with one another, so it should come as no surprise that “The Hit” looked to his long lost friend for backup. However, looking to the future, what does this mean for all the other teams in GCW right now?!? Who’s next to step up to the plate to take on the champs?! Find out November 26th in Oshawa!!

Anthony Darko & Primo Scordino vs. Holly Hilton, Gabriella Vanderpool, & Evilyn Fox
On October 9th, GCW fans saw a dark side to current WILD Champion Anthony Darko. He showed no remorse to his fallen opponent Seleziya Sparks. Dropping her on her head even after the referee had called for the bell, he continued his attack. Until other ladies in the WILD division made their presence known by kicking Darko’s butt right out of the ring! Darko was furious questioning why those women weren’t making kinda delicious home cooked meals like they should be. GCW has decided to settle the score, as Darko with his personal bodyguard Primo Scordino will be taking on THREE of GCW’s top ladies wrestlers on November 26th!! Will the queens of the ring finally be able to shut the mouth of the champion?! GCW fans can only hope so!!


Friday November 26th, 2010
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
471 Simcoe Street, South
Oshawa, Ontario

DOORS open at 6pm
BELL time is 7pm

Tickets on sale NOW at
$15 in advance * $18 at the door