Indy News Update #1 for November 25, 2010
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CZW Wrestling sent this in: Updates For 11/24/10: Official Tyler Veritas Blog, From the Desk of Maven T. Bentley, Esq., and MORE news and notes on Cage of Death!

– 11/24/10 – Official Tyler Veritas Blog: A COWARDS DECISION

Just when I thought things were looking up…

Just when I thought I saw a light at the end of this dark, gloomy, and filthy tunnel I’ve been in for months…

Just when I thought I was one step ahead…

… I fell two steps behind.

Since my return to the Combat Zone, my life has changed drastically. Upon that, I got myself involved in the heated feud between Adam Cole and Sabian. I was dismantled at the hands of Blk Jeez and the returning Joker at “Home Sweet Home”, even after successfully winning the 1 In 8 Tournament, guaranteeing a title shot of my choosing and at valid for anytime of my liking. The former World Junior Heavyweight Champion deliberately then disqualified himself in a rematch from “Home Sweet Home” at “Southern Violence”, assaulting a referee and building the tension higher. In a hard hitting first round match of the CZW Tag Team Championships Tournament at “A Tangled Web II”, which pitted myself and Adam against Philly’s Most Wanted, I fell to a Double Stomp-Joker Driver combination. At October’s “It’s Always Bloody In Philadelphia”, I not only was cost a match against CZW star Ruckus by Cole, but was then betrayed by him… my former best friend… a person I have spent more time with than some members of my family… by being slapped in the face.

And now… after “Night of Infamy: Betrayal” – an event rightfully named so – I was pinned by Jonathan Gresham… with Cole’s new love affair, Mia Yim, at ringside.

So now, one year after making history at Cage of Death XI by becoming the inaugural CZW Wired Television Champion… which ironically, I defeated the current CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion for… I’m not booked for this year’s most Ultraviolent night. This entire year has been plagued by heartbreak and triumph, from being the CZW Wired Champion and being named number 410 in the 2010 PWI 500, to career threatening injuries, defeat, and betrayal. Maybe Cole’s right… maybe…


Not for a second should you be thinking I’ll bow to you, Cole. Not for a second should you think I’m intimidated by you, your success, your money, or the slut you associate yourself with. If there’s ANYTHING you should’ve learned about me in the past decade is that I don’t quit. I don’t back down. You think that because I lost a few matches… that because you slapped me in the face and humiliated me… that because you are the man walking around with the World Junior Heavyweight Championship that I’m just gonna walk away? Walk away from someone who told me they were my brother, my kin? From someone who told me that they’d be there as the godfather of my unborn son? From someone who spit on a friendship – a brotherhood – that spans twelve years? From someone who has disgraced a championship held by the likes of Alex Shelley and the late Trent Acid? From someone who has betrayed his fans, family, friends, and co-workers?

Walking away would be the easy way out, a coward’s decision. Things are far from over with you Adam… you’ve unleashed a new side of me, something you’ve never seen before. And one way or another, all of this will come back to haunt you, and your ways, actions, and motives will ultimately betray you. Because the only man betrayal betrays is himself – you will meet that demise, whether it be by my hand or someone elses. Maybe it’ll be AR Fox…

Fox… you and he are set for a rematch from October at Cage of Death XII… he’s someone you know you can’t beat straight up. And who knows, maybe you’ll resort to some cheap shot to retain the Junior Title at COD XII – with your recent history, it wouldn’t surprise me if you did. In fact, I’m pretty much banking on it. Regardless if you walk out of Philadelphia on December 11th with or without the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship… one thing’s for sure – you and I have unfinished business to attend to.

And I’m not talking about the type of business you see in other types of heated feuds in today’s world. This isn’t the Democrats vs. the Republicans. It’s not the Eagles vs. the Cowboys. It’s not even the Axis vs. the Allies.

This is personal.

And in the coming months, I will reassure that you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.


– 11/22/10 – From the Desk of Maven T. Bentley, Esq. on this 22nd of November, 2010: LEARNING A LESSON

It is no secret what happened at Night of Infamy: Betrayal. Robert Anthony slapped me. However, although not highly confidential, what is not public knowledge is my disdain for Mr. Samuel Callihan. Although I have always appreciated his in ring work, Mr. Callihan has made a career out of being a disgusting slimy conspiring piece of filth.

Allow me to remind fans of my personal history in CZW. After leaving BLK OUT, I was appointed commissioner of the Combat Zone. As commissioner, I had issues with then owner John Zandig. Hindsight being 20/20, I realize my anger towards Mr. Zandig was juvenile and should he be reading this, again I apologize. But the pertinent piece of information here is that, in my anger towards Mr. Zandig, I created HHH. I mentored a young Danny Havoc and DJ Hyde. Although I am no longer on Mr. Havoc’s Christmas card list, I hold a high regard for that young man. Most fans know of my history with DJ, which continued after HHH to the MBA to me helping negotiate the terms of his purchase of CZW. Both of these young men were victims of attempted murder; an attempt led by Sami Callihan. I cannot and will not forgive him for his actions.

With all of this being said, I know that Sami Callihan will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He will never back down to anyone. He believes in achieving his goals regardless of who it harms. Now, maybe this is not the “right” thing to say. I should tell you fans that I signed The Ego Robert Anthony versus The New Horror Sami Callihan because you wanted to see it. I should say that, but it is not true. The truth is Robert Anthony not only disregarded my directives and disrespected me in front of the entire arena, he physically assaulted me. I am not a wrestler. I cannot impose my physical will upon Mr. Anthony, but I know that Sami Callihan can. Sami wants nothing more than to be CZW World Heavyweight Champion. I know what he will do to get it. Mr. Callihan I give you permission to do what is necessary to teach Robert Anthony a lesson.

Combat Zone Wrestling is a hard place to maintain order, but I will achieve my goal by any means necessary. Those who do not fall in line will pay, starting with Robert Anthony.

Maven T. Bentley, Esq.
Maven Bentley Association, LLC


– 11/20/10 – CZW NEWS & NOTES

– CZW’s Cage of Death XII is now just 3 weeks away, and the anticipation is already at a fever pitch. With much of the lineup already announced, and even more yet to come, CZW fans appear set to witness one of the most memorable events in South Philly wrestling history! As the Combat Zone prepares for it’s biggest event of the year, let’s take a look at some of the important happenings that are planned for our annual Ultraviolent spectacular…

– has learned today of another match that has just been added to the already loaded Cage of Death lineup. Per Commissioner Maven Bentley, COD will play host to the first ever Best of the Best Qualifier OPEN SCRAMBLE! This match will feature several of the Combat Zone’s top high-flyers, and will also be the first opportunity to gain entry into this April’s return of the BEST OF THE BEST Tournament! Entrants will be announced this week on as they are confirmed…

– Cage of Death XII will be streaming LIVE on the internet, via our good friends at www.HybridEnt.TV! The event will be a 3 camera shoot, and will feature live commentary. More details regarding this exciting venture will be announced shortly at If you can’t be there in person, this is the next place way to catch the Ultraviolent showcase of the year!

– For those who were unable to make the trip, CZW’s inauguaral event in Germany is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD, online from our good friends at Smart Mark Video! The event was shot and produced by Pancoast Productions, and can be accessed by clicking the following link:

– In addition, for those fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the much talked about TOD vs. GOREFEST event from the Ultraviolent Underground in Germany, that event will be available soon as well at SMARTMARKVIDEO.COM! Don’t miss your chance to see Nick Gage tear thru Adam Polak, and the rest of Germany en route to bringing home the prized Ultraviolent Underground Championship, and of course the first-ever TOD vs. Gorefest Trophy!

– As many know, CZW and our great friends from Jersey All Pro Wrestling will be teaming up on December 11th to provide ‘Super Saturday’, featuring Jersey All Pro’s Anniversary Show at 4pm at the Arena, and then later followed of course by CZW’s Cage of Death XII at 8pm! As a reward to the great fans making the trip for the events, CZW and JAPW are teaming up to provide a very special ‘Meet and Greet’ for fans of both companies, starting at 11am on December 11th and lasting until around 2pm. The stars of both CZW and JAPW will be in the house with exclusive merchandise, and photograph/autograph opportunities. Admission to this event is FREE with a ticket to either the CZW or Jersey All Pro event. We hope to see you there!

– For those fans from the New York area who are wishing to attend ‘Super Saturday’, but don’t have a reliable form of transportation to get there, CZW and JAPW are proud to announce a very special offering from Mike Johnson of Wrestling Bus Trips. For one price ($93), fans in the City, or North Jersey can get tickets to BOTH events, as well as round trip transportation aboard a luxury bus (with separate meeting points in Queens, Manhattan, and Rahway, NJ). For those fans interested in this offer, or who would like more information, please contact Mike at! We hope to see you there!



MBA presents ‘Recession Proof!’
December 9th 2010 @ 7:30PM
@ Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia
7 W. Ritner Street
Phila, PA 19148
Kick off a long weekend of wrestling for the common good!

That’s right! The MBA returns to raise money for the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children! Come out to see some of the area’s best professional wrestlers perform to help out a good cause for only a minimum donation of $5!

Can’t make it to the show but still want to get in on the action? Thanks to our friends at Pancoast Productions, will be providing a LIVE stream of RECESSION PROOF on Thursday, Dec. 9th @ 7:30 PM for the same donation of $5!

All proceeds will go straight to DVAEYC, for more information please check out their website at!


MAIN EVENT SIX-MAN TAG: participants to be announced
Devon Moore, ???, ??? vs. Joe Gacy, ???, ???

Alex Colon vs. Danny Havoc

plus Irish Drive-by in Tag Team Action!



CZW presents ‘Cage of Death XII’
December 11th 2010 @ 7:30PM
@ Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia
7 W. Ritner Street
Phila, PA 19148
Already announced for CZW’s Cage of Death XII…
Cage of Death Match

CZW World Heavyweight Championship

The King Versus The World

CZW Tag-Team Tournament Final

#1 Contenders Match

CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship

More info coming soon!

Tickets are priced at $35 – Front row, $30 – 2nd and 3rd row, and $25 for general admission. Go to to purchase tickets or buy them at the door before the show. Doors open at 7:00PM. For more information about Cage of Death and to relive great moments from Cage of Death’s past visit the Cage of Death’s subsite at


As always… For more information about ALL CZW Live Events, CZW Merchandise, and exclusive news visit

Follow us on Twitter at!/combatzone

Follow us on Facebook at!/combatzonewrestling

Happy Thanksgiving… And we will see you at CAGE OF DEATH!

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

PWO WRESTLELUTION 3’s TOP FIVE “DEFINING MOMENTS” – #1: Conclusion to Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross PWO Title Match

PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment has gone down as one of the most eventful and emotional regional professional wrestling events in recent memory anywhere! The official DVD of the live event has been a hot seller, and the ramifications of this day are still felt throughout PWO to this day. To celebrate this monumental event, over the next several weeks we will be counting down the Top 5 PWO Wrestlelution 3 “Defining Moments”! Some of the best moments, the biggest stars, and the memories you’ll never forget!

A year’s worth of tension, sabotage, and betrayal led to a violently personal battle between PWO’s two best athletes on PWO’s biggest stage as current PWO Champion Johnny Gargano defended against the first-ever PWO Champion “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross.

After nearly thirty minutes of intense war, Matt Cross looked to finish Gargano with Matt’s trademark shooting star press, his second of the bout. However, what would happen next between Gargano and Cross defied the laws of physics and logic, leaving an exclamation point on an already unforgettable event.

Watch the breathtaking conclusion here –

You can purchase PWO Wrestlelution 3 on DVD today at the following link:


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